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Dave’s Garage (RIP 159, Bye Bus and Hello Mercedes)


I don’t wanna think about it - else I’d never get back in one - lol


Haha by the way I drive home from work today I don’t think it fazes me at all :joy: also saw a pristine 146 on my way home (went on a detour to follow it to see what spec it was) :joy:


Ooh I’ve not seen a 146 in the metal for years :frowning: Their styling knocked my sock off when they 1st came out

Did you find out the spec?


It had a ts or ti badge on the boot and was a V reg so it was a later model but have no idea beyond that point (could’ve been the 1.4, 1.6 or 1.8), the driver was really letting it stretch its legs though :grin: reallywould buy one if I could afford a good on

It is local to me so I’ll have a proper look and maybe even get into a conversation with the owner as I assume they are an

Update: brought the Leon home from my dads friends house and I have to say that I never noticed how clunky the gears were and how slow the thing was, I can’t even imagine wanting to drive it again, I even had to go for a quick spin in the Alfa to make driving feel worth it again :joy: moral of the story is to never buy from a hidden away dealer


Sooooo I reversed into someone yesterday evening, left a nice big silver mark on the back bumper and the ladies Ford Ka had the passenger side of the front bumper pop out, luckily it popped back in and the lady is one of my colleagues mother, she was saying she was more worried about my car but damn I feel so bad :pensive: always look behind before reversing, I’m never going to live this down at work…


Oh dear - well we all live and learn and I’m pretty sure most drivers have done something like once.

On the plus side the damage was minimal and it’ll stick in your mind. The best of us learn from our mistake


Glad it’ll buff out though, and hey more excuse to save up and have it resprayed with a fresh coat.


Damn right I want the car to look new :joy: the basics of human stupidity


Is it just paint transfer? That can be removed with just a bit of DIY. Go find ChrisFix on YouTube and watch his video on it.


That’s what I think it is as it looks very light, I want to get my car valet’d properly, I will have it done by a family friend who knows what he is doing as I just make my cars dirtier when I try to clean them :joy: I also don’t want to accidentally strip the paint off the bumper as well :grimacing:


Alright, as long as you don’t take it to Tesco car wash.


NO WAY!!! :joy: my dad has his Mercedes done at our local Tesco, I think he is insane for taking it there


Absolutely, they use bloody brooms and wash with dirty cloths. So hard to watch…


It’s the same with the jet wash at work, you can clean and wax your entire car for £4.99 but what you are really doing is brushing stones all over your paintwork, I really want to talk people who have nice cars out of it but I will get told off


So I have decided to join AROC in a bid to start getting into car shows, I want to show my car (every Alfa is worth showing) and make some like minded friends


I have just recorded a video, not to spoil it but I get a little bit lost on some leaf covered lanes, almost run a man over and give you an exhaust note clip, might start doing videos on my car


Hurray for triple posting!!!

So I have had the Alfa for just over a month and here is what I have to say.

Out of all the cars I have driven I honestly have to say the Alfa has been the most fun, the sharp responsive handling and the great road feel you get through the suspension makes this car just brilliant to drive in a high spirited manner.

I have only had a single issue with the car in the form of an electrical gremlin to do with the stereo not recognising that it had a disc inserted.

She is still in need of a valet and I have noticed some very minor surface rust on the door pillar (not structural), I also need to pop a plastic trim back into place in the wheel arch to avoid road salt eating away at the metal from the inside.

I have held off recording a video until all those damn leaves have gone as you just cannot show the card potential in this weather and now it seems the roads are plagued with black ice which is fun (on roundabouts) but very dangerous for aggressive driving

Edit: Yesterday I said goodbye to my first every car, took £150 (scrap value) for it because of all the problems, they seemed interested in fixing the car up so the price got dropped considerably due to the work that needed doing (there was a lot), I did feel sad seeing it being driven by someone else but I have an Alfa now so the Leon has been re homed instead of squashed


Uploaded some videos to YouTube, the Discord lot got exclusive first access


Judging from the noise, you might as well get new wiper blades :wink:


That has been sorted, I had no screen wash and it was just water coming out and just water is no good :grin: