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Engine Recreation Thread


Great effort, though it seems like you’re reading off of peak power numbers rather than the real power curve while making these… your engines hit peak torque quite high in the rev range and don’t hit peak power before they hit the rev limiter, a bit uncharacteristic for the OHV engines you’re recreating.


Its not just with the OHV engines. ALL of the engines including the OHC and DOHC engines from Ford and Nissan have way lower torque than real life. I am aiming more for peak power because getting realistic torque curve and peak seems to be awful hard if not impossible.


I think the peak power at redline is due to what was necessary to be changed in order to keep the engine from knocking.

I researched accurate compression ratios for all of the engines, and in order for the engine not to knock I had to raise fuel mixture and cam profile while lowering timing, all while trying for spot on peak power.

The Coyote uses Direct injection so i change the above less and was able to get the power to be near peak for around 1500rpm.


I’ve found that Automation’s compression ratio will almost always have to be lower than any irl engine you want to recreate. I would suggest taking the irl compession ratio and subtracting 0.5 points from it as a start. Then tune the Automation recreation more for the torque curve, and keep in mind the compression may have to go down a little more to achieve that.


That’s what I see. I’m not sure why.

Upping injection quality can help.


Sometimes it requires generous use of the quality sliders, but I find with N/A engines (obviously turbos are a different beast) are possible to get within 500 RPM on both peak power and torque fronts, though it requires some fine tuning.


Hemi 345 V8 (5.7 litre)

Used the engine for my Charger RT replica:



Of 2 of the engine I created above, my family has owned the 3800 and LM7.

3800s around 200k miles and still going.
LM7 blew a head gasket and was traded in around 160-170k miles.


I made a 6.4 hemi powered SRT8 and a 6.2 powered Hellcat charger awhile back. I have revised the Hellcat and I think I will revise the SRT8 version and post the updated engine here.

Edit: just realized the SRT8 isnt a thing anymore. The 6.4 charger is the SRT scat pack.


2019 392 HEMI (6.4L)found in the 2019 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack.

Horsepower is up 1hp from the actual, but torque is identical.

In order to get then proper HP out of this engine I had to use a sport/race cam profile, hence the incorrect rpm that peak HP and torque are generated at. Not to mention the absurdly unrealistic quality settings.

Due to the gearing and the higher RPM limit of the 6.4 compared to my less accurate 6.2, this scat pack feels just as fast as the hellcat from 0-100mph, despite having hundreds of hp less. Only at high speeds does the hellcat feel much faster

The 707hp hellcat reaches 158mph on the automation straight and the 486hp Scat pack reaches 142mph.

Car and .car file

Dodge Charger - Scat Pack.car (49.5 KB)


Next engine to be recreated. 5.2 voodoo V8 from the Mustang GT350R, my personal favorite car.


Ford 5.2L DOHC V8 from the 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R

HP is spot on and the torque is 1lb-ft off. The peak tq and Hp are not at accurate spots in the powerband tho.


The absurd quality required is to be expected, the primitive OHV systems in the olden days pale in comparison to the much more refined OHV V8’s of today, even if OHV overall is quite a crude system.


not only that, but having 0 quality is like assuming that the engineers and factory workers building the car are brand new and inexperienced. Thats okay for a 40s or 50s car but not okay for a modern company that should have plenty of experience under its belt


What ever happened to the “Modern OHV” option we used to have?


its not coming back, modern OHV is just regular OHV with +15 quality slider


It was very similar to normal OHV, and even the Modern OHV option wasn’t as efficient as any OHC options. (Note I wasn’t here in the Kei days but this is what I’ve accumulated after being in the community for a while)


Lol I loved the kee days mainly because eu4 wouldn’t run on my craptop.

Now i have a somewhat competent PC tho.


Speaking of OHV with +15 quality…

Dodge Viper 8.4L V10 from the 2017 Dodge Viper.
645HP and 600lb-ft with a redline of 6600rpm.

I get it, the curve is unrealistic, but it couldn’t be more realistic without losing 100hp.


Subaru EG33 3.3L flat-six engine from the 1993 Subaru SVX.

Not a very powerful engine and pathetically slow when paired with the only transmission in the SVX which was a 4-speed automatic.

But the sound. My god, the sound.