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Deponte Car Reviews (Submissions Closed) (Impakt Super 1996)


What I meant by ‘‘lacking’’ is not equipment, I meant tune and score / how they are made.
As far as I saw it the suspension could be tuned for close to if not more than 10 drive by reducing G’s and oversteer and the car only lost 1 or so seconds on the Automation Track which is a far better option considering what kind of car it is.


You may have a point, for the aggressive suspension tune on the trim submitted was more suited to a high-performance variant than a mid-range one.

Anyway, you have delivered yet another honest and intriguing review. Keep it up!


At its core though the Impakt (and this generation in particular) is a sports sedan. A well stuffed interior is not going to change that. The Super is more of a plush sports sedan rather than a true luxury car.
Maybe a 1999 Impakt SSW II is more of what you expected. I actually built this shortly after submitting before the review was up, and gave it all the goodies one would expect from a luxury machine, such as air suspension, an Automatic transmission and All-wheel-drive
Also a six-cylinder diesel engine.

At the end of the day I’d still consider a score of 7/10 to be excellent especially for a car that by nature cannot truly excel at any one thing. However I did not expect practicality to be one of its strong suits.


When will you start accepting new submissions again for review purposes, if you choose to do so? I have at least one more car ready…


School and my personal life is currently in the way, the holidays and finals are pretty stressful right now and I’ve been terribly sick lately which doesn’t help the situation.

Everything will be up and running again soon, still no UE4 reviews though as UE4 just crashes for me for some reason.