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Dave’s Garage (RIP 159, Bye Bus and Hello Mercedes)


Other possibilities include tour bus and party bus. The latter are quite popular here in the Lake Country, Wisconsin, USA area. They take people bar hopping or to sporting events. No DUI worries, and tailgating out of a bus is extra fun.


as much as I’d love to run services in it I’m not allowed by law, would need a class 6 MOT (this has class 5) and I would need an operators license which requires me to be 25 and it’s £4,000 :cold_sweat: think I’ll just use it for my own fun


So quick update! Got her home and cleaned the bus up a bit! Next step is getting it to the MOT place


So she finally went for her MOT the other day! Passed with 1 advisory on a bit of rust, wire brush, treatment and a rattle can of black spray will sort that

Will finally be taking it for a run later on, gotta clear the cobwebs and see how much diesel is left (that bit I’m not looking forward to)

Video possibly coming soon along with a to do list

2018 Automation EOTY Awards

So updates, I think it’s about time lol

First the bus

So what have I done? A bit of waterproofing and that it hehe got more time over the next couple of weeks to do some cleaning

So I’ve bought a ticket machine and am sorting a lock of the emergency exit to prevent bus veg from gaining access

It’s also been out and about so here are some pictures

Not much has changed with the Alfa,
Got some new front brakes for her but haven’t yet fitted them


A lot has happened since I last posted! Unfortunately I left my job at First leaving me unemployed for a good 3 months! In which time I sadly had to sell the bus as the gearbox went and the fuel tank perished! And unfortunately recently I wrote off the 159 being a bit of an idiot oops

Luckily recently my boss was selling a fairly decent Mercedes, I thought screw it time to take a risk! So without ever driving the car and only seeing pictures I went ahead and bought myself a 2003 Mercedes CLK200 Cabriolet Kompressor Avantgarde

For a 17 year old car I’m amazed nearly everything works flawlessly! Only problem is an SRS Restraint error but that seems to be down to a seat sensor! For something that has done 104K miles its held up pretty nicely! Gearbox still shifts like butter and even the roof is completely leak free!

I thought it was time for an update! RIP 159 you were an incredibly flawed car with a careless owner :pensive:

Sadly she picked a fight with a Vodaphone Broadband Cabinet and lost


The CLK is more head than heart on paper, but it is something the 159 couldn’t have been - a rear-drive convertible. I thought that Mercs of this era were not as well-built in general, but this one could well turn out to be an exception.