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Engine swaps-what do you like?and where would you put it?


Not a bad choice as that engine is a real firecracker but it’s usually the S13’s which get the bent 8 conversions! :stuck_out_tongue:


E26 M1 Engine and Exhaust + Nissan GTR(R32) Body and Chassis = Good Combination(I think)…


You’d replace the LEGENDARY RB26DETT with another engine!!! Sacrilege!!! :open_mouth:

But if you got the R32GTS-T Type M (same chassis but RWD) or the GTS4 (AWD version of the GTS-T, you’d have to re-configure the ATESSA to GT-R spec though) then that’d be legit, lol :smiley:


i would’ve made a new thread, but i remembered the existence of this one. basically, after a night of thinking long and hard, me and a friend have a plan that works (on paper, at least) which is to get a Alfa Romeo 3.2L JTS V6 from a Brera or 159, and swap it into… of all things… a 2004 chevy malibu. yep. Alfa powered Malibu.


Ok my list.

Toyota mr2 with camry v6.

Kaase boss 9 into anything lol

632ci chev into fox body mustang

yamaha/ford sho v8 into fox body mustang

Boss260/290 into 92-12 mustang

Barra 270 turbo 6 into ford Capri

4age into corolla

351 into rx7


Sacrilege :anguished:



I’ll pretend I never saw that.

In general, I really don’t like the idea of putting engines from a different manufacturer into a vehicle.

Seeing as I have an Altima… I’d like to make a Bluebird SSS out of her. That involves the Pulsar’s SR20DET and the Skyline’s ATTESSA, along with their HICAS. Japan actually sold that in an Altima. I want it here.

Another concept is to import an A31 Cefiro in LHD form from the 3rd world… and swap all the R32’s internals into it. They use the same chassis believe it or not, and it’s all basically a direct fit. That’s my plan to have a 4-door, left hand drive Skyline in the US, that doesn’t look like a Skyline. That’s a huge bonus because it’ll (hopefully) keep the police, street “racers”, and car jackers away from me. I’ll also win sleeper awards for it.


I can give full details of the plan (as of so far) lol


Yeah, why not :slight_smile:
Actually I’d love to have had a Busso in my Giulietta, Damn you emissions laws :sob:


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No that deserves purgatory. that’s just going too far even for Bezelbub


basically, this is why the plan works on paper, so. what i have is a Chevy malibu (2004-2008 gen) which is Epsilon 1 platform. the Malibu from factory has the mountings for the High Value V6 family. however, after some digging, we discovered Saab 9-3, which happens to also be an Epsilon 1 platform vehicle. it has the factory mountings for a GM High Feature V6. and the Alfa 3.2 JTS V6, as some may not know, Holden had their own version of the High Feature V6 that was 3.2 liters. During a short lived partnership between Fiat and GM, Fiat used that 3.2 V6 in the alfa, but was heavily modified, so much so the last relation it has to the GM High Feature V6 family are the mounting points and bore/stroke. however, technically, it is a GM High Feature V6. so i get the engine mounts from a Saab 9-3, bolt those into the malibu, then the 3.2 Alfa motor should bolt right on, just pretty much leaving ECU stuff. before you mention Transmission, Part of the plan was to get a 6 speed manual from a Pontiac G6, which, if you may know, is the same exact 6 speed used in the Alfa 156, 159 and i think the spyder. they bolt right up to both the High Value V6 and high Feature V6 engine families (however though, where some unknowns come into play is that is the mounting exactly the same between the 2 engine families, since the G6 uses the High Value V6 and the Alfa’s use the High Feature V6. if so, still not the end of the world, since Saab 9-3 also has the 6 speed and uses the High Feature V6, so no matter what, on paper, this plan should work and has numerous backups, then again though, Communism looks good on paper, so we’ll never know until put into practice)


everyone’s talking car engines.

i just want the kawasaki ninja H2R plunged into this thing


If I ever was really really rich I’d probably try to turn a Ford Flex into an electric SUV like the Tesla model X


How about a Corvette… with an LS swap?

Specifically a Mercury Marine SB4 LS7 into a C7 Grand Sport. Can you say rebirth of the LT-5?


I wouldn’t actually do this, but I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a BMW N55/B58 powering a Ford F-150.


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I aprove of throwing the sho motor in, but the chevy would kill the handling.
######And is sacreligious

Anything heavyer than the for 351W would get into the “upset handling” territory with the fox chassis, but i would still want to put a 429 in it. Or a nicely built 427 side oiler.

(Typed on mobile so please excuse the little mistakes)


I only say the 632ci for Pro Mod drag racing. I would rather a 3.4 sho


Fiat 850 Sport Coupe + Ferrari 360 Engine + Mid Mount == Madness.

I mean, it’d be undriveable, but fuck that’d be cool!