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Erin and ErinSport - Historical Thread [1983 Erin Berlose (Mk 1)]


Awwh, how cute! :3


New for 2017 releases

Ahoy! Finally getting round to posting the new cars that Erin have revealed this year so far, as I've managed to completely forget to put them in the company thread and not just leave them at Geneva...

This is also filling in for my lack of a PC currently as I'm away from it and hence away from Automation too. It's a struggle, but I think I'm dealing with it :wink:

2017 Erin Tauga SB

Because the world doesn't have enough performance wagons

Erin's X Department have been wanting to make a performance estate/wagon for a long while, so when management requested such a version of the Tauga, they were understandably excited.

And then someone in the Department said...
"What if we made a shooting brake?"

The idea stuck immediatley.

Welcome to the Tauga SB - Shooting Brake.
Underneath, this is the Tauga X from last year. Only now, it's been reshaped with a custom 3 door body that combines the practicality of the Touring version with the sleekness of the Coupe version.

To top that off, it's got AllDrive AWD sending 417 hp to all four wheels.

Despite being 75kg heavier, the weight balance has actually been improved to a 51F/49R split. Combine that with the sharpness of the original, the brilliant 3.3l V6 under its bonnet and the AWD system, and what you have here is a new standard performance wagons.

The Tauga SB is the ultimate expression of style, performance and practicality. It handles with uttermost precision, accelerates like nothing else on earth and drives like a masterpiece. In every conceivable way, this is one of the most breathtaking and stunning cars in Erin's history.

Trim Details/Price

Sports interior, optional bucket seats with 3 point harness, 18" custom wheels, Bang & Oulfsen sound system, full cruise control, dual-zone climate control, RoadSmart pack, 5 USB charging ports plus wireless charging pad, tinted rear windows, in-car internet**, all-active suspension, 7 speed DCT transmission, active cooling flaps, X button plus XTune settings, electronic active limited slip differential

From $55,530

2017 Erin Berlose (Mk 5)

Facelifted version of the 2014 Erin Berlose

The definitive premium British saloon.

Launched back in 2014, the Mk 5 Berlose is perhaps the version of the car yet. Now, it's been refined and improved to meet ever stronger competition in the executive sedan market.

Tasteful, elegant styling meets great performance and superb luxury; the Berlose is comfortable, poised and commanding, and remains an excellent long distance cruising machine.

Berlose Lex in Faded Silver

Understated yet still emitting presence, the new styling of the Berlose builds on the previous version to incorporate sharper features and lighter detailing, creating a graceful yet bold saloon that is well suited to both the streets of Mayfair and the open road.

Inside, a light and airy interior can be found, decked with excellent technology including a 10" touch screen display, similar to that found in the Tauga, and Gecko™ voice control. As standard, a specially made Harman International 8 monitor sound system is available on all trims for astounding in-car audio, complemented by the option for rear-screen displays.

Berlose S in Erin Racing Turquoise

Erin's incorporation of aluminium panels along with standard steel ones* helps to reduce weight without compromising on safety or chassis stiffness. Benefitting the excellent chassis is our ADRAC (Adaptive-Reaction) Suspension system, a limited active system that comes as standard on all trims, allowing for uncomplicated adjustment of the ride to suit your needs.

A complete range of Pureon Inline 6 engines plus one V8 are found on the Berlose, providing smooth and efficient power across the range. Delivering this is your choice of an 8 Speed Erin PureShift Auto or exclusive 6 Speed Single Clutch Sequential connected to a limited slip diff at the rear, with both options for rear wheel drive and AllDrive AWD.

*Yeah, this is a shift from current company lore. All will be fully explained after UE4!

Berlose Touring Vox in Painted Sapphire - new for 2017

The Berlose is built on a passion for delivering class-defining luxury, performance and refinement, combining classic British elegance with the latest in cutting-edge engineering. Easy to use everyday, fully customisable to meet your needs and and all-round brilliant car; this is the definitive premium British saloon.

Top: Berlose Lex in Chelsea Cream // Bottom: Berlose Vox in Royal Blue

Plus, as part of the Eco-V8 development programme, a new 3.0l V8 is being added to the range. A competent and torque-y power unit, it marks the first time a V8 has been used on a non-performance version of the Berlose since 1992. Availible in UK and US markets.


All cars come as standard with the 8 Speed PureShift Auto transmission, except for the Vox trim, which comes with the 6 Speed Sequential as standard. Touring versions come as standard with AWD.

Economy ratings are for the respective engines in the trim title. Average economies vary between engines and gearbox combinations.

S Trim - 2.5l i6 or 3.0l i6 - From £29100 for Sedan, £30440 for Touring
The Berlose-lite; all the best features in a well-priced and efficient package // ~37 to ~41 mpg

Lex Trim - 2.5l i6, 3.0l i6 or 3.0l V8 - From £33450 for Sedan, £34990 for Touring
Mid-range at its best; great engine choice, great standard features and more customization. // ~35 to ~40 mpg

Vox Trim - 3.0l i6, 3.5l i6 or 3.0l V8 - From £37800 for Sedan, £39450 for Touring
For those who just need luxury; no expenses spared for sublime comfort and performance. // ~36 to ~40 mpg


Pureron 2.5l i6 TDi TwinC
Power: 237hp @ 6300 rpm - Torque: 218 ft-lb @ 5200 rpm - Reliability: 76.7 - Smoothness: 81.7 -
Efficiency: 31.55%

Pureron 3.0l i6 Di TwinC
Power: 229hp @ 7200 rpm - Torque: 218 ft-lb @ 3900 rpm - Reliability: 80.6 - Smoothness: 81.7 -
Efficiency: 30.02%

Pureron 3.5l i6 TDi TwinC
Power: 265hp @ 6200 rpm - Torque: 282 ft-lb @ 3800 rpm - Reliability: 77.0 - Smoothness: 79.9 -
Efficiency: 33.24%

PureonPower 3.0l V8 TDi TwinC
Power: 246hp @ 7000 rpm - Torque: 245 ft-lb @ 2600 rpm - Reliability: 76.4 - Smoothness: 72.0 -
Efficiency: 32.10%

Optional Extras

AllDrive AWD - £1299

6 Speed Sequential Gearbox - £999
Exclusive to the Berlose

RoadSmart Safety Pack - £749
Includes viewing cameras, radar guidance, autobraking, adaptive lighting and other assistance & warning features to ensure the safest drive possible


Posting a competitor would be a bit too obvious, wouldn't it? :wink:


Nah, do it :smiley: Just make sure it's concise and to the point, I'm gonna make that a general rule


Well then... :smile:

Rather a bit more luxurious and expensive alternative than a direct competitor, but still fits :wink:


Been a while since I've been here, so here's a (very nearly) classic Erin!

1992 Erin Merna (Mk 5)

The Mk 5 Merna is regarded as one of the best versions of the car ever made. Well priced, well designed and very popular, it came to be a vital part of Erin's 90s era. It was also a significant change for the Merna; for the first time ever, it was a proper hatchback, not the micro-sedan body style it had been since 1961.

Entry level S trim Merna with basic front bumper design.

Work began on the hatchback in the late 80s as Erin planned to replace the Mk 4 version of the car. The aim was to make it the most practical and easy to use version of the car ever. It had the same wheelbase as the previous version, but was smaller overall. Yet, cabin space was increased, boot space was improved and the car remained just as light despite newer safety equipment.

Powering the car was a range of i4 and i5 engines (coming soon :wink: ), which, although aren't anything to write home about, were a mix of new blocks and reworked engines launched in the 1986-87 face lifting of the Erin range. Efficiency was average, but they were very usable and reliable, giving the car a very characterful feel. This would later be the first generation of Merna's to feature a turbo engine when one was introduced in 1996.

Mid-range models came with chrome detailing and alloy wheels.

The rest of the car was very 'normal' for Erin, as in it was more mainstream than almost any car they'd ever made. Torsion beam rear suspension for one - it meant the car wasn't as fun to drive as rivals, but it was practical. At last, it seemed, Erin had really learned to make a mainstream car for mainstream buyers.

Sales were consistently good as a result, and it became quite an icon during its time. It had a famous run in the BTCC as one of the only hatchbacks in the competition throughout the 90s, which paid dividends in the first few seasons it raced (until the rest of the competition worked out how to beat it). It was also the star of a aircraft carrier based advert that is widely regarded as the best advert Erin has ever made.

It was also turned into a bonkers hot hatch in the form of the Maula Merna, which was essentially the BTCC car only with plastic body panels and a catalytic converter.

The Maula Merna. The yellow paint was not optional.

This competent little car did well against the competition, and became a very popular second hand car in the early 2000s. It even has a low-key cult following from enthusiasts, despite hardly being an enthusiasts car, and is expected to become a classic in years to come.

This is the same Merna that competed in the Kinda Grand Tour with Team 'Southend or Bust'


I5s? F...K YISSS! :grin:


We're gonna be doing some serious business when UE4 comes around.


I really like this generation it seems like such a nice honest. Just enough unique design touches and quirkiness to stand out but at the same time still looks very realistic. I can't wait for the UE4 revamps...dem I5s!


There are some very nice cars in here. Hope to make a nice challenger to this company one day :smiley:


@Rk38 Thanks! I5s are gonna be so good. HYPE.

@Empire Be my guest, Erin always loves a good bit of competition :wink:


What a car! While Cav won't have a competitor for the mk5, we will probably be around for the mk6.



On today's episode of "I've been messing around in UE4"...

Only a handful of Erin concept cars have ever actually been shown, but I feel it's time to change that. Here we have some shots of the 2013 Erin Scarlet Mk 4 Concept, original referred to as "Project 71". The concept vehicle would make its proper debut at the Geneva Auto Show 2013.

At this point in time, the exterior was fairly similar to the final product, though the rear was still sparse and many details had yet to be added. The aim was to translate the classic long nose, 2 door coupe design into a modern interpretation, that also introduced a whole new design language to the Erin range.

This was one of 8 potential designs that then (and still) Head of Design Alexa di Atorgia and her specialist team had lined up, the earliest of which dates back to 2005, when most thought that a Scarlet follow-up would never happen. Chris Famerley, who had been Head of Design from 1981 to 1997 at Erin and had worked on the old Scarlets was drafted in to advise the team.

At this point too, the engine was still only in its early days, with the only definitive details being that it would be a N/A V8 and it would use VVT/L technology. The interior was completley unfinished, as indeed were most of the innards on the car. The concept on display at Geneva used suspension parts borrowed from the Mk 2 Tauga to save on costs.

Erin Motor Company - 2015 Nardella / 2018 Nardella Face Lift

:chestnut: :chestnut: :chestnut: :chestnut:


Now this is how you should remake a car made in the Kee engine version with the UE4 build! It clearly looks the business and gives some backstory on how the latest Scarlet came to be.

And now, it seems inevitable that the rest of your lineup will also receive the UE4 treatment, including the many historic models.


Sorry for the double post, but here's a rival for the Mk4 Scarlet that I made in the Kee engine stable release version: the Albury Crusader Mk.V.

It first went on sale in 2013, the same year the Mk4 Scarlet concept was first shown; if I recall correctly, the Scarlet did not enter production until 2016.

Heavier than the Scarlet, its MOHV crossplane V8 did not have the stratospheric redline of its British rival, but countered that with masses of torque throughout the rev range. Also, it was more comfortable and had a character closer to a muscle car or a grand tourer, in contrast to the Scarlet's more focused demeanor - and still came in at under $35k with a 20% markup attached.

If anyone else has a rival for the Mk4 Scarlet, please let me know - I'm surprised that nobody has discussed competitors for that particular generation before.


Ah trust me, it has its rivals. Some very strong competition in this field currently, including the Himmel E.O., Zenshi GTR, Sachiuri Sagitta (when it's launched) and even some variants of the EADC Corsair (though I believe that's now the Merciel Corasair @Dorifto_Dorito?)


Yep, Merciel Corsaire. Ive still got to update it with a new V10 engine spec though :slight_smile:


Arguably also the LV Octane.


Some trims of the 2011 Storm Wildcat would certainly give it a run for the money. Not quite the same intent behind it, but... it's similar to previous Storm/Erin rivalries. The brutal American sledgehammer against the British laser beam.