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Erin and ErinSport - Historical Thread [1983 Erin Berlose (Mk 1)]


Did someone said C2000R ?

Saminda really suck at keeping up with us enthusiast , it's talk of the town during last few months ago, but now no one really cares when it take so fking long to release.


When enthusiasts actually buy them instead of waiting for depreciation on the used market, they will.


If this turns into another stupid power war, I'm out.

Just consider this, the quickest Bentley, the Continental GT Speed only has 635hp and weighs in at about 2.2 tons... no one ever called that slow. Why do you need 1khp or whatever ridiculous power figure at all?


Not my business. I will not advertise the actual output of my engine. Even conservatively rated it's far beyond adequate.


That's why I'm not ever going to claim that my cars are the best in the world in anything measurable - but rather that they are one of the best :slight_smile:


Well at least I can claim I have the best cars from Anikatia :joy:


While everyone is arguing about horsepower, I might challenge this one...

Edit: by the way, in real life, you'd be one horsepower short of the Dodge Charger Hellcat :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm, that might be even more interesting :slight_smile: @DeusExMackia Is this mileage in UK or US mpg?


@ramthecowy Damn! Forgot about the Karakaze, how could I with, um, that quote :wink:

@Rk38 More to the point, if you consider Maesima and Sachiuri together, the only cars from Anikatia? :smile:

@phale @szafirowy01 Ah, now we're talking :smiling_imp: It's UK mileage, so there'll be a fairly big difference for the US models. I would love to see some competitors for this title. There's certainly real-world demand for it, I based it off of the diesel-powered Mercedes S Class' seeing as they achieve pretty amazing fuel economy for such a vehicle.

So, who wants to road test all these vehicles for a magazine article?


Well, should have the 10 year anniversary edition of the Storm Shadow up soon enough...


Nobody remembers the 2006 Komodo Serba with it's 1000hp+ from a 7L engine........


Now we do!


Only 500ish Hp but a 3 way venture between DSD Bogliq and RPG

Plenty of stuff for magazine


Oh shit shit shit shit shit this is turning into C2KR all over again


@ramthecowy Just a bit! Never knew this market was so popular :stuck_out_tongue:

@Darkshine5 I'd definitley say that's a competitor even with the slightly lower power :smiley:


Nah, if I wanted to combat the power figures, I'd have pointed to our 2009 range. I just built a car that Storm Shadow enthusiasts will be pleased to have. And yes, the hybrids will return in the Shadow, probably some time in the new year.


There's the mark of a truly passionate car company. No managerial, sales-per-quarter, "market popularity" nonesense, just people who love cars making cars for car enthusiasts.


Does that mean I need to build a faster, more eco, luxury pickup now?


@squidhead A more faster, more eco, more luxury, more powerful, more better nurburgring time, more better affordable, more better better car :wink:


New hot version of the Merna with AWD to be released soon

An official statement from Erin this afternoon confirmed that a new 'X-tuned' version of their family hatchback was on the way, and that a full reveal would be coming shortly.

Called the 'X-AllDrive', it will sit alongside the current X-Eco, offering more "more power and better performance" than its sibling, and will be all wheel drive. It will be the first time Erin has built an all wheel drive hot hatch since the 1994 Merna XR.

While little detail was given away at the press conference, a spokeswoman revealed that we could expect 0-60 times in the 5 second region, a top speed of over 150 mph and a sub 1400kg curb weight.

She said "While the X-Eco was designed to offer hothatch performance with high fuel economy and excellent practicality, the X-AllDrive will be a far sharper, more traditional affair, exchanging comfort for performance".

Inevitably, the question of whether it was being made to compete with the C2000R came up, to which the response was: "No".

It seems that the X-AllDrive is aiming to target other, slightly less extreme vehicles in the market, with likely rivals including the Maesima Prova ST-R range, Zavir Luna Sportivo, Montes Urban RS, variants of the Komodo Phyton, Dimension Rift SSP and sports trims of the Adenine Cadence. To say the least, it's a crowded market, which means Erin's latest contribution to the confused world of the hot-hatch will have to stand out.

We can expect the X-AllDrive to appear at the Detroit Auto Show, along with the upcoming Visto Mk 5.

- Splendid Auto Monthly, January 6th 2017

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