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Dalnit-Bralka Rally 1965 [FINAL RESULTS!]


i am the one you should be skeptical of


In 1965, Adenine was still in the midst of making the transition to a mass-production car company. To raise awareness for the new brand, Adenine decided to enter the Dalkit-Bralka Rally. Several Adenine engineers had long been fans of rally racing, and they were delighted to have one more chance to build a dedicated race car before the tedium of mass production set in.

To best showcase Adenine’s intended brand image, upper management instructed the engineers to focus on reliability and efficiency as the primary goals. Although they grumbled at first, the engineers soon prototyped a new twin-cam 1.8L V6. Extra care was put into designing the fuel system to meet the goals. The resulting engine was powerful and efficient, producing over 150hp despite its lean fuel mix.

The car was designed to be rugged and durable, able to tackle anything the rally could throw at it. However, as time and budget constraints loomed closer, the engineers were forced to skimp on several components, such as the brakes and suspension.

In the driver’s seat for Adenine was star female driver Veronica Powell. She had made her name elsewhere, but had been a close friend and repeat customer of Adenine since its early days as a bespoke manufacturer. She was joined by her longtime co-driver, Casey Schmidt.


Interesting, another OHC V6. My engine is looking rather under powered now :wink:

Lovely car too, looks excellent!


ahem, mine is an OHC V6. it has 101hp. shut your yapper.


I stand corrected :grin:


ADM '65 Villa Rally Car

In 1965, ADM wanted to add some racing pedigree to the company heritage, and after seeing the announcment for the Dalnit-Bralka they decided to enter.

Of course, wanting to participate and having a rally car are 2 very different things. With absolutely no experience in racing, or off-roading, the engineers were facing a very difficult and uncharted territory. After a lot of delegation, a model was selected, the 1965 Villa 2nd gen was selected as the base for the car. Most of the interior (including the rear seats) were ripped apart, and some of the interior panels and structural bars were replaced with either 0.1 cm steel or plastic, and a roll-cage was installed.

The engine was bored up from 2L to 2.1L while retaining the same L4 iron block with OHV system, but 2x webber side draft carburetors were installed, with better pistons and conrods. The power rise from 61 hp to around 120hp to the crank. Brakes, transmission and suspension, all was improved with better and stiffer parts. Sadly, the achilles heel of this car was, precisely, the decision of using this car as a base. The fact it used a steel ladder chassis with steel panels and a rear live axle made the car unbearable heavy, affecting negatively the whole performance.

ADM - 1990 Tulum


I hope you’ll forgive the Dalnit Herald their sensationalist tones. They’ve got to sell papers, after all.

Thanks again to all who entered!

I was very pleasantly surprised to see so many and so radically different cars. While there was a slight trend for DOHC V6 engines, there were also many and varied others. The same applies to the bodies and designs. I was a bit surprised that nobody else opted for the same body as the Tadpole, but I suppose the small size and aero coefficient have had their effects.

I have posted the full results below - if I have done anyone some grave injustice in that table, now is your first and last chance to get it fixed. I will not accept any amended cars, but if I have missed the right trim or done a typo in the numbers and you let me know in the next day or so, I will amend the standings. @Puffster, your car was seriously undercooled. I thought I had everything from the Workshop, but if there is some vent I’ve missed, please refer me to it. I didn’t see any extra vents on your reveal picture though?

Next up is the Dalnit Auto Show and crowd voting. I will post a picture of all the cars who entered, possibly with a small blurb, because they do deserve to be posted and numerous good designs are unfortunately already out of the race. The voting will be in poll form, similar to the way @Sillyworld ran the muscle car votes, provided I can figure out how he did it :slight_smile:


Oh, too bad I was in 15th place. I didn’t expect to qualify anyways xD

You can see here how to set a pool using the forum. Other option is to set a google poll :slight_smile:

EDIT: The company name for my car is ADM, (for the blurps) Drivers: Dante Oliveira – Jorge Diaz.


Thank you for the link. I was very sorry to see you in fifteenth because the ADM looks so good! But the rules are the rules and once I’ve set them I’ve got to follow them.

Unless you find I mistyped your reliabilities by ten points or something.


Oh dear, so may reliable cars…looking at stats and time, I have no idea how some of you managed to get everything in the budget. Very well…


Very interesting results! Nice seeing you here again @koolkei :wink:

@HowlerAutomotive, could we see the average stats for the top 14 cars?


Awwww… I didn’t do very well in qualifying. :disappointed: Well I built my car more for dirt and gravel than the track so I hope to gain some pace on the rally stages. :slight_smile:


That went better than expected! And I love the newspaper too!


erm, you didn’t qualify.


Oh crap didn’t read that part of the rules. Well If I were going to go into the rally stages I probably would have done better.

The one thing I don’t really like about these competitions is that you don’t know what your competitors are going to do and how their cars perform, so I built my car for rallying when I really should have built it more for the track.


A: I missed the fuel requirement. that is my fault.

B: Huge price discrepancy between my end and yours.

Good luck to all others.


With all these nicely set up cars here, I was uncertain wether my oddball would actually pass the qualifying. I’d like to get a bit of lore going with it :smile:

Walker and his co-pilot Kai Gonhan have a little chat (mostly rant) about the car after the qualifying. At first feeling like he’s being fooled, after actually qualifying with what is basically a sportier and somehow more bloated version of his ride back in Gasmea, he’s now feeling merely puzzled.

Walker: “This baffles me…”
Kai: “Don’t remove bafflers, Mr. please!”
Walker: “Ehh what? No, ain’t talking about the mufflers. Just… I expected a race car!”
Kai: “We qualify. This is good race car.”
Walker: “Well, you put in that fancy engine with goddarn straws as carburettors, I get it. But this thing’s so heavy we barely made it, ya know? Why the wagon?”
Kai: “Is strong base. And best 4x4.”
Walker: “4x4, eh? We go off-track or somethin’?”
Kai: “You mean off road? Because that’s a yes.”
Walker: “So it’s one of those rallys… yeah, likin’ it. My dad got me one of them wagons. Let’s say it ain’t exactly what I expected could be a rally car. Especially not with that all fancy interior. Thought it’d be stripped to the bares, but it’s more fine than mine, indeed.”
Walker: “… Why’s the rear bench in if we ain’t even takin’ passengers with us?”
Kai: “Project leaders say word exchanger needed. Boss engineer thought we sleep in car. I blame paper workers.”
Walker: “So we’re literally carryin’ the weight of bureaucracy! Hahah! Ohh Kai! Wait, we ain’t sleepin’ in the car, are we?”


Well, I never do well in these contests.

2nd last is not my worst (AMWEC flashbacks)


So I had the slowest qualifying time, but at least I still qualified, and hopefully my reliability, drivability and comfort will win out…


Oh damn, I didn’t notice the fuel requirements. I wonder if they could try running it in regular anyway with a massive reliability penalty :stuck_out_tongue: Ah well, presentation looks great! Love the newpaper. Congrats and good luck to all who passed!