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Dave’s Garage (Volvo legal for a year)


Other possibilities include tour bus and party bus. The latter are quite popular here in the Lake Country, Wisconsin, USA area. They take people bar hopping or to sporting events. No DUI worries, and tailgating out of a bus is extra fun.


as much as I’d love to run services in it I’m not allowed by law, would need a class 6 MOT (this has class 5) and I would need an operators license which requires me to be 25 and it’s £4,000 :cold_sweat: think I’ll just use it for my own fun


So quick update! Got her home and cleaned the bus up a bit! Next step is getting it to the MOT place


So she finally went for her MOT the other day! Passed with 1 advisory on a bit of rust, wire brush, treatment and a rattle can of black spray will sort that

Will finally be taking it for a run later on, gotta clear the cobwebs and see how much diesel is left (that bit I’m not looking forward to)

Video possibly coming soon along with a to do list