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Engine swaps-what do you like?and where would you put it?


There was a Dutch madman who put the Lamborghini/Audi V10 in a golf


I don’t know which engine I would choose, wouldn’t need to be a very powerful one though as my target is quite light.

Imagine a Volkswagen XL1 with the performance the looks deserve.

Although i would also replace the logos with mine, get it wrapped matte racing green too


LS series - best engine ever. Swap it into anything for epic greatness. Just my 2 cents


How about a 11000RPM Ducati engine?


Putting the more potent turbo four (with even more power added for good measure) from the Opel Insignia GSi in the smaller Astra (and uprating the chassis and brakes accordingly), creating a new OPC variant, ought to create a true Golf GTI rival. Just make sure that a manual gearbox is offered… And do a similar thing to the new Corsa for good measure.


Too bad that will probably never be produced and even if it’d cost a fortune


Time to revive this I think, we need more of your madness. Here’s my idea:

This sexy beast

but with this



Electric BX… YES! As much as I think that electric drive is reasonable and characterless in that car it would actually add character. So incredibly retro-futuristic awesomess…

@HighOctaneLove IS500! ME WANT NAO :heart_eyes:

Sorry for necro-reply :innocent: I’ve just noticed this thread.


Turbo inline 5 from Volvo 850 into a Volvo 242. I’ve been told it’s easy to swap.


Being at Volvo… Volvo-Yamaha V8 into a 242. Muscle moose! :smiley:
Edit: or into a 745/940 estate. Driftbrick! :stuck_out_tongue:


That would make it a Volvo 282 then.


How about a practical swap? LC9 (5.3L all-aluminum Vortec) and 6L80E into a 3rd gen Camaro. That’s something I would gladly drive every day.


I’m surprised I never saw/posted in this thread. I have a few crazy (and not so crazy) ideas.

I’d love to J35 swap my Accord -> https://youtu.be/qi6oRyIfFRE?t=7m47s

Coyote-swapped Lincoln Mark VIII -> https://youtu.be/PxA06dMZqds

87–88 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe with a 302-based swap and Turbo -> https://youtu.be/Na7yPzK54yU

CLK55 AMG w/ M113K swap -> (stock) https://youtu.be/lvbsDvbrGJ8 or (tuned) https://youtu.be/EdLN1ilZBvQ

So everything above kinda keeps it all in the family. Now here’s the really crazy stuff.

Alfa Romeo GTV6 w/ a VQ37VHR swap
BMW E46 M3 w/ a 2JZ-GTE swap
Chrysler Prowler w/ a 2JZ-GTE swap
Jaguar F-Type w/ a Hellcat/Demon swap (or better yet, the new ZR1’s 755hp LT5)
Porsche Boxster w/ a 605-hp Audi RS7 4.0T swap
Rolls-Royce Camargue w/ a Hellcat/Demon swap (or better yet, the new ZR1’s 755hp LT5)


For the Thunderbird turbo, I’d use an Ecoboost. After all, its lineage does go back to the Lima.


Indeed!™ I thought about that too.

My uncle had 5.0-swapped a Turbo T-Bird back in the day and I remember it being so exciting. So I can only imagine what it’d be like with a turbo 5.0.

Funniest thing. I’m here talking about 2JZ swaps, and what pops up in my YouTube subscription right after I post?
A 2JZ swapped G35 Coupe. >>> https://youtu.be/WAD7hY_nfnU

I think that could be a sign. :grinning:


I have been considering, but not serious yet about swapping in a coyote 5.0 into my 99 Nissan Frontier, along with a few other upgrades.

That is if I can find a big enough shoe horn :stuck_out_tongue:


Sacrilege! Heretic! :scream:


I think the current Ram 1500 would be a better use of the Hellcat engine… Given that it’s already available in the Grand Cherokee, surely it must be time for the SRT Ram to make a comeback after a decade of being out of production?


So basically, everything gets a Hellcat engine. That or the LT5.


If you can put a LS7 or a Jag 6.0 V-12 in a Mazda MX5, there should be enough space in a bigger car.