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Direct Injection May Be Getting Special Treatment


I’ve talked with a (OMISSIS-insert famous italian sporty company here) engineering that wok on the test bench for cars homologation. For what I’ve absorbed, the dual injection system helps to reduce emissions. It is probably better also for consumption.


So the best way to a modern engine family work in game is:

If the family DO NOT have direct injection, you can’t add it;
If the family DO HAVE direct injection, you CAN take it out to use a multipoint injection in a cheaper lower spec engine. Just like in real life. The DI engineering is done, but you should be able to just make it a multipoint.

Completely agree on this. It might be in version 2.0, and it’s not the first thing I’d like to see adressed, but added modularity (both on engine and, why not, platform designs) could be added that way : development cost (and probably a fraction of the PU too) at the higher spec level, with the possibility to downgrade it for lower spec versions