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Did I break the game?


Hey so I’m playing around in sandbox on the Kee engine, and i designed a small, fun car… its lap time around the automation track is… 1:04.71… and after accelerating up to top speed, it continues through all turns at ~11,000rpm in 7th gear… did i break the game or something?

In case anyones wondering, its a front-engine fwd with a 800cc turbo motor pushing 375 ponies with a seven speed dual clutch, weighing in at 996.4lb. Top speed of 181.8mph, reaching 62 in 3.8s.


Yep, you broke the game. Assuming you didn’t change anything in the .Lua files manually.

How you did that though, is a mystery! Which version are you using and can you upload the exported file?


Game Version: 170116
MacDaddy - Miniscule.zip (71.3 KB)


It does that on my end as well. You officially broke the game.

Edit: Apparently, it seems to not need any rear brakes. As it still has them, brake balance is off by infinite, giving you an infinite boost in drivability and sportiness.


Brakes have always been heavily biased towards the front as weight transfers to the front. This car specifically is under 1000lb so it definitely doesn’t need rear brakes