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Dave’s Garage (RIP 159, Bye Bus and Hello Mercedes)


Ok, so I have had the car for a few days now! Struggling for time to take pictures (been working late shifts so too dark) but they will come tomorrow

May even do a cringey video of the car :joy:

Edit: on second thought have a picture of the car on pick up day


Now you won’t go chasing Astons through Italian road tunnels will you, it doesn’t end well :cry:


Nice Quantum of Solace reference - the 159 is not fast enough anyway to keep up. It’s still a nice left-field choice, though, for anyone who considers its rivals a bit too obvious.


Please don’t give me flashbacks to that :disappointed_relieved:

Haha no I don’t expect it could keep up with Astons but it will bloody well try :joy:


Sure as hell it’ll keep up with an Aston



Stahp! All shall forget the dishwasher!


Can I just say, I had a hell of a lot of fun with this thing back on Forza 4, epic driftwasher



Better listen to @pyrlix if you don’t get winter tires you will get banned from Alfa


If I don’t get winter tyres I will eat the spare :joy:


So just over 3 months later and seeing others giving updates on their cars I thought I would give an update on mine… it has been uneventful, have only just broken 1,000 miles of me driving it and I haven’t crashed it so it seems to be going well


So it has snowed and my car isn’t the biggest fan, that being said she does look mighty fine with a snow blanket on, amazingly copes really well in the snow despite the cheap Chinese tyres on the front


So she kissed the back of a Twingo, my grandad was reversing the car into the driveway as I didn’t have time to do it, last time I let anyone else near my car

Looks superficial and can’t be mad at my grandad as frankly if I had parked the car it wouldn’t have happened


Went to the Alfa show, got this nice pic of my cars older brother lurking behind


Update on the car!

Yesterday it had its MOT and service, it did fail its MOT but only on 2 things, it suffered a caliper leak that was resolved by tightening something and an oil leak thanks to a leaky oil filter cap, these were the items that failed the MOT and the rest on the list were just things that needed doing with a rubber engine mount having to be replaced thanks to the oil leak

It’s all legal for 12 months now thanks to Autolusso in Bournemouth

Have a picture of the car up on the ramps with a very hnnng Brera

At some point I need to go back up as the gearbox is getting a bit noisy (insert M32 made of cheese joke here) and the front suspension is a creaking on bumps as a few parts are getting close to needing replaceing, otherwise the garage said the car is mint lol

Found the list of things needing doing still


What about that Brera in the foreground? I’m curious as to which engine it was fitted with.


Was either the 1.9 JTDm or the 2.4 JTDm


Somethings on the horizon, and it’s not a car

This may or may not happen but I think I’ll be the first here to buy a bus if all goes to plan


Good luck sir


I have one question for you.