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Doorhandle First Rally


Hmm, i might have a few name suggestions, YARG rally (YARG=Yet Another rally Game, i know sounds a tad mean, but YARG sounds like a fun word)

Auto Rally Nation (Automation with the M changed to a N and the word Rally put in the middle)

and uh, yeah i’m out of suggestions (sorry that they’re so bad)


This isn’t bad actually, but it would work better if there were too many rally games but there aren’t. Also conceptually it kind of reminds me of Next Car Game. But I’ll keep this in mind.


If this comes out nice please, put it up on steam for free and see how people like it

I’m think you should name it Low Poly League

I don’t know how far you want to get into this game but you could make a basic multiplayer on steam using their servers, a fun game that runs on anything for free is always a nice touch to the gaming world

As for help I might be able to help you deal with steam (like paperwork and stuff) if you want to and coding logic but I don’t have a clue on anything C

Also, make it so you can change cars paint colors, give 3 trim options for every car, and maybe custom logo uploading for the sides, maybe? Customisable things in games is always a nice touch.

Another name! Retro Rally



Sorry for double posting

I think you should make the tyres grippier just for playability and also trailing cam please! Interior cam would be a nice touch later


Everyone interested in racing games should make his own game…

Is Unity hard? :smiley:


No! It’s the easiest way to make 3d games and second easiest to make 2d games (after Game Maker Studio) that I have found. Plenty of tutorials everywhere online to get you started. A lot of the tutorials also explain the programming part really well even if you’ve never programmed anything before.


It’s relatively easy if you have a basic idea of programming. You don’t even need to learn C#, Javascript does the job for the begin.

The hardest part I found was modeling (using other software, i.e. Blender) as there was no decent guides or tutorials at the time I learned Unity.

Look for Brackeys on Youtube, he has pretty good Unity tutorials.


I guess I’ll go with sketchup models by mandun, at least for testing :stuck_out_tongue:


hey, Brackeys was what I went with when trying out Unity as well :smiley:


Not really. While i was at my 9th grade work practice program over at a gaming studio, i had to make a game in 5 days using unity. And, it wasent too hard. A couple problems at first, however you soon get the catch of it. I recommend you atleast try it out.


Here you can give it a go!

Currently calling the game Doorhandle First Rally or DFRally. Because that’s how you get around corners in it.


  • This is just a super early demo. The physics and sound effects - and everything else, really - are not final.

  • You will spin a lot if you play with a keyboard. XBox controller or equivalent highly recommended.

  • It’s all about sliding! The car needs to be flicked and thrown around and powerslid or it will understeer hopelessly. I’m probably not gonna change that, because I like the feel when you do it right.
  • The car model is not meant to be looked at very closely. The close chase view and hood views were not originally intended to be in the game. Judge the visuals according to the high far away view.

  • WASD or arrows to drive the car on keyboard (try to anyway), space = handbrake, C to switch cameras. Esc to exit. Standard racing controls on a gamepad, too: triggers to accelerate/brake, left stick steers, A-button (or whatever joystick 0 is called in your controller) for handbrake.

  • If you roll your car over, it SHOULD reset itself after a few seconds. If you get stuck or fall off the map, though, you’ll have to exit and restart the game.

  • No real gameplay yet, just driving around in a mostly empty world. There is a start and finish line and a more or less obvious course to follow, though. So if you have your own stopwatch available, hey, there’s one way to waste 3 minutes!

  • If it doesn’t work, I’ll probably have no idea how to fix it. Don’t see why it wouldn’t though.


Looks fun. I work with Unity professionally, so if you need any tips, do not hesitate to ask. :slight_smile:


I had a go with the keyboard. It’s not actually that bad. But you do have to be fairly careful with your inputs because the car does have a very strong tendency to snap out when changing inertia, so a lot of spinning out and shooting ass first off the course happened. Also it appears that the brakes only stop the front wheels, which leads to a bit of a Midtown Madness feel.

It seems that the car sound is tied to the car velocity as opposed to the driving wheels, which was a bit disorienting when I yanked the handbrake or was in the air!

But after a few minutes I was Scandanavian flicking around the esses like a pro haha. It’d take actually being able to modulate the inputs with non-binary controllers to really assess the physics but this is good fun, props for making.


Yep. I’ll try to change that eventually. Since it’s based on (a modified version of) a car example that comes with Unity, the revs of the engine are actually just faked based on velocity. I’d like to change it to have a torque curve and “real” gears to get the sound right and also make manual shifting possible.


Love how the car handles, great job! :smile:

Don’t let the car’s visual quality bother, it looks good. If you make the art style so everything is a bit blocky and such, it will fit right in and you can keep the bonnet and chase cameras.

Maybe add a manual reset function, some people (like me) are keen on ending up in ditches.

Btw, did I spot an MSC reference in the game? As in, Tanssiravintola Kultatähti’s location, Alivieska?


Yes :smiley:

Some car might also have Teimon Kauppa or Fleetarin Autokorjaamo as sponsor


So how’s it going? :smile:


I haven’t had time to do much because of busy school schedule and wanting to also play a lot of games lately. I’ll have more time and energy to continue on this in a couple of months when summer holiday starts. Then I can also photograph textures for the track.

Surprise muthafuckas!

It’s finally summer and I’m out photographing textures and reference images. Thinking of also, as a side project, photo-documenting real life examples of stuff you’ll see in My Summer Car.


I suspect this game will end up with very My Summer Car -like graphics…


Ok so I started on a thing I’ve been dreading for a while now. Road surfaces. I tried just painting them on the terrain (pictured below) but the edges don’t look good (because I don’t want the terrain texture painting control texture to be stupidly large) and anything like painted lines on asphalt would be impossible to make in a way that looks decent. So I’ll have to model and uv unwrap the roads separately. I just wish I could’ve done it with just the terrain system, it would’ve been so easy to modify later if the track doesn’t feel right.

So, now I’m gonna have to drive around the track a lot to make sure it’s layout is fun everywhere before committing to building the surfaces on it.

I guess I could use several smaller terrains instead of a single big one so that the 2048 x 2048 control texture will give me enough resolution to paint ok looking stuff.