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Der Bayer's Z3 Coupé


BMW Z3 Coupé 2.8i

I was looking for a BMW Z3 Coupe in good and original condition for almost 3 years now. I never searched very actively and I always was not sure if this car was a reasonable choice and/or out of my reach. But when I found this one, I went for it. If I didn’t do it now, I would probably never have bought this car.

Although many people think this is an ugly car, I always loved it from the very first time I saw it in a magazine, when I was at the age of 10.

Some technical information:

  • model year 1999
  • 63,000 km only
  • 2793 cc inline 6, naturally aspirated of course
  • 193 hp @ 5500 rpm / 280 Nm @ 3500 rpm
  • double VANOS (VVT)
  • 5 speed manual
  • 0-100 kph in 6.8 s
  • 231 kph top speed

Currently the car is at my parents’ home waiting for inspection before I take it on the 350 km journey to my place. More pics and info coming then!


Awesome car, MAN!


Very nice! Always loved the clownshoe.


Oh god yes :heart_eyes: congrats on the buy, don’t listen to the haters, the Z3 is a beaut!


I actually like the original Z3 coupe very much indeed. OK, so it’s not an M Coupe, but it’s the next best thing, and with a normally aspirated straight-six under its bonnet, it’s not exactly slow anyway.


Heck yeah! You’ve done well here. Sweet ride. :sunglasses:


Great, Finally you have it :smiley:
Waiting has paid off finally


Replace the manifold with one from a 2.5l engine, gives about 20 extra horses.
I think the head and cams are identical, only a manifold with tighter runners is used.
The 2.5l engine has 192 hp, the 2.8l has 193.
Volume increase 12% , power increase .005%. :thinking:


A quick update: The Coupé got the promised inspection:

  • new spark plugs
  • oil change
  • new thermostat
  • new brake fluid

After that, I took it to my home (350 km highway drive), but I left the highway after 200 km and took side roads instead. What a blast, especially the engine! Smooth, not too loud, plenty of power. Although I drove quite relaxed, it already made me hungry for more. After the ride I got a nice surprise at the gas station: it averaged at 8.5 l/100 km. :astonished: So when driven a bit more sporty, below 10 liters is definitely no problem.

During the weekend I drove it through the vineyards in Palatinate together with a colleague in his Z4 3.0 convertible. Very nice roads, nice weather, lots of fun. And I already noticed another advantage of the Coupé: My colleague has a severe sunburn after 4 hours of driving, but I am completely fine :slight_smile:

Next plans: wash the car (currently lots of pollen and dead insects) and give the leather seats and dashboard some love. Hopefully soon I’ll tour the northern Black Forest. More pictures to come!


Safe to say it has a little more power now too? :smiley:

Great car there, looks sweet!


Hm, no, it’s not something I could really feel. Mostly because I didn’t drive it pedal to the metal before and after the change :slight_smile:


Northern Black Forest Tour

Today I drove to the northern Black Forest including a tour of the Schwarzwaldhochstraße. At the beginning, it was a bit rainy, but in the end weather was terrible with lots of rain and visibility < 50 meters because of fog. Nevertheless I found one nice photo spot at the beginning at about 900 m above sea level and a view to the south. Although the Schwarzwaldhochstraße is mostly limited to 70 kph, I will definitely come back for some more great views.

Bonus pics from yesterday

I made a small tour to a few villages and found a ruin with a parking spot before. Picture quality is bad because of bad lighting, sorry :slight_smile:


Dem angles :persevere::heart_eyes:


Don’t know how I missed this thread. Congrats dude, awesome looking car and pictures!