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[ENDED] Automation Hatchback Design Competition


Damn, was going to enter a car too. I thought I had until the end of the day to do so. It isn’t even midnight on the time zone most used by automation and the OP didn’t state time zones. Oh well.


Bump, we need more voters :wink:


If we vote in the poll do we still need to PM you our vote?


Nope you don’t need to PM me your votes, the poll is public and that’s where you vote


When does the poll end? At a certain time, or when we reach a certain number of votes?


Umm… deadline is Sunday, 23:59 gmt then


This Challenge has officially ended. Winners are : @TheMiltos21 , @szafirowy01 and @Rk38 .

I hope everyone had fun participating in this :slight_smile: