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E85 Addition


Would it be possible to add E85 to the game? It functions as 105 Octane gas, and I think it would be a welcome addition to the game, especially if we get quad turbos. I can only imagine the stupid amounts of horsepower that can be created with the extra Octane and more turbos.
I realize that the game is focused towards production cars, but do keep in mind that some production cars actually do run on E85, or FlexFuel. Of course adding something like this is easier said than done, but I don’t think I’m alone in thinking the game needs this for even more realism. MOAR BOOOOOOST


Brazil has E100 and E85 is available across Europe.

It’s worth noting that ethanol has a higher flame speed so peak power requires a longer stroke or higher rpm. It also has lower energy content so mpg is worse (but fuel is lighter I think)


You are correct, it has less energy, and mpg will likely be worse. However, when attempting to make an E85 monster, mpg goes out the window.


Point is it heavily influences markets so is hard to balance.


True, but I have confidence the developers could do that.