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Dainz Motors


Welcome to the thread hosting the historic Dainz nameplate! Since 1932, our vehicles have been dazzling the world with their style and substance. This thread contains updates on our new models, special events featuring our cars, and photos of our older models. Thanks for taking interest in us, and we hope you enjoy this thread.


The new Stratosphere concept! Mighty V12, 0-60 in 3.3s, top speed 211 mph, 701 hp, 12.1 mpg. Quite impressive! We hope to see this come to our homes soon.


Putting up these pictures is a real headache.


You might want to use an image sharing website so your screenshots dont look potato


Um idk for you but my screenshots look decent without imgur ;/


Yes, well, A) Im not asking you to use imgur and B) have you seen the quality of @Gradarobett’s screenshots. Imgur might help him to get decent screenshots.

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Yeah i’ve seen em, and that’s why I said that. I ment to say that maybe the problem were on @Gradarobett 's end :confused:


It’s all worked out now!! Now, I will put up some more pics, and please, do tell me how you like the cars!


Now, a look back in time at the mighty 1965 Gondolin E Superleggiera! The Italian subsidiary of Dainz, it was formed in 1905 by Bertone Gondolin, and was purchased by Dainz in 1956 due to bankruptcy. I must say, smashing job on the styling! pop up headlights

And PS: Thanks for the suggestions! There is no sarcasm here.


This would have been a revelation had it existed in real life. I would have preferred it if the engine were mounted longitudinally, though - that’s assuming it was actually possible. Regardless, it’s still a tempting classic supercar.


Holy moly maaan, that’s a sleek looking car. Me likes.


Nice car, dude. Definitely got somewhat of a '60s Italian supercar vibe to it. :wink:


Thanks. It’s some of my best work! More soon.


I personally really like this car. It doesn’t look too busy, and it’s an ample contender in the current full-size market.

24.6 mpg
0-60 in 8.35s
Top speed of 144
Priced at $27,530 - $33,990

I would totally buy this if I didn’t already have 3 cars, one of which we’ll talk about in the next segment!


I had made a bunch of other cars earlier on, but they all accidentally got deleted. I still have screenshots though, so I’m gonna post them here. I don’t have the stats for them, but I remember their names, so I’ll write those too.

The 2018 Dainz Scotia:

The 2018 Dainz Divertido:

The 2018 Dainz Bearcat:


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Oh, I forgot I did that. Sorry.


Just delete it.