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Dave’s Garage (RIP 159, Bye Bus and Hello Mercedes)


I ended up fishing it out with two screwdrivers and a socket extension


Might I suggest you get a telescopic magnet tool for next time? :stuck_out_tongue:


Works with a spark plug, but not with a fuel injector bore on a John Deere engine.


Small update: I have replaced the plastic liner on the inside of the left wheel arch, not really the snuggest of fits but it was cheap

Also had a chance to have a good look underneath the car, was worried it might be rotten, I was gibsmacked by how little rust was on the underside of the car

She could also do with a jet wash soon as the wheelarch is still full of dry mud, can see a bit of surface rust forming too, also found the brake pad to be chipped away so I now know why the brakes aren’t as effective on the front left

Also this sodding thing caused me so much fury, I had flames in my eyes, must invest in a breaker bar


And another Alfa begins its journey from car to oxidized iron pellets

Good luck with the MOT and get those bolts in there!


You have access to an air supply and an impact? Brake calipers become much easier. Otherwise, a breaker bar and a floor jack if you’re desperate.


Oi Oi just bought a new daily


So my car failed it’s MOT

I don’t know what they are on about with the oil and coolant leak as a I have been looking all over and it doesn’t leave any puddles behind, it was cleaned before the MOT so maybe left over water was dripping, and the screen wash ran out during the MOT!!!

In other news, I passed my Category D test on Tuesday, looks like that Alfa GT is getting closer and closer


Congrats on the cat D pass :+1:


My car passed it’s MOT the other day, she’s good for another 12 months


So… I went to a big Alfa show, did almost 200 miles on Sunday. Got to the show and they sent me into the actual showground :joy: I wasn’t actually expecting to show my car as it was grubby and a bit beaten up… on the plus side it seems like there were Alfas in far worse condition than mine on show





So, it’s time for an upgrade

Just put a deposit down on this :ok_hand: I pick it up Friday if all goes well




@pyrlix will be happy to have another fiftyniner here, no?


So it’s a 159, but will you trade in the 147 for it, or keep it instead? Also, is the 159 in question a 3.2 powered by the fabled Busso V6?


Yes they are taking the 147 for £200

It’s the 1750tbi model with the 6-speed notorious M32 gearbox :smile:

Sadly the Busso never made it into the 159


Or the Brera (and its soft-top Spider sibling) for that matter. Those models got a different V6 instead, with a GM block mated to Alfa’s heads and induction system. That engine did not have the polished intake runners or the higher redline of the Busso it replaced, though, and was only used for a half-decade before being axed. However, the GT coupe (built on the older 156 platform) still used the Busso engine.


Yeah the GM engine just isn’t the same, that being said it does still sound pretty sexy, just waiting on someone to Busso swap one of the GM era Alfas

Next Alfa will definitely be a Busso one if they haven’t shot up to insane monies.

the 1750tbi does lack a bit in the sound department as the Busso is godlike but the peppy Turbo 4 definitely impresses me in the performance department

(Quick update everyone, car has been delayed due to dealer not having correct tyres :joy: the hype builds at excessive levels each day)