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Editable number fields as alternative to scrollbar and +/- buttons


Most of the time, numerical values (tyre width, etc) are set using a scrollbar or +/- buttons along the scrollbar.
While it is convenient for gradual test purpose, very often I wished that I would able to simply type the numbers in the field (for instance because I did a test earlier and remember a specific value, etc), instead of exactly scrolling or clicking 10 times on + or - buttons.

It should be complicated to code. If you feel it could be confusing to some users, you can make it an option and not the default behavior. But for me, and I doubt I am alone, this possiblity to edit text fields that contains numbers would really be a plus.


That is a suggestion that comes up from time to time, we’re keeping that in mind :slight_smile:
Also, this certainly is not a support issue :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, that’s a feature request.

And I meant "It NOT should be complicated to code. "

Please seriously consider it, since I posted it, I noticed so many time how it would have been more convenient to be able to type numbers in this field.