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Dave’s Garage (Volvo picture spam)


Two things as I’ve said elsewhere:

  1. Get some proper 90s adverts on it.
  2. Eurotrip when?


Permission to call it the Vengabus.


How did you manage to insure it?


“Do not panic, student driver”


Automation UK tour 2018


I took my road test in a Volvo, it looked something like this:

Not the same truck, but similar looking. 12.7 liter engine and an Eaton Fuller 8 speed with a granny gear. I used another one for my classes which had a 14 liter engine and a Rockwell 10 speed in it. (And those trucks did say “Student Driver”)


We’ll have to decide on a name through poll at some point :joy: and yes there will be a big trip in it but maybe not for a while

Insurance was £350 for the whole year which also allows anyone over 25 to drive it and comes with breakdown cover

Better than my first quote of £1400 without all of that


No there is no decision to be made surely, Vengabus has been declared.



I was going to call it the Bang Bus but Vengabus it is :joy:

*anyone over 25 on the public roads provided they hold a full Category D license :+1:

Have a picture someone I know took on it’s last day out and about doing Christmas Eve rail replacement, awesome picture it is

+100 points for the advert


Brick styling… check.
Loads of space… check.
RWD… check.
I6 diesel… check.

Well, it seems you’ve bought a classic reasonable Volvo :stuck_out_tongue:


And don’t forget the safety.

When the bus hits a car, it explodes, and the bus remains intact? Check!


So to add to my bad financial decisions I have gone and bought 2 more 159’s!


Oh no! chav-driving on slot!


Ok honeslty, I think this is really cool and something else. But what do you do with a bus? (this is probably the 1389th time someone asks you this already)

I´d like to have a semi truck just for the lolz but I suppose I´m never actually going to do it. You did something similar and I´m just curious.
I cannot think of anything to do with that except for a road trip and a camper conversion. Where do you even park it? :sweat_smile:


I will be taking it to bus shows and will occasionally use it for other things (they are great for fetching things that cars can’t carry

It will be stored at a local museum along with other preserved buses

Quick update since I’m typing this out guys! The fleet manager has turned around and said that they can’t give me the tyres on the bus so my mate is really fighting them to change their mind so as of now it’s still sat waiting :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Other possibilities include tour bus and party bus. The latter are quite popular here in the Lake Country, Wisconsin, USA area. They take people bar hopping or to sporting events. No DUI worries, and tailgating out of a bus is extra fun.


as much as I’d love to run services in it I’m not allowed by law, would need a class 6 MOT (this has class 5) and I would need an operators license which requires me to be 25 and it’s £4,000 :cold_sweat: think I’ll just use it for my own fun


So quick update! Got her home and cleaned the bus up a bit! Next step is getting it to the MOT place


So she finally went for her MOT the other day! Passed with 1 advisory on a bit of rust, wire brush, treatment and a rattle can of black spray will sort that

Will finally be taking it for a run later on, gotta clear the cobwebs and see how much diesel is left (that bit I’m not looking forward to)

Video possibly coming soon along with a to do list

2018 Automation EOTY Awards

So updates, I think it’s about time lol

First the bus

So what have I done? A bit of waterproofing and that it hehe got more time over the next couple of weeks to do some cleaning

So I’ve bought a ticket machine and am sorting a lock of the emergency exit to prevent bus veg from gaining access

It’s also been out and about so here are some pictures

Not much has changed with the Alfa,
Got some new front brakes for her but haven’t yet fitted them