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Diffusers and more stuff


So. An idea. Or few. From designer’s perspective.

Would it be possible to make diffusers a separate fixtude category? Just like lips and spoilers? And make them generate downforce (or make downforce from under body cladding more efficient)?

Are vanilla modular headlights out of question?

What if we could place radiators by hand (and then it connected with engine using modular pipes) and this would set the amont of available engine cooling. This would obviously need a separate radiator placing mode in fixtures which allows only to manipulate stuff under bodyshell. Also a extra thing to break in BeamNG.

Would it be possible to add some body lines fixtures? Just a long bump or a groove. Like previous gen fiver had on it’s bonnet. This would allow some interesting designs. And more variety.

Can there be reflectors (like on rear bumper) that don’t light up in beamNG?

The lighting on some very smooth air vents is weird. Not as bad on the top but quite a bit off car tone on sides. Can it be fixed?

Could rear facing vents extract air from wheel arches reducing drag in calc, extract heat making cooling more efficient?


to answer:

  1. If they are made for the wing category then they already do, (though the last part would probably require more coding than its worth)

  2. what exactly are you looking for when you say “modular”? and secondly ->Mods

  3. No (waaayyyy too much work for the current game, and a buttload of work for modders to revise their mod bodies)

  4. ->Mods (and/or just use fixtures creatively)

  5. not sure, but sounds like a lot of work for something not essential to the core of automation (you can already make a “reflector” in automation with light fixtures. This sounds more likely to be a beam exporter options thing, which Again, is not essential to the core of automation)

  6. is it a particular vent? could be a mod that needs updating/cleaning up, otherwise I assume base game stuff will be polished/fixed at some point.

  7. Rear Vents -> reduce drag? -> extract heat/add cooling? (Sounds way overly complicated to add to the core game at this point)

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