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Erin and ErinSport - Historical Thread ['62 Erin Ghaleda]


My pleasure to have helped :wink: Glad y’all like it :wink:


Loving the cars, and especially loving the way it is all presented, tidy work there :+1:. Really makes me want to improve the way I present my cars :grin:


Thanks :smiley: It’s fairly simple honestly. Concise text, good balance of pictures and some funky titles, and you’re there!


This is some remarkable stuff! You have built a design portfolio worth being proud of, and for other designers to aspire to. The rich and colorful company history, combined with the wonderful image presentation, is fantastic. I am a particular fan of the Scarlet X and Nasaro, the latter of which reminds me of the original 3000GT.

Your copy-writing is also stellar throughout.


@RedCarDriver Thank you so much! :grin: Interesting you see a link between the Nasaro and 3000GT given that there’s almost 10 years separating them.


#1986 Erin Scarlet (Mk 1)
Anyone who’s been here long enough may remember that I made this car before, but I feel like I didn’t do this car justice. I’ve mentioned this car on so many occassions that I came to the conclusion that I really ought to actually make it and show people what the hell I’m on about.

So here it is, the genesis moment of Erin’s 80s comeback and the first in the line of their greatest name badge ever.

What is it that controls and pushes our desire to drive?” was the infamous line used in the Erin keynote at the British International Motor Show in 1986 to introduce the Scarlet. Erin didn’t just want to return to the sports car market, they wanted to redefine the expectations of a sports car.

The original Scarlet was first and foremost a drivers car. It had supercar rivalling performance, boundary-pushing innovations for the company and drove like a dream, but was at its core a sports car you could drive every day, thanks to its spacious interior, good sized boot and the ease with which you could drive it.

Design and Styling
While the construction of the Scarlet - steel monocoque with some aluminium panels - was fairly normal, how it was designed was not. Erin made use of computers on a major scale for the first time here, to create a smooth and aerodynamic shape that echoed classic 60s coupes but looked thoroughly modern.

The styling, done by Chris Famerley and his team, took hints from the Nasaro, Erin’s entry level sports car, to create a minimalist exterior that was incredibly contemporary and understated. Even on the more powerful X trim, there were only minor visual changes such as flared wheel arches and some extra vents.

Power and Performance
Under the bonnet, you had a choice of a 203hp 3.0l i6 on the S trim or a sumptuous 3.6l V8, that produced 260 hp, on the more famous X trim. This was delivered through a 5 speed manual or 4 speed auto to a limited slip diff at the rear.

The S trim, being more comfort focused managed 0-60 in 7.4 seconds and topped out at 150 mph. On the X trim, however, 0-60 was dealt with in 5.3 seconds, top speed was 163 mph and with its firmer suspension, it was a masterpiece through the corners.

Whilst not as delicate or as precise as the later Mk 2 and Mk 3 Scarlets, the Mk 1 offered a very compelling alternative to the back-heavy 911, and thanks to the lack of traction control back in those days, getting the rear end out wasn’t a challenge.

The original Scarlet was a big deal for Erin back in 1986 - it was the first time they’d build a two door sports car since their financial disaster. Not only that, its styling was hugely influential, and has become a de-facto marker for the beginning of the era of minimalist design that would dominate the late 80s/early 90s.

It also triggered the beginning of one of the fiercest rivalaries in motoring history - the Scarlet vs the 911. Many saw it as merely traditional competition at first, but by the mid-90s, it was splitting the automotive press in two, as both cars battled it out on the road, in sales figures, and most prominently out on the track.

That was all to come for the Scarlet name though. 30 years on, this is seen as one of the defining cars of Erin’s history, not just because it marked the point where they reentered the world of sports cars, but because it was the point where their recovery was complete. The dark days of 1979 were long gone, and the future was very bright indeed.

Specs and Stats


S Trim - The comfortable, GT-esque version. Refinement and luxury with a twist of sports car fun.
~$46400 in 2016

X Trim - The definitive sports car experience. Fast, responsive and a dream to drive.
~$60300 in 2016

Comments, critique and complaints all welcome! And if you have a similar car from this era that would have been a rival to the Scarlet, PLEASE link it!

The Great Automation Run | Chapter 16 and final results!

I’d say this - technically - would’ve been a rival to the Scarlet, but only the X trim



I would say the OAM Phoenix GTi, but thats mainly sold in America, and it only exists in the 24hr ATT atm.

1985 OAM Phoenix GTi 2.2L i6 Turbo 180 hp, RWD reaching 139mph, 0-62 in 6.4s and 34.7 mpg (UK)

I think this is would count as competition


Judging by those specs the Scarlet X is a formidable Rival to the Nuntius Mantis 2000Vi-R Tourer, which is a large front-wheel drive sedan with 165hp and sports suspension.


Adenine introduced the Mist in '85, I’ll get around to that on my thread eventually… I’ve posted it before but I have revised it significantly to fit better into my lore.

That Scarlet looks perfect :smiley:


@Vri404 Don’t know how I didn’t see that before on the forums, it looks incredible!

@Dorifto_Dorito Definitley a competitor, especially in America.

@Awildgermanappears Now that I like as competition. Feels like we’re touching on the “sports sedan vs supercar” debate.

@phale Ah yes… I believe that’s the one? I’d be interested to see how mid-engined rivals would stack up, I did look at a few of the Ferraris that were around at the time as comparison for the car.
Also shout out to the [2011 Mist that competed in my CSR round]((TGRG Top Gear Role Game (Discontinued)) back in April! :smiley:


Like I said, purely based on the stats…


Damn. They are very close indeed. Only real difference is the weight and…hang on a second

…there’s also 10 years separating these two :joy:


Hmm. From me it would be Zavir Nova Volante, but I’d have to create it first. Which I might do soon, as I love creating 80s and 90s cars :slight_smile: The more Erins I see the more I think that Erin and Zavir are perfect competitors - and that if I were to buy an Automation car other than one of mine, it would very probably be Erin :wink: Really, I love your cars.


Now that I like to hear, can’t say I haven’t thought of that myself either. Especially in more recent times.


Wow, this is great to finally get a good look at the first Scarlet! Loving the style it’s perfectly understated but at the same time classic and yet somehow captures a certain elegant British character in its design.

I wonder if the Maesima NRZ-986 (Only have revealed the racing version as of yet.) would of have actually competed with an entry level Scarlet as it does have superior sportiness although that is primarily due to its complete lack of amenities :stuck_out_tongue: Sadly it didn’t find its way to the West until 1992 and I’m not sure the Mk1 Scarlet was still on sale then?

My only suggestion is to include a production period of this model :slight_smile: I also wanted to ask what type of popup headlight would this have because I’m picturing a Lotus Esprit type quad circular style setup.

Now I wonder if we will see the mysterious Mk2 Scarlet in the future.


@Rk38 Thank you! :smiley: I’m fairly confident that it would have competed with the S trim at least, though perhaps its realm is more in the low-to-mid range coupe market where the Nasaro is?

Mk 1 Scarlet was in production from 1986 to 1991. Mk 2 came straight after, 1991 to 1996. Then we get the Mk 3 which I need to re-post as that post was lost during the Great Forum Transfer (R.I.P.).

Pop-up headlight wise, it would indeed have been quad circles, to tie it in with the Merna, Visto and Berlose at the time. Also because more lights = more better car right? :wink:

As for the Mk 2, yeah, we will at some point. Probably soon. I dunno :smiley:


Well, the Erin Scarlet is certainly a nice looking car. And performance wise, we don’t really have much in 1986 that’s close.


It was very cheap in markets outside the West (although maybe some fringe areas like Scandinavia, Australia, NZ and possible the UK come to think of it but only extremely limited numbers which would have been more a compeditor to the Nasaro.)

Once it arrived proper it was given a mild facelift, new engine and loaded up as a premium car but by then it would be looking a bit long in the tooth and facing the brand new Scarlet!

Awesome, twin popup headlights definitely suit that design. Although you could also go the NSX style if you wanted rectangular but still circular style.

Well, now I’m really curious to see the Mk 2 Scarlet revealed!


Ah, you shall have to wait. Still deciding on what sort of headlights the Mk 2 should have anyway :wink: