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Dave’s Garage (RIP 159, Bye Bus and Hello Mercedes)


Looks solid! I envy you for having the multi-functional buttons on the steeringwheel - i didn’t have them.
To the badges, the original Alfa Romeo one with all the colours is still the best. I just replaced the one on my boot, since it was faded.

And for 900 Quid… normal price for an Alfa 147. Noone wants them since they have the Alfa Stigma - yet the 147s are really decent cars.
Change your Oil regularily - dont fill 5W-30 in it - check the oil-level every 2nd refuel and… replace the friggin belt ever 60.000km - Alfa lowered the interval for safety reasons, since the TS have higher than average wear on those.


Those buttons really make life easier when a track you don’t like comes on, haven’t used the other buttons though (volume control I think)

Yeah I am sticking with the original badges, the black and chrome ones don’t suit red Alfas that well

:joy: no I use 10W40 Castrol GTX as recommended by previous owner, the belt was changed very recently as it’s only done 79,000 miles

Alfas really like to go through oil, I heard a horror story about how the previous owners wife ruined her 2.0 156 because she never checked the oil


Mine didn’t drink a lot of oil, although your mileage may vary. Due to the Dieselator - if you have the non-ECO - they can eat a lot of oil. (Dieselator is the VVT-Intake System which causes a diesely sound when it breaks)
Oilchecking is common sense though, but Alfas will punish you if you dont service them properely - they are like women :stuck_out_tongue: There is a reason why some Alfisti call their Alfa “Bella”


Mine is not the eco one :smile: Its the sporty 120hp one, my VVT is fine then because she sounds as sweet as honey :smile:

I still haven’t named her yet, but I’m sure a suitable name will fall into place after driving her for a while, she goes to Alfa specialists only as normal garages don’t know how to look after an Alfa

I put the new oil in yesterday


IT. It’s a 1,000 kg hunk of steel and plastic. English has an appropriate pronoun for items, use it. Also, I don’t understand why people need to name their cars, just why.


Same way all boats must be unofficially referred to as Boaty McBoatface


To quote a quote from the quote thread

[14:31] People like to love their cars
And if you love something, and you would like it to be a heterosexual relationship
you would call it a she

And dont YOU think you’d want your car waifu to have a name?


Because Alfas aren’t just a car, they are a living being, a living being full of beauty and passion and therefore deserve to be named, plus it’s also family tradition to name our cars


those engine way is freaking tidy O_O


Not tidy enough though :smile: need to make it shiny


well it’s not clean. but it is tidy… everything looks like it’s on it’s place properly

like they even thought of the symmetry of the dual spark plug placement it seems? and there’s not much cable to be seen aside from those near the battery and fuse box…


Here is a quick drive video



I couldn’t resist hitting up the classifieds around Europe. Here was a cracking deal from Sweden

Alfa 147 Selespeed (with the 2.0TS) between 17 to 18 thousand k’s on the odometer. One owner. Price? 455 pounds. Compromise? [color=darkred]RUST![/color]

Holland didn’t have anything, neither did Norway


Worse, hidden rust I bet, nice colour though


I’m still hunting though! :yum:


I hope you find a good one :thumbsup: I have never driven a better car (driven mostly hatchbacks and city cars but I did drive a W204 Mercedes at one point)


Not sure why I’m even searching. I’m still a good few years from reaching the point where buying a car is a feasible idea. Simply out of curiosity, I guess?

Here’s another cool Alfa Spider from Germany. Doesn’t say much about it’s condition.

There are a shit ton of Alfa 156’s in the 600-900 quid range.

Here’s a great looking 156 Sportwagon or whatever, at 86k miles and ~950 pound mark

And this seemingly solid Spider here too


Hey I was searching for cars the moment I got the internet :joy: don’t think I’ll ever stop either, you can never have too many Alfas

Search Alfa forums as you’ll usually find a hidden gem


too true, If I had the cash, time and more importantly a nice garage for them to live in I’d be looking to get a classic model.
Ideally I’d like an Alfetta GTV6, although I’d be torn between that and the car that really turned me onto Alfa - the 33, love at first sight. I absolutely love that design with the high tail.


If I had the money I would have a Spider Duetto or a classic Giulia (like the police cars on Italian Job)