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Deponte - Random cars


Mitsubishi would like to have a word with you about the Colt :stuck_out_tongue: Other than that, nice designs!


The Deponte Ruger (1971 Model Year) (OUTDATED)

MSRP of 10,800 $ (+20) (Base)
MSRP of 18,480 $ (+20) (Blacktop 10-8 X-15) (Only Customizable Option Is The Car Colour)

‘‘Split Personality’’ was the slogan because it could be a comfortable low power convertible cruiser or a high speed insane factory street racing car.

Colour Options:

Deponte Colour Options


Wheelbase: 9’ 0’’
Overall Length: 15’ 4’’
Base Weight: 2475 Pounds

Ruger Bodystyle

Convertible Body Depicted Above.

Ruger Styling

Hood Scoops And Rear Spoiler Depicted Above.

Ruger Tyres
Deponte Rim Options

The 3 Rims Available (Steel, Alloy, Magnesium Respectively).

Ruger Brakes

Ruger PS

Ruger Springs

Ruger Race


The Deponte Giaguaro (1971 Model Year) (OUTDATED)

MSRP of 14,160 $ (+20) (Base)
MSRP of 27,860 $ (+40) (Limited Production) (Only Customizable Option Is The Car Colour)

Deponte’s top of the line performance car during the 60’s, very European-esque but still American at heart.
The Giaguaro has aluminium body panels for lightness, the Racing Version has glass fibre panels and is under limited production.
Very stylish with performance to back it up, the Limited Production Racing Version (Street Legal) could get it’s way around the Green Hell in 7 minutes and 48 seconds with a (Downforce Limited) top speed of 155 MPH.

Colour Options:

Deponte Colour Options


Wheelbase: 8’ 2’‘
Overall Length: 14’ 3’’
Base Weight: 2665 Pounds



Targa Top Depicted Above.


Wing 1, 2, 3 Depicted Above (The Racing Version Had An Exclusive Dual Wing).

Deponte Rim Options

The 3 Rims Available (Steel, Alloy, Magnesium Respectively) (The Racing Version Had Exclusive Rims).

Ruger Brakes

PS Hyd



The Giaguaro Doing A Lap On The Green Hell (7:48).


Wow, those engines strokes are incredibly long!


Undersquare is the way of life! :+1:


Your faith in undersquare engines is not misplaced; they provide plenty of torque low down in the rev range - which is ideal for muscle cars such as the ones you have been focusing on.


The Atem 400 (Base):

The Atem Street Howtizer:

The Atem X-15 R/T:

The Atem X-15:

The Atem ‘‘The Deponte’’:

The Atem ‘‘The Deponte’’: Atem The Deponte

The other specs and times can be found in the Autoshow thread.

2017 LA Auto Show

I want some specs on the whole Atem range ASAP. That thing looks awesome!


You will, eventually.

Psst look in the LA Autoshow thread soon :wink:

Edit: Posted it in the LA Autoshow now!




These first few UE4 designs are not bad at all. The second one looks like a mashup of a '71 Barracuda with a '69 Cougar.


Looks nice, and not just for a Kee car. This one is definitely worthy of a remake in UE4 (the body it uses is present in both versions of the game). Speaking of which, when, if ever, will we see other Deponte models being remade in UE4?


turn your graphics down. UE4 is about as stable as Kee is now, and far superior in design-ability aspects. content is still lacking, but it’s the better system.


content. it still has less content, but it’s far more versatile with what you can do with said content. and, as i said, it’s as stable as the Kee build.


UE4 is about as stable as Kee, and while Kee certainly crashes less, Kee takes about 10 years to die, whereas UE4 takes you straight to desktop as soon as it crashes.

As for content, UE4 does lack in fixtures, it more than makes up for it in terms of fixture manipulation, thus making it superior to Kee. In Kee, the fixtures you have and the variants of those fixtures are all you get. If you want a certain fixture to be slightly different, tough luck.
In UE4, you can manipulate fixtures in any way you see fit. Want to use a headlight fixture as a tail light? Go right ahead. Want to change the colour of the lens from clear to orange, its possible in UE4. Is that possible in Kee, no.
The only downside atm is really down to the lack of bodies in game, but the devs are working on that.


The 1982 Stiletto is almost anything you could want it to be.

Long and low styling nullifying high-speed lift, windshield wipers that aren’t around when they shouldn’t be are hidden under a power-operated hood panel, and headlights that flush against the body until they are needed. The Stiletto is without an ounce of doubt our most sporty and innovatively aerodynamic car yet.

Both the Coupe and Convertible start off with a 210-hp standard engine and a manual 4-Speed shifter. Eleven other dealer engines are available. Additional transmission choices are a 5-Speed manual and 4-Speed automatic.

The Stiletto cockpit is made for the driving man or woman. Cloth interior is standard, or you can order genuine leather. Dual seats are standard, with optional performance bucket seats, or a bench seat (automatic only). Between the seats the centre console houses the parking brake lever, gear shift, cigarette lighter, ashtray, heater controls, air vent controls, and optional rear window defroster, power windows, power locks, and power mirrors.
Riding just above the console is the instrument cluster. Temperatures, pressures, and gauges all keeping the engine in check, and driver informed.
If you order the optional 8-Track players, casette, or CB Radio, the controls are mounted just above the cluster along with the standard AM/FM radio.

Joining in are new features like the standard seat belt reminder light, and door open reminder.
Directly in front of the driver are the speedometer (85 MPH standard), tachometer, trip odometer (All three finished with a green tint), light controls, ignition lock, headlight indicator, warning light, turn signal indicators, and a 3-spoke steering wheel.

There’s a great deal more to like inside the Stiletto. One example is the optional alarm system to remind you to take the key out of the ignition and protect against theft and other unwanted intrusion.

The mechanical part of the Stiletto. Power, handling, and driveability are all customizable.

The Stiletto is fully constructed in steel, with a monocoque chassis in steel, and independent wishbones suspension front and rear offering great car control and handling.

The Convertible Stiletto is given extra strength through chassis support and frame reinforcements. The rear weight bias is increased, and curb weight is elevated.

To ensure the prevention of accidents we have put standard front discs on the car. Optional ventilated discs front and rear improve brake life and potentially stopping reliability and distance. Power brakes are standard, and the parking brake is mechanically operated.

The Stiletto is approximately 178’’ long with a wheelbase of approximately 94’’ and a curb weight of below 2500 (Base Model Coupe).

The Stiletto is a tough car made for driving no matter what manner you’re doing it in. The body, frame, gearbox, and suspension provide a connection between the driver and the road. The car can be tailored to your liking, and the 1982 Stiletto is a special way to go.


(Rare Interceptor SSP Model)

(This is how the headlights work)


If anyone wants to drive one in BeamNG:


1.Pine Green
2.Racing Green
3.Midnight Blue
4.Violet Purple
5.Snow White
6.Waterfowl Teal
7.Wine Red
8.Gravel Grey
9.Strawberry Red
10.Raspberry Pink
11.Mountain Green
12.Pear Green
13.Banana Yellow
14.Ice Blue
15.Sea Green
16.Mantis Green
17.Sky Blue
18.Bear Brown
19.Champagne Beige
20.Ember Red
21.Obsidian Purple
22.Copper Orange
23.Lemon Yellow
24.Egg White
25.Coral Purple
26.Patriot Blue
27.Blueberry Blue
28.Diamond Blue
29.Lobster Red
30.Blossom Purple
31.Apple Red
32.Mango Yellow
33.Panther Black
34.Apricot Orange
35.Touring Blue

Interior colours:


205 CI Blue Flame: 210 HP

205 CI Aeroduke: 260 HP (California & Export)

135 CI Starburster: 175 HP

135 CI Starburster E: 150 HP (California & Export)

305 CI Tomcat: 320 HP

305 CI Viper-Jet: 540 HP

355 CI Thunderace: 370 HP

355 CI Valkyrie: 265 HP (California & Export)

405 CI Concorde: 425 HP

405 CI Aurora Eclipse: 305 HP (California & Export)


555 CI Blackbird: 750 HP

655 CI X-15: 700 HP

and three more engines not listed anywhere.

Also all engines above 405 CI will glitch through the bonnet to some extent.

Another thing I should point out is that the insane engine prices are thanks to the high-speed tyre prices, this is why I added the Top Speed Limiter option to lower prices (Any top speeds above 300 Km/H will set you back a pretty penny).


The options list for the Stiletto contains a dizzying array of colors, engines, wheels and other items. I’m sure that it would take an eternity to decide on the spec you want. Given that the Stiletto may well be an actual supercar with the right engines, choosing a lurid paint scheme makes perfect sense; it makes it stand out even more easily. With that in mind, I’ve gone for a bright, saturated exterior color (such as Mantis Green, Apricot Orange, Strawberry Red, Coral Purple, Touring Blue or Mango Yellow) and a beige interior, with the third wheel shape from the left. And the engine would be a 355cid Thunderace, which I feel is closest to the sweet spot between grunt and tractability.


Well, let’s see now…

Body Type: Coupe
Interior Color: 19
Exterior Color: 34
Body Options: Straight pipes
Engine: Aeroduke
Engine Options: Performance intake, low drag cooling
Transmission: 5-speed (long)
Tires: 225/265
Tire Compound: Sport
Rims: Alloy, 9
Front Brakes: Standard
Rear Brakes: Standard
Springs: Progressive
Interior: Premium
Seats: Dual bucket seats (will pay more)
Sound System: AM/FM Radio + upgraded 8-track
Available Options: Power windows, variable power steering
Misc: Heavy duty suspension