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Dumbass fixture suggestions


Disabling mirroring while snap to center is activated would be a good addition, as simultaneously centered and mirrored fixtures have z-fighting issues when exported to BeamNG.

Furthermore, fixture groups would be great. Simply change more than one fixture by the same amount if they’re in the same group. The favourite system could also use a little more depth, like being able to save rotation and scale, as well as fixture groups themselves (so, for example, you could package a headlight, taillight, badge, grille, etc. into one favourite for use on other models for consistency.)

Finally, although it would require some UI redesign (i.e. sorting materials into categories instead of sorting slots into categories), being able to select any material for any slot would allow for a lot more freedom in terms of using fixtures for more than their intended purpose.

(also, small gripe, some fixtures delete copies of themselves that overlap to prevent z-fighting, eg badges, but others don’t. either find a better way to copy fixtures that doesn’t directly result in fixture doubling, make the anti-doubling feature consistent, or just remove it.)


Toggleable center snapping already exists.


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