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Erin and ErinSport - Historical Thread [1983 Erin Berlose (Mk 1)]


So make a prototype Merna with front and back looking exactly the same :stuck_out_tongue:


@aLittleWhile Yeah, that sounds fairly plausible. I didn't touch the sliders too much on the Merna, save for the Mk 2, but even then I was quite sparing.

And don't worry about feeling bad about design choices etc, stats aren't everything. It's much better to build a car based on your choices rather than how good a drivability score is. Unless you're entering a race competition, where you have to assume that everyone is much better than you and usually, that gets proven right :joy:

Yep, the Merna is a 5 seater, though because it uses bench rear seats, that can easily be pushed to 7 :wink:

@Oskiinus Ahh, Erin has many prototypes, many of which we keep a secret :wink:

(hory shet we are so having a go at making that)


I r8 this idea kurwa/10


Update: Headlights are going to be an issue as they don't allow placement on the back. Solutions being considered...


So do rear lights identical in size and shape to front lights
Problem solved


True. I wanted to play around with early era premium cars with tiny engines, and the Dupla was the result. I'm really happy with the comfort stat, and I had fun building it, so it served its purpose :slight_smile: . Sure, it could've been done better, a mere 6 years later Carmen, my "this is totally not a Porsche" car from my garage thread, was built and that thing sacrifices a little bit of comfort for equivalent stats in some areas and much better stats in others compared to the Dupla while still being around the same cost, but I don't really mind that so much. Had fun building both, and they both have their merits.



@aLittleWhile Well, its a game, isn't it? If you're having fun, something must be going right! :smiley: I think experimenting is one of the best parts of this game. It's how you find what works and what doesn't for certain types of vehicle.


It must freak out the driver behind it xD


Wait, Im confused. Which one is the front?


and we have our first victim! :joy:


You tell me. Which one is the front?




Who knows!


Can I give him a clue maybe? :yum:

@Dorifto_Dorito mirrors.


Go ahed :smiley:


I am a fool, why did I not realise. Also why is there no facepalm emoji?





so that's what that lemon car in CARS 2 is based on


Oh my word, it is! I never knew! :open_mouth: