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CVJOINTsequence's cars


like that this. :hushed::neutral_face::frowning_face: That is so scary.

The car may have a face if you are still a child.


I present to you my racing car.
Its strengths are acceleration and speed.
On the track, PalmSteelKran behaves weakly, faster on
2-3 seconds of Light Fast Racing, which has 155 horses.

PalmSteelKran_ElectricBurstRace_-_PalmSteelKran_ElectricBurstRace.car (27.3 KB)


juice o’ christmas what in the hell is that


The light monster




Finally something worse than a Pontiac Aztek


MonsterMMXX - MMDL.

Power = 273 hp.
MonsterMMXX_-MMDL3-MonsterMMXX-_MMDL3.car (19.0 KB)


Verde York.

Verde_York_-_Verde_York.car (23.8 KB)


what a sin on the York name


I don’t think this is an insult to the SIlver-York company in any way - it’s a reference to York Green, which was one of the exterior colors offered on the Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione.


Dunno why but my brain associates that front as a mix of Maserati - Lancia - Rover


Yes the front on its own looks very biturbo, even though the body is ADO 71 based


it was a joke, and in no refernce to Silver York just to York in general


It so I imagine in my head class Grand Touring.
This model calling Wellcot.
Musclecar properties = 3.8 kg/hp.
Fuel consumption = 4.8 L.
Acceleration from 0 to 100 = 5.1 sec.
Used mods:
2010 Coupe.
Whellbase = 3.5 m.
Air resistance = 0.23.
Sedan Editor Thumb.

Grand_Tourin_Wellcot_-_Grand_Tourin_Wellcot.car (24.1 KB)


Which country should I go to live in? To America or Italy? Forse sceglierò l’Italia.
Perché mi piace il latino.
Come è venuto fuori mi piace la modellazione e la costruzione.
Questa volta ho costruito Pontiac Aztek. Mi è piaciuta prima la macchina, ma poi si è scoperto che aveva una brutta vista dal sedile del conducente, ed è rimasto un mostro ai miei occhi.
Ora l’azteco mi ricorda la cabina di pilotaggio BF - 109.
Tutto sommato, questa è un’ottima macchina per il signor Heisenberg.

Pontiac_Aztek4_-_Pontiac_Aztek4.car (31.0 KB)


Most Expensive street.
Which of these cars can you recognize?


I will be on it until the last. Windows 10 is too slow even for my apparatus. Therefore, it is possible with Windows 7 I may be moving to MAC.
I can’t just stand there and look at a blank screen, and wait for the manifestation of terrible things from the subconscious, while Windows 10 processes the operation, when I know that there are Windows 7. The same thing happened with XP. I stayed on it until 2016, when I bought the apparatus.


I need maximum performance.


Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1955 Spider Veloce.

Alfa_Romeo_Giulietta_-_Alfa_Romeo_Giulietta.car (40.5 KB)


This is how I imagine a modern city in which cars are actively used, and people live comfortably. Oversized trucks can even fit on roads.