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Dumb questions someone else might answer


I have a very specific one about winter tires.

I regularly see two versions of the same tire (i.e. Continental Wintercontact TS860 or Michelin Alpin 5)

  • one of them speed index T (190 km/h)
  • the other speed index H (210 km/h)

How comes the difference? And, more important, is there ANY disadvantage to the 210km/h rated ones if theyre about the same price?


I’d guess the only issue might be tire wear but I’m no expert


They most likely use slightly different compounds in the tires themselves, with the latter being able to handle more heat and friction. They would just have the same design and tread length.


I’m indecisive as all hell so I want the forum to decide for me:

  • 2005 Kia Opirus - 180k km - 200hp 3.5 - fully loaded
  • 2004 Saab 9-3 sedan - 260k km - 150hp 2.0 - base level

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This is probably my 4th car purchase this year


Why 4th car this year?

The issue I see with both of those cars (especially the Saab), is that they have quite high mileage.


If you want a car, any car with mileage lower than 150.000 km in Finland you’ll have to dish out at least 8000€ probably, and that’s the reason for your question actually, continuous downgrading cause gotta use money for something else than cars for once (kill meeeeeeeeee I went from a 2010 V40 to this)


Wut?! See cars sold in Poland for high mileage… Then you’ll know what “high mileage” means :smiley: 180k is the value with which the dealers advertise their cars with falsed odometers… in reality having anything between 250-500k.


Dumb question over here… is the downforce sliders in the U4 build enabled? or am I just doing something wrong?


Should only work with the downforce undertray. Semi and fully clad should never have had a downforce option, so that’s been fixed.


What are those ugly rubber numberpad thingamajiggies some american cars have above the doorhandle?


This has been bugging me for years


combination lock i believe.


Those are a primitive keyless entry pad used by Fords (although many new ones still have them, but in touch screen format).
Each individual car has a specific code to unlock the doors, but the lock code is always 5-6 and 9-0.
I know that as my Tauruses both had it.


That’s… interesting

Remote locking by just the press of a button on the key seems a lot faster and easier


I thought it was just a gimmick. Also a backup in case you lock your keys in your car.


Beats screwdrivers and a coat hanger. Or a crowbar if you’re taking an extreme measure.


Why did a lot of cars intended for the US market in the mid to late 90’s and early 00’s have that weird gold-ish plastic cladding


  1. You forget the Ford Explorer of the time.
  1. Because 90s.


Hey, that’s my Subaru! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a trend of the time, I guess. Dark green or burgundy with beige/gold cladding was just a thing.


Indeed!™ My Turbo Coupe, SHO, and both Lincolns had them. The combination is “hidden” someplace special in case you forget it.


The 90s were so golden that they had to coat everything else on gold cladding to reflect it, I guess. At least if “90s kids” are to be believed.