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Design tips?


I got automation a year ago and I want to know some design tips.


Look at cars, look at other peoples creations, try to copy them or reality as close as you want/need/can. Download other cars and look at what they’ve done. Be creative and have fun.


but whatever you do, do not use my designs as inspiration because my designs are terrible



  1. Look at the wikipedia pages of cars that are similar to what you want to make. You’ll not only get visual inspiration, but they usually have detailed technical details that you can use to learn what kind of parts that type of car would typically have.

  2. Make replicas of real life cars. This makes you think of new ways to use the available fixtures and makes you look at cars in an analytical way and you’ll get a sense of what makes a car look realistic or cool.

  3. In my opinion, Automation cars look good when they look like they could be real cars. They don’t have to necessarily look pretty, because real life cars don’t always look pretty. They’ll still feel interesting to look at if they have realistic details. A bit like scale models.


thanks i have noticed that is what everyone else says