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Dave’s Garage (RIP 159, Bye Bus and Hello Mercedes)


Concrete covered in melted down tires. That’s a softer impact area that should cause less damage while also absorbing part of the momentum, making it less likely that the car will jump the curb after the impact.


And “eco friendly” recycling! You’re a genius.


Now all you need is a small loan of a million dollars


So I have been letting the idea of getting a newer car on HP brew over for a while and I have made a final decision on what car I’m getting

1.0 I3 N/A RWD, £30 road tax and 60 MPG


60? Oh right, you lot use that weird UK MPG.


Yeah so 49mpg in your terms


Surely there’s not much point getting a new car right now, consider you’re part way through the year on your insurance.


Can swap the insurance over, ends up much cheaper too


Yeah it will do for sure. Beyond MPG, how come you chose this? Why not an Ecoboost Fiesta for example?


Well the Fiesta was my second choice (after an Alfa Giulietta) but it costs way much more per month than the Twingo and adding the insurance cost on top it would cost about £350 a month compared to £180 per month in the Twingo, it would be nice to get the Fiesta but looking at how much money I end up with after paying out for many things the Twingo is the crappier but wiser decision

Less money spent on daily = quicker getting the Cavalier on the road


Why do you pay insurance monthly though? It’s always cheaper yearly. Also, somehow the Fiesta is probably the cheapest car I’ve ever checked on insurance, but I’ve never checked a Twingo sooo


Because I cannot afford to pay the years insurance in full, I only earn slightly above minimum wage so the cheaper the car to run and insure the better.

The Twingo is cheaper because it is a city car wheras the Fiesta is seen as a more sporty option, plus a bigger engined car encourages me to drive a bit harder so a Fiesta is probably not a good idea


Fair enough, whatever floats your scrote. Have you considered a Sandero? :stuck_out_tongue: @Leonardo9613


Good News! Yes I have and i’m interested as long as its the Laurauletteyetieuyeueyey model with a bloody radio :joy:


I’m more of a £6000, plastic bumper w/ steelies and no security man myself.


:joy: I mean that version is lighter = faster


Doesn’t matter @Microwave. Both cars are absolutely superb :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I must ask, can’t you stretch for the turbo Twingo? Also, I read that the handling is pretty lazy, so no rwd dorifto.


Maybe, the turbo one seems cooler just because tuuuurrrrrrrbbbbbbooooooo

There are a ot of electronic devices stopping me from being stupid :joy:


Yeah, any car with 60 hp will be fucking slow.

Despite my relation with renault, I must ask another thing. Did you go check other cars like the Hyundai i10, or skoda shittygo?


Yes I have and the Hyundai is over priced and the Skoda is just a bit too shit (more dull than the Dacia)