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Doorhandle First Rally


If any of you know the old Finnish shareware game Rally Sport, well, I just started a project in Unity that is going to be similar to that. So it’s going to have 70s and 80s rally cars (fictional ones in my game but heavily inspired by real ones) and it’s 3d but from a weird far away tilted birds’ eye view (because then I don’t have to make super detailed 3d models but can still have interesting track geometry with elevation changes and jumps).

Here’s a short video of driving in it

Current problems:

  • For some reason I can’t get it to work properly with rear wheel drive, so the car is all wheel drive, which is unrealistic for seventies rallying but works.
  • While the handbrake locks the rear wheels, it somehow doesn’t want to make the car slide nicely. You can make it slide in a fun way without the handbrake, though.

What’s nice:

  • Sliding around
  • engine idle sound
  • I’ve never 3d-modeled a full textured car before so this first one is kinda cool considering that, and now I get some practise. The first car is some kind of mixture of the Mk II Escort and Opel Kadett C. Next one will probably be a Japanese car or something like Fiat 131


Cool idea! I wanted once to use Unity to do sort of mix of NFS Porsche and NFS World, but it was all left on ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus what about some 90s ripoffs, like Delta Integrale and Celicas?


I don’t know, in my mind this would be some kind of local folk rallying where people have affordable old cars built for rallying. If it’s going to have nineties cars, they would be more like BMWs and your basic hatchbacks and such.


rally E36, Corollas, Starlets, Civics?


Yeah. Early eighties Starlet especially is one that I have in mind for making a fake version of. Might actually start on that right now. It was one of the cars in the Rally Sport game as well.

Problem is, I’m having too much fun driving around the sandbox test scene to focus on making new stuff for the game…

Here’s a closer look at the first car:

I like low poly modeling, it’s nice when most of the details can be done with texturing. And in this game even this might be too detailed, I could make the model and textures even simpler and no one would notice while playing. I don’t even use normal maps, just a metallic material seems to be enough to make it look neat in game.


if we look like that, maybe consider two camera modes - one classic, following (like other games) and one bird view? Those models look pretty cool anyway :smiley:
Which software do you use? Does Unity accept sketchup anyway?


I use Blender. I’m not sure about Sketchup, haven’t used it myself except in school. I remember my 3d modelling teacher saying that Sketchup models can be imported to Unity, or at least exported into a format that Unity supports. It does accept a wide variety of formats.


Well, here’s that Not Quite Starlet:

This one looks maybe a bit worse up close than the first car, but quite nice in the high & far view that the game is going to have.

Next I’ll probably work on some more sound effects, track side objects and an actual track.


just wondering if using Automation cars may make your life easier?


Cars from forum brands sound like a brilliant idea!


I don’t see how it would make things easier, as I would still have to model and texture the cars myself even if they’re based on Automation cars. And if there was a way to export car bodies from it, it would be stealing Automation’s assets, and would still require lots of work to modify into something that works in this game. Besides, I have my own visions of what the cars should look like and I like making them myself.

Edit: Oh and I’m thinking of maybe submitting this as my game programming assignment, so I’d prefer to have as much self made stuff as possible. We have 3 assignments for the course: one 2d game made alone, one 3d game made alone and one team project.


But, are you going to take suggestions for vehicles/routes? XD


And also, if you need fictional brands Feel free to use my Galt brand :wink:


Of course I’ll take suggestions. “Suggestions” means I don’t actually have to do them, right? :smiley:





Well… here’s that chase cam you people seem to want.

Today I added exhaust backfiring effects and toyed around with the camera. I would otherwise make the game with this view but a) the car models that I can manage to make with my feeble skills look like something from Playstation 1, b) the smooth following camera script that Unity comes with seems to have a weird jerkiness when turning and I don’t know how to fix it.


Quick question: how many of you use gamepads on PC, and what kind? Currently this works perfectly with an XBox 360 controller, but is really not fun at all with a keyboard. It would need plenty of tweaking to get keyboard controls feel anywhere near as nice as xbox controller. If a large enough percentage of potential players own gamepads for their computer I’d rather not even bother dealing with keyboards, other than to just make it somewhat playable.


Personally I use my Xbox one controller pretty often (should be compatible with 360 input as GTA4 takes it happily) and on occasion for Lolz a USB NES controller


I use an Xbox-looking but PS compatible controller with my PC, but I wasn’t using any for the past few years, so I’d say that making keyboards usable is quite important.


Hey thanks for reminding me that I have one of those, too. Haven’t tried connecting it to my PC yet, I’m assuming it should just work with the USB cord