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Dumb questions someone else might answer


This isn’t so much of a dumb question as just a question:

Does anyone know of a car you can get used in europe for under 7000€ with under 200.000km on the meter that seats 7 and can have two people sleeping in the back with all the backseats removed?

I know of only one, that being the renault grand espace 2002-2014 model or a dodge journey (not sure about the space in the journey)


Another consideration for drums is that they have a significantly longer life-span; and that’s very important for long-haul trucks.

Some newer trucks; notably the Mercedes Arocs do have disc brakes. I don’t know if they have any other advantages; but I assume they were developed to allow room to mount their hydraulic drive in the wheel hubs.


My friend('s dad) had an Espace and said it wasn’t half bad… Until the turbo broke :grimacing:

My family had a diesel Chevy Van, nothing bad to say about that. It WILL seat 7, don’t you worry :smile: Although I have a feeling that that’s not a car you’re looking for.

Other than that, I cannot help, my knowledge about people movers is a bit shallow.


On topic of the Dodge Journey, would anyone happen to have any useful resource where I could get info on how expensive it is to run (Outside of the cost of diesel is what I mean so maintenance) and how unreliable they are.

Because in the local reports it’s kind of 50/50. Some are giving it 1 star with constant brake replacements etc and others are giving it 4 stars for never really having issues.


It’s a Dodge, or well, FCA.

The company you see the most when people end up on the local news complaining about the fact they got a lemon.

Although we don’t get the diesel here, so it might not be as bad.


Was dodge part of FCA in 2009? Im talking about the 2009/2010 model.

But yeah we didn’t get anything but the diesel and most big cars are diesels anyway (because unlike most european countries you have to drive at least 100km distances to get from civilization to civilization)

EDIT: The thing is my choices are between a Renault Grand Espace and a 2010 Journey. I somehow have a slight gut feeling no matter what the Journey would be a better choice.
(Why those two really is because everything else besides those two would be either too small, too old or out of the price range)


In my opinion, Dodge’s tend to fall apart. Several of my friends have the big diesel Dodge trucks, but only because they put a reliable engine in it… Which isn’t made by them.


My reference to FCA is more about the fact that Fiat here is pretty much the same level of quality (or lack of) as Dodge/Jeep has been for a while.


I have indeed seen horrors about Chrysler products… I believe a member on this forum had a pretty bad experience with his Challenger; specifically factory defects and shoddy workmanship. That said, my uncle’s Dodge Caravan; I believe it was a 1996 model, did survive almost 300,000 New York miles before her ECU went senile about 3 or 4 years ago.

I can’t really say anything about Renault as the US doesn’t have them… but assuming they are like Nissan after Renault’s purchase of them… I can’t say anything good about them. The L31 Altimas were a nightmare. I’ve never been so disappointed in Nissan, and I blame it on Renault.

So… I kind of don’t know what to tell you here man. Some sort of Japanese minivan too expensive?


The only one I can come up with in addition to those is a Mitsubishi Grandis.

Really the only cars in this size category are too expensive either because the models are too new or the brands don’t lose value.

For example a year 2000 toyota previa with 150.000km on it is at least 10.000€


Yeah, there usually is a reason for cars having poor resale value compared to the competition, usually in terms of reliability.

And I say that as someone who owns one of those poor resale value cars :stuck_out_tongue:


Thing is though technologically is there difference between a seat altea and a vw golf plus, not really but the altea is 5000€ cheaper (used)


Yeah, the thing with Chrysler is that although they have many good cars, they have plenty of bad ones to match. I remember a close friend of mine’s dad having a PT Cruiser he got rid of for that reason. But by contrast, my dad’s old Dodge Durango survived 10 years of constant hauling (and 2 years or so of frequent flooding).


Anyone here who can tell me if driving in Poland is a good idea? I need to go through Poland to get from the baltics to Germany on a European roadtrip and I’m not sure if I can get reliable info on where I can safely leave my car and where It’s safe to drive.

It’s not exactly urgent but in planning phase it would be nice to know especially since there’s basically no other option unless you wanna go through Belarus and Ukraine which is an even worse idea, especially since that requires loads more extra documentation and a gigantic detour.

I would drive from Vilnius to Warsaw, Then Krakow, then Poznan, then Berlin (although im considering leaving Warsaw out unless my friend really really begs me to, supposedly one of the worst cities to drive in)

I mean probably not the best place to ask but since there are car people here anyway




Ok so I’ve never been that deep into yurop but I would guess it’s like most other places. Touristy areas are good, highways fine, and of course if you go the shady parts your gonna have trouble like anywhere else. It’s probably fine.


(If you didn’t know - I’m from Poland)

I don’t see a reason why driving in Poland would be a bad idea, except maybe road holes and AFAIK expensive and rare highways. There’s no highway on the way from Vilnius to Warsaw (but my city might be there - there are two sensible ways through the border :wink:), but at least there’s an express road for about a third of that way (free, 100/120km/h limit, 2 lanes in each direction, sometimes divided by barriers, sometimes not). I see that it’s similar on the way from Warsaw to Kraków. From Kraków to Poznań you can go about 2/3 of the way using highways - first a bit of A4, then from Piotrków Trybunalski A1 and A2.

Traffic in Warsaw is dense…

…and I checked - Warsaw in some rankings is one of the most congested cities in the world. Oops.

It’s safe to drive… anywhere, I’d say? IDK, maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t think of a place in Poland where it would be unsafe to just drive. Unless you mean roads so badly designed/built that it’s easier to have an accident - then sure, you’ll find some. About leaving car… I’d say keep away from the stadiums and maybe worse looking residential areas and your car will be fine.


This was great help! Thank you!

Like probably the biggest worry was partly the leaving stuff in my car kind of thing, but as well if I should get a dashcam for the roads just in case.


Gonna bring this thread back because I need definitive info on how reliable/unreliable the 1990 Citroën XM is.

Halp I wanna buy this car there’s a perfect one on sale but I actually want to daily it.


What variant is it?

They’re not great as daily drivers anymore - rust is becoming a big issue, parts supply is drying out, they’re a nice thing but as a daily, not so hot these days.

If it’s an early 24v V6 though get it bought, fantastic engine :stuck_out_tongue: