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Dave’s Garage (RIP 159, Bye Bus and Hello Mercedes)


Have the Insurance ready (can cancel for a small fee if the car is a mess)

I have an Alfa 147 checklist to go through but from the sounds of it and looking at the pictures it seems like a well looked after car

Now I just unbearably wait for my shift to end (8 hours from now :unamused:)


Oooh - fingers crossed it’s as good as it seems. You’ll have fun, and as per the Laws of Clarkson you can count yourself as a “true petrolhead” :wink:


I am sure I will have a lot of fun, I’ll just post a cheeky pic from the eBay ad, there is a bit of paint fade but it apparently polishes up nicely (notice the Alfa 100th stickers)

Edit: aaaaaaaand the picture uploaded sideways

It’s also begging for a set of these


:grinning: so? Is the car here yet?


Yep, it’s dark now do picture will be rubbish, it is amazing to drive and the exhaust note is musical, gotta say the driving position is unusual but it is a good unusual, it pulls much better than the Leon and the gearbox is as smooth as butter, no rust only slight paint fade, done 78,000 miles and got it for £900

I couldn’t give a crap about blanking the plate


holy fuck that sounds too good to be true


Full service history at Alfa specialists, recently serviced including new cam belt, cruise control works, dual zone climate control works, bloke I bought it from is an Alfa head, steering wheel controls work and all lights work nicely too


I’m starting to get suspicious and think you’ve got a lemon… yeah I’m a little bit negativistic but better safe than sorry, eh?

Can we please get a walk around video or post over the weekend or something?


Well let’s hope not eh :smile: on the subject someone locally to the seller was selling a 115,000 mile 147 for £3K

I will do a video maybe tomorrow before work

Now to find a buyer for the Leon


The rims look like the telephone my mother gave me to play with when I was a kid. :smiley:

But there are many famous rims that remind me of other things…

wrench: Ford Fiesta MK7
strain cover: Mercedes W124
waffle iron: Audi 80 GLE
and I am sure there exist many more I have already forgotten.


The teledial wheels will look much better than the set that is currently on


There are some other classics too, like the cloverleaf on the escort xr3 and the pepper pot wheels on some sporty 80s fords.

On the car itself, I agree with the feeling that it’s too good to be true. Of course, I hope you’ve managed to find a good Alfa, but something is smelly.


I am a friend of hubcaps. So cheesy and classic. :smiley:

Joke, original waffle irons are looking strange on an old and dented Audi 80 and for my private Fiesta daily driver alloy’s are too sensitive (I am living in a city center where I have to drive over high kerbstones, cobblestones and potholes).
Can’t even park my company car nearby my apartment because a) the street is too narrow to fit an E-Class in there and b) even if the people would fold there mirrors, it’s already a torture with a damn Fiesta lemon. Most are driving Smart, Lupo, IQ or Adam here and drive with that to a larger parking garage (here there are none) they rented and change the cars there.


The moment the words ‘cheap Alfa’ are mentioned everyone expects it to just be a pile of rust with some rememnants of what looked like an engine in the pile of dust


I wouldn’t say that’s a million miles off the mark for our prices over here to be fair, it’s cheap but not so much you’d feel like you stole it. That one for £3000 sounds like a terrible deal.

Still I’ve pretty much only had crap used cars so what would I know, haha.


Sorry for double-posting, but I don’t think a car has to be a lemon just because it was an excellent offer.
I bought an S-Class very, very cheap because the company that bought it (yep, no leasing, which was usually common since the 90s!) and went into bankruptcy. So the liquidator sold everything at low prices aiming fast and safe money for the creditors.

I almost do not dare to say it… but that S-Class was a lemon… :no_mouth:

But nevertheless, maybe there is a certain reason why you get a decent car for a low price and it’s still not stolen or a shitbox.


I think it might be to do with driveway space as the Alfa owner only had space for two cars and he recently got another Alfa so he had three cars but only two spots on his driveway


Question, now you do have a book of papers on the car, but have you checked if the engine and chassis vins matched yet, and if there’s any evidence of collisions, panels mismatch or off colored, securing bolts that have been wrenched on. Anything of that sort?


Well, this is why I have not more than two cars. It’s not only space, but time. If you are a collector, you have at least one older or special car.
I really would like to buy a W211, the best cars I ever drove. Or maybe again a W220 facelift, the not-so-crappy-worst-best-car-of-the-world. But well, this is way too oversized for my needs as long as I have a company car. So maybe a very early W203? I remember how shitty they were, as representing the peak of DC-era. Nevertheless this is why I like them so much. But since this year I’m falling in love with the BMW E39s. I remember driving the one of my father and that car was just awesome, especially the sound of the R6 (I guess it was an 528i).
And if I now buy one of these, my Audi would have to go. For a very low price to make sure it really goes.


Everything checks out, and I totally did not quickly run outside with my inspection lamp and go over everything :joy: