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DSD and DSD RACING : DSD 3000hp v10 confirmed


The next evolution 2017-2020

The Little Buck Is All Grown Up

From 2017 DSD as a company was reborn and re-imagined however the key players from the old era have moved on to further employment with Darkshines being the only original member of the bigwigs left and as such he now had full control over the design, engineering and marketing of DSD.
Models were created to fill a void that had previously not been flooded, that was the Aluminium bodied 2+2 sports cars under $100,000, with the 2017 lineup semi-revealed at the 2016 Paris Motor Show and re-introducing the Automation world to the new DSD. In the weeks after the Paris Motor Show DSD held a free entry Music festival in which many hard rock bands took the the stage as well as patrons having the opportunity to drive classic cars from the 40’s to the newest un-released DSD models. The highlight of the festival was the announcement that a limited run model Saratoga had lapped the Green Hell track in under 7 minutes from a standing start! The GH model Saratoga got the worlds attention and with it came the largest deal in DSD’s history…

Eat a Bowl of Concrete And Harden Up!

At the very end of 2016 The Australian Government in an address to the media by the minister for defense announced that DSD had won a bid to make a fast response armored light 4x4 vehicle to be supplied first to the Australian Defense Forces and then sold by the Defense force throughout the world.
The deal was rumored to be worth close to 1.4 billion dollars and cemented DSD’s place in the Automation world. Delivery of the first Sand & Snow Fast Response Armored Vehicle was set for June 2018 and civilian DSD vehicles would benefit from the immense wealth now flowing into the company. However the SFRAV where not the only vehicle being produced at the DSD Broadmeadow’s Chassis, Body and Final assembly plant. The 2017 range had now been developed and production began on the 1st of January with car number #1 reaching the end of the line at 11:18 AM.
Due to the strange way in which DSD produces it’s vehicles only between the monthsof January and October.
The desire of Darkshine’s to integrate further into the Automation world brought about a further partnership with Saminda and Maesima.

A Stirring In The Pond Has Begun

It only took the first 1/4 of the year for the world markets to sit-up and really take notice of what this previously small time manufacturer was delivering. Sales of the Tidal and Saratoga models was far greater than what DSD could manufacture in Broadmeadows and as such DSD was becoming quite a sought after car for those wanting to stand out from the crowd. With the Tidal and Saratoga leading the field the Barramundi and the Arowana quickly started to cash in on the prestige generated by the supply vs demand of the Saratoga. In June 2017 the Barramundi was awarded the highest safety rating in it’s class and was even outselling Auxuras Motor Co. in the luxury segment. The Arowana meanwhile had begun cementing it’s status as the DSD halo car with the car becoming the pace car for the Gold Coast 500 and for the V8 brUTE series and model was even driving publicly around Australia to raise founds for Legacy a charity that helps returned soldiers get the lives on track.

Prepare For The Maelstrom



Gryphon Gears

Competitors List:

Cavallera Motor & Design Company
Albury Motors
Erin and ErinSport


DSD Lineup 2017-2018

Esk [Added in 2018]
-6 $24640
-8 $28320

-S $31200
-R $38560

-GLX $65280

-T $52480
-R $57280

  • GH $97560

-S $84320
-T $94560

Sand & Snow Fast Response Armored Vehicle { Not available to public }
-Recon $45760
-Trouper $48480

All prices include 60% markup

DSD Official model Brochure




























reserved 2019-2020



DSD Racing is essentially a company within a company. Made up of a team of DSD employee’s and DSD enthusiasts, DSDR specializes in preparing the race ready variants of the DSD range as well as providing factory upgrades and modifying vehicles from DSD’s other Partners and Associates.
DSDR funds its racing endeavors by occasionally releasing a DSDR version of an existing DSD vehicle or by partnering with other manufacturers. The vehicles produced by DSDR are always made in lots of 500 and are marketed at a 30% markup.

2017-2020 Models

  • 2018 Maesima/DSD MRZ-384 $32110

Maesima and DSD join Forces

When the Saratoga was revealed at the Green Hell festival other manufacturers were invited to attend from around the globe. One of the attendee’s was Maesima. Maesima was approached by DSD about a possible Maesima/DSD branded vehicle and to Darkshines surprise not only were Maesima happy to start work they gifted DSD a fully Restored NRZ-966 as a way to start the friendship.
DSDR was given the task to create 500 special edition MRZ-3’s. The original brief was to add some DSD flavor and a inline 6 300hp engine…
Well the enthusiasts at DSDR had another plan, the only inline 6 in production was the low compression Military 6 used in the SFRAV and it was simply too large to fit, the next option was a new 2valve large bore engine which was actually used in the prototype sent back to Maesima and designated the title of MRZ-363 ( MRZ-3, 6 cylinder, 300hp ). However with DSD not coming to the party to manufacture an engine that would only suit 500 vehicles another option had to be found. The 555 v8 was cheap, made alot of power and DSD was making them by the thousands so the 6 idea was thrown in the bin and a 400Hp 5.5L v8 originally meant for lower end Saratoga was supplied and fitted to a 6sp manual gearbox before the new car was named MRZ-384.
However the largest change was removing the roof and fitting a soft top and roll bars. This would be the only way you could purchase a factory convertible MRZ-3 and the chassis was also beefed up to handle the new configuration with the original suspension thrown away a DSD double wishbone/multilink Hydropneumatic setup was now used and the front grill and taillights were changed to better suit the DSD brand name. Brakes were also changed to larger discs and calipers and the DSD wind tunnel saw extensive use in the body-kit development with active wings installed. The interior was upgraded to a Sports style setup with the famous Red deer leather DSD is well known for and launch control is also fitted.
The cars were no slouches with 0-100 in just 4.7sec whilst using less than 10L/100km.

Secondly we have decided to turn our NRZ-966 into a “street” legal dragcar.
We replaced the old 6 with a DSD 555 from a Saratoga and then retro’d it by fitting twin carbs and distributor ignition which dropped power down to about 800hp, DSD completely rebuilt the chassis to suit drag racing and swapped out some suspension components. The car is designed to run a further 700hp of nitro oxide but nothing was available at the time. But in good faith we are sending the car back to Maesima so that employees can enjoy racing her as much as enjoyed building her.



Please feel free to comment/discuss or just rag on my cars :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


A strong start to the reestablished DSD. Will we be seeing stats for the cars above soon?


The Saratoga’s face is very sexy. That’s a home run in the design department.


Coming in 2018 The all new DSD Sambar Hybrid.

Thanks to a Maesima 2.5L engine powering the battery’s to a 300Nm electric engine before transferring 200hp and 300NM thru the 6sp auto gearbox. bottom line almost 2 metric tonnes and an average fuel usage of 7.3L/100Km.

The engine powers the vehicle under 2000RPMs before the electric motor kicks in delivering full torque before an on-board ecu bleeds power and torque from the electric motor to simulate a high torque Turbocharged engine. Rumored to be in the 30000-40000 Family car bracket.


The MRZ 384 looks dope. A touch of s2000 and bmw z4. And I have a killer for your Saratoga R coming to this year’s Geneva. :smiling_imp:

By the way that 10500 RPM revving NRZ-966 monster is a death trap.


Will this hybrid run on the same whiskey that Darkshine was drunk on in Detroit? :smiley:


Dsd set to release a new v10 twin turbo engine to power the 2018 DSD Arowana.

In a leaked email it has been confirmed that Australian manufacturer DSD is in the process of developing a new AWD 3000+hp v10 twin turbo Arowana! The leaked documents also reveal that the new vehicle will be capable of 501km/h a sub 1 minute Airfield track time and upwards of 2g of cornering forces and a total of 100 units to be sold.

This comes as a direct challenge to ultra car manufacturer Gryphon Gears and its new 500km/h hyper car.

DS5 has stated that whilst DSD is primarily a military manufacturer it is time not only to show what Australia is capable of but to show that GG is not the only company capable of hardcore 3000+hp cars in Australia.

(Disclaimer I have no access to the game at this stage but will have 15 days leave in September when I will be back in mainland France and will put much more details then)


Sign me up - I want to see the resulting vehicle compared to an equivalent machine from Gryphon Gear. It’s going to be one mighty showdown once both of these cars are gathered together!


P.s. will need to revise all my cars after transferring from Kee to UE4 anyway. Then we’ll have a level playing field ho ho ho


So far so devel sixteen


I was gonna raise you the GT Vision concept Chrysler SRT Tomahawk X, but then I realised Jormungandr in Kee form already makes as much power as it does.


Can any of them race the 2019 Calvinator Minivans?

here is a link for you to see the competition.


Seeing as it’s turning into a hype competition, KHT marketing thinks it’s a good idea to let the r1 out of the museum for a bit. 1200 hp and all. We run at nordschleife?


You could, but just be warned that a certain one of us is going to be sixty years late to the party, or the entire factory runs in permanent bullet time.


Buuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiillllldddd …ccccaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrsssss…fffffffaaaaaaasssssstttteeeeeeerrrr