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Deltawing Race Car


The Deltawing Race Car. My favorite race car ever. Conceived without rule books or class requirements. Inherently stable under braking and aerodynamically. It uses BLAT (Boundary Layer Adhesion Technology) to produce drag efficient down-force. It leaves remarkably “clean” air behind the car, allowing high down-force cars to race closer together. The down-force increases with the ground clearance, reducing the chance of flipping. It has almost equal front tire loading in corners. It also happens to use significantly less power, fuel, and tires than its competition to achieve the same level of performance.

Spot the most unique car in the grid.

Unfortunately, it has been retired from racing.

Good news! It is for sale! Bad news… it is $375,000.


I remember when I got so mad when it crashed in the 2016 24 hours of Daytona because there was no caution for a stalled car in the partially blind first corner. I wish they never retired that car. I wanted to see that car win sooooo bad.


While I applaud and admire the innovation of the deltawing, and I can not deny that it’s a great example of efficiency…

There are so many heroic racers from the years, with such colourful history to them, innovators, and cheats, heroes and quirky failures… I’d never consider Deltawing to be anywhere near the likes of let’s say… anything Norbert Singer has designed in the 70’s…


I think the Deltawing means more to me because I personally followed the car since 2012. It was unique without upending a racing series or getting banned. It gave me hope that racing series could continue to embrace innovation while keeping races fun to watch.


Like I said, I respect that car for it’s innovation and it’s engineering, so I can understand why somebody would like it.