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Dumb questions someone else might answer


I believe the 90s was the “me” generation. People didn’t give a damn about anything, but since it was the 90s, nobody noticed.


Does anyone else prefer older car lights that didn’t have fancy styling?




I do prefer the older styling, especially when they’re not stuffed full of LEDs that will blind you every time the person in front hits the brakes.


Same. If you wanna run LEDs, fine, but you only need one in place of each bulb. And taillights should not be that bright. It’s a safety hazard, if anything. Especially at night, where it blinds you.


new question… this is rather specific.

on single cyl motorbikes… what’s the difference in throttle body injection vs port injection?

the positioning is not that much different, and the ‘intake runner’ is so short anyway… but they did it anyway.


the post 2016 CB 150 series has the engine codenamed the K56

another view of the throttle body image

and since, the K56 has an expensive aftermarket option of having a double injector with the second one being on the throttle body again

so again… i can’t understand this…


Less disturbance at the joint between Trottle body and “manifold”, maybe.
The jet from the injector enters the cylinder at a more exact angle. :thinking: