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Erin and ErinSport - Historical Thread [1983 Erin Berlose (Mk 1)]


#In The Shadows - the Erin Berlose Mk 3
The first half of the 2000s were a real mixed bag for Erin. They saw immense success with their new focus on making efficiency and economy availible to all drivers, embodied by their new Millenial engine range and the Erin Tauga. But on the other hand, they struggled to make everything work; there return to endurance racing with the GT01 was shakey, and in the showrooms, they had a real unavoidable problem: the new Berlose.

##Story - The Car That Couldn’t Quite Make It
The Mk 3 Berlose shouldn’t have been a difficult car for Erin. It was coming off the success of the Mk 2, which had made the company’s mark very clear in the Executive saloon market and had pioneered a number of technologies. And yet, things just didn’t quite go right.

The development of the car was potholed from the start. While early concepts began in 1997, the new Tauga project quickly took precedent, given that many in the company believed it could to define Erin over the next 10 years. That importance meant that the design of the Berlose ended up being a bit rushed, and and shortcuts had to be made.

S 2.2l trim in Sunburnt Orange

When the car was released in July 2000, it was sitting right in the wake of the Tauga. It was still making big headlines with its sales and innovations, clouding the release of the Berlose to poor effect. But the problems ran a lot deeper than in its launch.

Make no mistake, it wasn’t a bad car. Above average fuel effiency, good to drive and very comfortable over long distances; it was very good in certain places. But these outweighed by weaknesses that were very unusual for Erin.

For starters, its design was a little off. The Mk 2 Berlose had stunned back in 1993 with its smooth, sweeping lines, yet here they were again 7 years later - a serious lack of innovation. This was made worse by the fact that most of the fixtures were simply enlargened versions of those found on other cars. They weren’t unique enough to not make it look like an inflated Tauga. As a result, it didn’t catch buyer’s eyes quite like the previous model had.

Lex 2.8l in Pastel Steel Blue

Styling issues continued on the inside of the car, where many reviewers noted how the dials and centre console were very different in their styling and material choice, making the car look almost incomplete. The features of that centre console were also a little ill-concieved. You could brilliant optional extras like an in-car telephone, sat-nav and multimedia storage, but none were very well implemented. It felt like it had been rushed.

And while the engines were certainly very nice, only one in the whole range was unique to the Berlose. Furthermore, the middling ‘X’ trim model only went on sale in 2003, long after the previous Berlose X-AllDrive - today considered one of the best Erin’s of all time - had ended production. It was a tell-tale sign that the car hadn’t been fully developed.

Vox 3.5l in a classic Erin colour, Pacific Ocean Blue

Still, like previous Berlose’s and indeed today’s Mk 5 model, it was a superb long distance cruiser - quiet, comfortable and stress free, which did ensure that it maintained most of its key buyers. But in the grand scheme of things, sales were poor. Not bad enough to consider it a disaster, but it resulted in Erin scaling back production in 2002 to keep costs in check, and it only began making a profit some 5 years after it went on sale.

The Mk 3 Berlose is a prime example of what happens when a car companie loses focus. Had the Berlose come out a year later, it would have likely been a far better car. But the need to try and stay competitive and get the car out along with its new younger sibling, the Tauga, became its Achilles heal. It’s no wonder that it was the first car to be replaced in Erin’s mid-2000s release of new cars.

Vox 3.5l in Pacific Ocean Blue

##Stats and Prices
Trim pricing, stats and what not!
Please note: ‘Touring’ designates the estate verison of the car which I couldn’t build as there was no appropriate body for it


Stats for Vox 3.5l trim, with Millenial 3.5l i6

S Trim - From £22549 for Saloon, £23899 for Touring
Standard Suspension, Standard transmission, Basic Premium Interior (Sat-Nav as opntion), 15" Wheels

Lex Trim - From £26659 for Saloon, £27949 for Touring
Standard suspension, Standard transmission, Premium Interior with Sat-Nav, 16" Wheels

Vox Trim - From £31459 for Saloon, £32110 for Touring
Active Adaptive suspension, Limited Slip Diff, Full Premium Interior with Guardian™ Info-Entertainment system, 17" Wheels

Naturally, Erin were well aware that the Mk 3 Berlose wasn’t their strong point. However, in 2003, with the Scarlet’s production line now empty after ending production the previous year, they suddenly had a vacancy on their specialised production line. Couple this with an interest in improving Erin’s standing as a premium car maker and…

##2003 Erin Berlose Statesman

What we have here is a luxury version of the Berlose, designed by a specially employed team to create what Erin described as a “Compact Limousine”, and branded the Statesman.

The idea was to challenge the small area of the market filled by cars like the VW Phaeton - luxury cars on a smaller scale, not designed to compete with the top-end S Class’s and 7 Series’s; rather, this would be an affordable way to experience such luxury on a car.

Outside, the Berlose was clad with chrome detailing. It was lengthened slightly to provide more room in the back. And, under the bonnet, a 5.0l V8 from KHT, derived from the one in the Bahn GT and GTR, to deliver 266 hp to the rear wheels, carrying the car from 0-60 in 6.8 seconds and topping out at 150 mph.

Inside, a plush, spacious interior was to be found, with clean cocktail-bar inspired styling and a wealth of features, such as in-car TV, reclining rear seats, BnW sound system and more. Alongside these changes, a specially developed air-suspension system was fitted, along with a 6 Speed Auto-Sequential transmission developed from technologies used in their racing programs.

The result? A huge amount of luxury and refinement in a usable and somewhat affordable package; at £45419 it was far more expensive than the rest of the Berlose range, but it put it inline with Range Rover’s from the day, and was far cheaper than most luxury limousines. But, thanks to that highly efficient KHT engine, it could achieve far better fuel economy than anything remotely similar to it.

Did it do well though? Sort of. Sales were by no means crazy, and it took a little while to get going, but in all some 15000 would be built, and it’s predicted that they will become a rather sort-after Erin classic.

Feedback is most encouraged! Thank you very much to @squidhead for letting me borrow KHT’s engine, I hope I have done it justice!


Nice story ark for the model, and yeah the design for the base model could get a bit more creative but it’s 2003, thank GOD that freshly unemployed Chris Bangle did not get hired by Erin, it could’ve been much worse :smiley: I really dig the rear through.

I’m also guessing you’re running the engine on a regular torque converter automatic? If so then the economy result is pretty amazing, considering the car weighs as much as a good loaded 7 series at the time, and their biggest diesel (4 liter twinturbo) chugs about the same) Also a 6.8 is nowhere near quick, but I’m guessing it’s brisk enough for a luxury barge. Also yeah, the production of the engine is going to happen till 2008 or so, and KHT will be looking for ways to sell them (since we need to compensate for the development of the thing in the first place). You may use these engine in any car you want, all the trims are yours to slot anywhere. OR you could make a trim of your own, KHT can make adjustments to the production line to provide for better suited engines.


Ha, I’m actually quite a fan of Chris Bangle. Well, at least a fan of his ethos, not necessarily his cars :stuck_out_tongue:

It is indeed running a torque converter auto, would have gone manual but I was amazed with 28 mpg too. Plus, I needed that extra comfort boost :wink:

6.8 certainly isn’t the fastest, you’re right, but I think it’s a minor compromise for the extra luxuries. If you’re looking for speed, see the Super Aventa!

And thank you for that offer, we may consider (or rather “we considered” seeing as this is in the past) putting some KHT power in our other vehicles…we shall have to see!


The acceleration is on par with the BMW 740i with a 6 speed manual. Also Erin is chugging half as much. GERMAN EFFICIENCY YO! As in … Kraft Haus is more german than… bmw… who are also incidentally… ehm… ANYWAYS, I’d say Erin would make a serious dent in BMW sales as soon as they release the e65 and the e38 owners start running around figuring what car to buy :smiley:
In any case, you’re welcome :smiley:


I thank thee for the compliments! Truth be told, Erin loves an good excuse to challenge BMW, and more specifically undercut them wherever possible, so here’s hoping what you say would ring true in the real world!


It’s always great to read the lore behind each model and how the company was doing back then. It looks rather nice from the back and the Statesman trim really brings the whole design up quite nicely.

The 2000s were an interesting time for automation brands. I think the Maesima NL992/Senatos would have actually attempted to compete against the Statesman for the premium segment. Although since it never got a V8 it wouldn’t have ever had the performance or prestige to match up.


Thanks for the kind words :blush: I really do believe that lore and story are what really makes a car. Plus it’s a chance to do some story telling, always fun!

I’d love to see the Senatos from the 2000s if you ever get a chance to make it. See how the old Berlose matched up against its rivals :smiley:


I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I believe the most successful companies on here work because they have such interesting stories to tell be it the plucky successes or mismanaged stumbles. Plus as you say it’s more fun that way.

I’ve already, for the most part, created all of the Maesima vehicles :wink: But of course my presentation style takes me a bit longer than I’d like and I’m not sure if I wanted to split the historical models into a separate thread or keep them on the Maesima one. I fear the Berlose probably would have given the Senatos a good thrashing back in the day :joy:


cough saminda cough


@Rk38 I reckon split threads would be a good way of doing things. It’s what I’m planning to do once UE4 is here and I start remaking all my cars :confounded:

Thing is though, if your presentaiton style is taking a while, it’s probably because it’s very good :stuck_out_tongue:

And who knows. I mean I’d like to think it was a good car :wink:

@Speedemon What ever are you insinuating(!) :stuck_out_tongue:


#News just in: Erin releasing a facelifted Aventa, calling it “their Christmas present to everyone”
At the last minute, with just 4 hours before they shut down until the new year, Erin’s PR department announced that a facelifted version of the Aventa would be going on sale in January 2017, with “orders being taken in time for Christmas”. It seems that the only thing budding new owners will actually get in time for the big day are the keys to their new wheels, but at least they’ll have something to look forward to come next month.

2017 Erin Aventa Lex 5.0 in Pacific Ocean Blue

#2017 Erin Aventa
Erin’s luxury limousine first arrived all the way back in 2011, sporting the bold new design style that can now be found across the company’s range, and the time has come to give it a new lease of life. A number of changes have been made, which are as follows.

###Minor styling changes
The aesthetics of the Aventa have been brought into line with the 2nd Gen 2010s design style (we never bothered to come up with a name), meaning sharper headlights, some chrome vents on the bonnet, a new side indicator design and slightly reworked rear end.

2017 Erin Super Aventa in Midnight Shadow Black

###A new trim with a new engine
A new entry level trim - if you can call it that - is being introduced, and its offered with a brand new 5.0l V8 bi-turbo. This came about from the Eco-V8 Research Program from earlier this year, and the results have been excellent. Thanks to its twin turbos, VVT/L technology and fine tuning, this 345 hp unit will deliver a combined 40 mpg on the road, even with the car weighing over 2 tons, proving both that luxury barges needn’t be expensive to run and that the V8 still has a place in European cars today.

Pureron 5.0l V8 TDi SingC stats page

###All new interior
Redesigned upholstery, new seats, the latest version of TapTouch™ (on an exclusive 11" touch screen display), plus a whole host of new toys and gadgets and much more is now available for the Aventa on all trim levels. A selection of the features can be found here:
Heated massage reclining seats for front and rear
Rear seat media and sat-nav control
360 degrees viewing cameras
Champagne cooler with champagne flute storage
Wireless charging pads and USB charging ports
Mood lighting
Adjustable sound proofing - choose how much you want to hear engine noise and sounds from outside.
Dual sunroofs with adjustable darkening
12 monitor Harman International sound system with
Full colour HUD with in-built sat-nav, radio, phone, speed, road condition and safety system functionality
3TB on-board flash storage for films, music and TV.
Choice of metal, wood or composite interior finish - custom designs available on Super Aventa trim
Full voice control, powered by Gecko™ - use it to do everything from changing the radio to entering sat-nav directions to closing the power-assisted doors.

And perhaps the biggest change of all…
###The Super Aventa is now one of the worlds most powerful 4 door production vehicle*
*As far as we know. We’d love to hear from any challengers to this claim!
As if the 630 hp super saloon couldn’t get any more bonkers, the technicians at the X Department have tweaked the 5.8l V12 so that it’s now knocking out some 706 hp. While the top speed has only gone up by 4 mph (to a mere 224 mph), it now accelerates from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, meaning in a straight line, it’ll outrun the Tauga X and keep pace with the Scarlet X too…

So, it’s as lavish and as well equipped as a business jet, and now very nearly as fast too. Yet, the price is still very nearly the same.

2017 Erin Super Aventa in Midnight Shadow Black

##Trims, Pricing and Stats
All cars are offered with the same equipment and options list, with the only changes between trims coming from engines and interior design, as explained below.

Lex 5.0l Eco - From £60300
The world’s most efficient luxury limousine. Specially designed lightweight interior that exchanges some higher-quality materials for innovative material-reducing design that reduces weight and increases sense of space.
Engine: Pureron 5.0l V8 TDi SingC (345 hp)

Vox 5.1l - From £69966
The most well-rounded trim in the range, offering all the luxury in a very usable package. Plethora of interior options available, plus an excellent balance of performance and smoothness from the i6 engine.
Engine: Pureron 5.1l i6 TDi TwinC (399 hp)

Super Aventa - From £121800
Even more powerful and even faster, still just as groundbreaking. A landmark achievement in luxury performance, the Super Aventa is more akin to a 4 door GT car than a limousine, yet still offers the wealth of luxury expected at this end of the market.
Engine: Pureron Power 5.8l V12 RDi TwinC

Transmission choice
8 Speed Erin PureShift Auto
7 Speed X Tune DCT (as found on the Erin Scarlet and Tauga X)

All connected to an e-LSD at the rear.

2017 Erin Aventa Vox 5.1 in Rouge Royale

So there we are, Erin’s slightly early Christmas present. Don’t think that we’re just doing facelifts of our current cars (though there will be a few more of those next year), we have the new Visto on the way, a few special versions of the Tauga X and Merna X to look forward to and, with any luck, the biggest return to motorsport in Erin’s history. Stay tuned folks :wink:

Chauffeur Service [CLOSED] Business expansion

Well, the new IMP Opera Velocitas has a 6.7L Twin Turbo V8 officially rated at 670hp and 900Nm.


Excellent. We have a challenger! :imp:


If only my tyres lasted long enough for a full comparison.


Ah, I should have made the latest Zavir Squalo for Paris Show. It has about 760 hp (if I remember correctly) from a naturally aspirated 6.3 V12 in its top Sportivo trim :slight_smile:

And who would have thought that just yesterday I was thinking that we should have more modern top luxury cars :slight_smile:

And is it a KHT V8?


@Awildgermanappears Well, these sorts of cars tend to have a rich owners. I’m sure we could afford a few extra sets :stuck_out_tongue:

@szafirowy01 I would love to see that, especially given that it’s even more powerful :smile:

Sadly not a KHT V8, though I’m sure it can be counted as the great great grandchild of the KHT V8 from the Statesman


I fear this may be the C2000R all over again…

In the world claims never go well in this forum…

In any case the SSP Trim of the 2016 Hadron sedan and Axino SUV has about 720 HP on tap so thats nice to finally be joined in the super performance luxury segment.


Superb to hear, I think I’ll adjust the claim I made then :wink:

I do hope it doesn’t end up like the C2000R. I mean, in this case, at least there’ll actually be some cars on sale rather than just laptimes :stuck_out_tongue:


@Awildgermanappears @DeusExMackia I’ve got a 750hp 2.5 ton luxury beast with a 6.9L twin-turbo V12

That’s right, 753hp and 875Nm of torque so ya’lls can fak off


753hp and 875Nm so y’alls can fak off