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Engine swaps-what do you like?and where would you put it?


Also, the 100NX is crying out for some pop-ups


The swap I did in Forza 6, a 2 liter inline four (Bored out to 2.5L and turbocharged to produce 719 horsepower) Into a 1957 BMW Isetta. Imagine one of those screaming down the track at 200+ MPH. (So long as the front end stays on the ground, not always guaranteed)


The NX was based on the B14, so roughly the same as a Sentra of the time. I don’t see a RWD conversion as plausible… but a FWD VQ35DE swap from a Maxima works Yes, it fits, and it is a fairly common swap, believe it or not. That or the easy SR20DET swap from a Pulsar, as Darkshine5 said.

It isn’t wallowy… all 90’s Nissans tend to be on the stiffer side of the spectrum for city cars.
According to the 1992 Road & Track magazine, the NX2000 was rated as one of the world’s best handling cars against such competition as the Acura NSX, Porsche 911, Nissan 300ZX, Mazda Miata, and Lotus Elan. I find that claim dubious simply because of the fact that she’s front wheel drive, but I’ll believe she’s one of the best handing FWDs in the world. I’ve had a '95 Altima, and have a '00 Altima, and they have simply amazing handling for being a cheap compact sedan. Also, since when was the 911 considered a good handling car? She’s rear-engined. That is a can of nope for me. So are pop-ups… or air-brakes as I call them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Right as for swaps… um…
I wonder if a Nissan TD42T4 from a bus will fit into a 240SX or the old 240Z. 160hp Diesel 240 anyone?
The gas TB48DE from a forklift or Nissan Patrol is a better option though. 248hp. :stuck_out_tongue:
I kind of doubt they’d fit though… too long.


LD28 Z

It’s been done before.


No, really, why? People who drag race Civics and the classic Minis turn them into RWD, why is this not plausible?


LD28, sure; that isn’t an issue… I’m talking about a TD42. There’s quite a size difference between them.

@ramthecowy RWD Civic? That’s not exactly a Civic anymore… just a body shell that looks like one, lol.


New tunnels will need to be made. So your firewall and floor as well as all of the boot area will need to be cut away (which means bracing the body from the inside so it doesntcallapse inwards) then new engine mounts and gearbox crossmember would need to be custom made. A new rear chassis would need to be made to suit the new suspension mounts and rear differental and driveshafts. Once that was all mounted and squared you could start building the new firewall trans tunnel and rear boot floor. Then you have to get all your fuel system and electronics redone to suit. Interior would need new custom carpet and sound deadening and then theres the issue of tuning the suspension so the thing could drive without destroying tyres and bushes… its alot of work… buy a gtir pulsar cut the body away and weld the nx body over the chassis would be easier

edit. The td42 was also in the mighty nissan Patrol and booldy awesome i havnt really seen them put into anything else but i know that they use the same engine mounts as a rb series engine so into a silvia or skyline may just be possible but the radiator will need to be boot mounted


for a guy with no experience, that sounds just as intimidating :joy:

EDIT: having researched it though, welding a body of the 100NX over a N14 platform 90’s Pulsar makes a hell of a lot more sense. If you want the RWD drifty action all you need to do is really yank the front diff out and play with the centre differential. Okay, it’s not even that easy but it is easier than forcibly converting a 100NX to RWD.


hopefully the new racecar arrive today (grrr 24hrs late already) and I can show you step by step just how hard it is to make a car when nearly all the structural metal needs to be removed.

I am looking at a particular engine here in my shed that I may just try out…
13B rotary into ford falcon

edit; @ramthecowy I have 2 5.4 3valve ford v8’s a spare 5.4 4valve ford v8, a 4age from a past project, the 13b is the original engine from my brothers rx7 theres a 460 ford v8 long block, an old Detroit diesel v8, a 4L ford straight 6 and a TE50 5.6L ford windsor…then theres a few 250cc and 450cc motorbike engines…I kinda hoard shit


Mind if I ask which engines you have in inventory :laughing: ?


yup. hoarder indeed… what about the body? the home for the motors?

and why do you also have bike engines???


You do NOT just engine swap the rx7, unless it’s for a 20b. :unamused:

But nice engine collection xD


Bikes because of my little brother and his ability to kill dirtbikes. The 13b was swspped out for a new ground up billet housed 13b. I dont have any spare bodies i just like to scourge car wreckers


That 13b would go nicely in something small. (I don’t know any Australian cars, sadly, or I’d give an idea or two)


I am not totally sure why but for over two years now, I have wanted to convert a Pontiac G6 to RWD and drop something stupid into it like a GM High Feature LF3 V6 or a GM LS1/LS6 V8.

I think it was inspired by the V8 conversion I saw on a Pontiac Solstice / Saturn Sky (can’t remember which) a while back and has persisted because of the shear absurdity of making a sleeper out of a shitbox in the most unconventional way possible.


Sorry for the little necro. Hope you don’t mind :grin:
As much as I dislike GM, for some reason the Opel design is quite endearing to me, so I’d take one of these

(it’s the VXR 5 door estate, so RWD or AWD forgot which)
and then drop an LS into it. And make it RWD.

Would be mad awesome :heart_eyes:

yes I know you could just go with a Malibu but who would want a Chevy badge on their car?! :sleepy: :tired_face: especially when it looks like a bulldog that got its face smashed with a sledgehammer


Please tell me you’re referring to the new Malibu in this statement. If yes, then I agree.


First gen :thumbsup:
Second gen :expressionless:
Third gen :thumbsdown:
Fourth gen :expressionless:
Fifth gen :sob:
Sixth gen (just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse) :dizzy_face:
Seventh gen :mask:
Eighth gen :sweat_smile:
Ninth gen :weary: :gun:

So in general, GM fukt up the Malibu nearly all the time


you might not be aware, but i have a 6th gen… i do agree the pre-facelift 6th gen doesn’t look all that well though, so i’m glad to have the facelifted version. just outta curiosity, it is the pre-facelift you hate more, right?


i haven’t bothered learning shit about GM really. There was a facelifted 6th gen? Really? Google time!