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Engine swaps-what do you like?and where would you put it?


8.4L V10 out of a Dodge Viper, tuned by Hennessey, then crammed into a Gremlin.


Failing that, a simple upgraded carburetor will do.


Toyota Celica + inline 5 (reinforced internals) + mid mounts + custom gearbox + ground clearance =

Just better, more in this style


LS1 into trash can or anything with 2 or more wheels…Lord I hate ls engine swaps

but 350chev into motorbike frame… fuck yeah


I’d be a little more boring. Either the Turbo I4 or the V6 from the Hyundai Tiburon (with 6-speed gearbox) into my '05 Elantra.

Alternatively… If I had a crapload of money to throw around, Mitsubishi 4G63 Turbo from the Lancer Evolution into something like a Mitsubishi Galant, along with the Evo’s gearbox and driveline.

Or, Chevy 350 into some small Chevy 4-door sedan. (Sorry, I don’t know a lot of modern cars. I haven’t been looking because I’m comfortable with the Elantra. I just wish it had more power at times.)




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How about Mazda 13B into Toyota MR2? I always thought that a lightweight, mid-engined rotary would be pretty cool.


That sounds like it’d be awesomely fun, actually.


Thats brilliant!


You could also shoehorn the 10A into a keicar


Honda S660? :smiley:


that’s what I had in mind, :wink:



427 SOHC maybe, 9000rpm screamer.:smiling_imp:


Engine/gearbox from 3000GT in a Galant. Omm,nom,nom.:slight_smile:


I had my first non-Nissan idea in litteral years.

A Lincoln Continental Mark V (or IV or VI) with a Ford 3-valve 6.8L V10 (built after 2008).
Besides the engine… a lot of suspension work. Amerifloat be gone!
Another idea for that car is a diesel… the 7.3L Power Stroke being the most reasonable candidate, albeit with underwhelming performance, and even more weight. I want it with a manual transmission.

I’m not usually interested in American cars… but this idea appealed to me greatly. What a tank that thing will be…


That would be amazing (in a fox body Mustang)!


Just thought of another one. Swapping the Miami v8 from my xr8 sprint and putting it in place of the coyote in a mustang
mmmmmm 420rwkw at the wheels with over boost


One of these

Made RWD
with some screaming Nissan I4 in it, prolly an SR20
and some nice stiff coilovers bcos this thing I’m guessing is wallowy as hell


Awesome fun little car pulsar gtir running gear would be awesome