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Engine swaps-what do you like?and where would you put it?


mhm, i’ll PM you some photo’s


Uhh! What an interesting thread! Thanks for the necro, I’d say!

I had some thought-experiments, one specifically about the engine: a V6, with a 90° bank angle and a flatplane crankshaft! Could take the PRV V6 as a base, so one would then ‘only’ need to make or rephase the crankshaft and cams, new firing order etc. . It would be interesting in the way that it would be balanced like a 90° V-twin, on top of possibly sounding like this Laverda inline 3 which also has a flatplane crankshaft!
But, what car would I put that in? Split about that, actually, but options and reasons are:

Peugeot 309 - Some nostalgic value, as my mother drove one, and it was such a charming little car. The V6 would make it a pocket rocket, though!

Peugeot 405 - Also nostalgic value, my father drove one. Give it the V6 it deserves!

Citroen BX - Hydropneumatic suspension, and the appearance of a retro-futuristic electric car.

Chrysler/Talbot Sunbeam - An intriguing hatchback that doesn’t quite look like much, but it has RWD! You know what that would mean with more power?
Insanely fast tofu deliveries!

Actually… let’s just take the Citroen BX and equip the 4x4 version with quad electric motors, one for each wheel! Then drive it through the night, looking at its new-age digital dashboard while listening to some Perturbator, the hydropneumatic suspension making you glide through space and time!

I really find the smooth and quiet electric drive would do that car good justice. Though, the letters on the RPM counter would kinda lose their validity if that display would be used as a power meter instead.



You funny

And you’re that one guy who refuses to swap V8s. Never seen anyone want to swap a V6 into everything before


Well, 2GR swaps into 2nd gen MR2s are fairly popular.

Most commons V6 swaps are for cars with a Transverse engine where anything bigger won’t fit.


My thoughts! Most of the cars I mentioned are FWD usually, with some odd AWD versions for the Peugeot 405 and Citroen BX.
Also, Six cylinders appear to be the upper sweet spot to me in terms of power and displacement. Though, I would also find five cylinders quite appropriate. I am aware that Volkswagen has their VR5! I would consider this also an interesting choice. Actually, why wouldn’t they put their VR engines a little step further? Even I theorycrafted about a V7 Engine, which could be made just as short as an Inline 4, and possibly narrower than a V6! Very much narrower if VW made it a VR7 :dizzy_face: Just imagine the possibilities! 2.8 L VR7 in the space of a 1.6 L I4!

Also Edit: The bonus would be… I can’t think of any car engine with 7 cylinders. That configuration might yield an interesting intake/exhaust note that was previously unheard of.


The Yamaha V6 used in the Taurus SHO was a popular engine swap for Ford Rangers. The bold pattern on the intake plenum allowed it to be reversed so you could easily swap from a transverse to longitudinal application. It’s also a damn sexy looking engine. I’m not all that big on modern engine designs but that one looks nice.

I would like to take an El Camino and put either a Cadillac 500 in it, a 6.6L Duramax, or the 8.1L V8.


On V6 swaps, how about almost any American V6 shoved into a first gen Toyota Hilux! (the 1968 to 1972 sold in American)

It’s definitely possible, and It wouldn’t be the standard 20r or 22r swaps usually done to them.



Toyata camry ppwered mr2=the greatest mr car ever


That would likely vibrate itself into a harmonic-induced death :wink:

The closest you’d get to that is a dying American car :stuck_out_tongue:
Or those sick people that shove an aviation radial into some poor shell of a car.


reminded by a story from an aquintance.(however you spell that)

basically… his sstreet tuned’ got smoked by a sleeper honda fit/jazz, which turns out had a engine swap, the original 1.5L replaced by a turbo’s 2.4L camry engine


Hell to the yes, which MR2 are you talking about though, the 88 version or the 02 onwards?

Reminds me of the drift MR2… you can get some ridiculous slip angles with mid-engined cars, just need to catch it early and pile on the gas…


I have a special spot in my heart for aw11’s… my first proper car (carolla first with mr2 engine) i unfortuantly was clipped by a car while i was overtaking and ended up in a tree. The only reason i survived was 4 point harnesses

lol great car but when it let go it let go in a big way. Its like doing reverse fishtails in a fwd on a dirt road


Here’s another one I’ve been lusting after, and probably the most realistically achievable one out of my past ideas:
putting one of these tiny boost happy monsters (Ford’s 1L 3 cyl EcoBoost, the 123hp edition)

into this

10/10 would thrash daily
sadly the engine doesn’t lend itself to modding easily as the exhaust manifold is cast into the cylinder head :disappointed:


Ford Ecosport.
Not only do you get a Formula Ford engine when you take the engine out, the bay is big enough for a small block V8 and it has all the mounting points and driveshaft tunnels to take it from a FWD to either a AWD or RWD in a car that is smaller than a modern Mini.

I’d put a 4.4L Rover V8 in there (properly done up to REPCO sportscar specifications) and RWD to make it a lead sled that explodes on impact.



make one for me tooo


I’ve seen tuning kits offering 150-170hp with not much more than CPU reflash,ignition upgrade, and premium gas. there’s one with a new CNC compressor wheel that gets to 200, that’s probably plenty scary in a old mini especially as it’s also making almost the same lb-ft of torque.


I guess it wouldn’t be much worse than the original configuration of the PRV, which did use a 120° spaced crankshaft, and as result also has uneven ignition timing with combustion occurring every 90-150-90-150-degrees of rotation, combined with the slightly twisted shakyness of an Inline 3. :smirk: But damn, can it sound mean!

Either way, I have actually put enough thought into it to animate a very rough sketch of how the combustion cycle of a flatplane 90°V6 would look like:

Sure, the combustion would be even less even, but the vibrations could be pretty nicely balanced using a counterweight on the crankshaft just like in a V-Twin, and might sound like a double-speed Laverda Jota 180, so possibly mean :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s certainly a rorty little engine :heart_eyes:


So a thought that came to me about a swap, one of my favorite looking sport compacts is the sport versions of the 9th gen corolla here is a 2004 xrs, sometimes called a T-sport in some markets. The 2zz in it is a great engine but with only 170-210hp and maybe 140lbft it’s not as crazy as it could be.

Enter the 2GR-FE 3.5 liter v6, Toyota’s corporate v6 designed to replace both the jz straight 6 and the vz v6 engine families. On the right gas and with the right touches from lotus it puts out 280hp and 260 lbft from the factory. Couple that to a awd system under the frame of the Corolla and it’s a receipt for some serious fun, and not as outlandish as you might expect. Two later generations of Corolla (11th and 12th) had that engine shoehorned in for factory super gt racing, it would probably mean some front sub frame stretching to fit it under the hood and it would probably be nose heavy, especially if you dropped in the 345hp supercharged version with all the additional plumbing, but if you could keep the exterior looking close to stock it would be one epic sleeper.


I did consider the only EcoBoost I’ve ever driven, the 3.5L V6 out of a police interceptor. One of those in my 1994 SHO, all that extra power in a car that weighs 1000 lbs. less. The only concern is the maintenance required with that engine.