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Erin Motor Company - First Hypercar Renderings Revealed


@squidhead In our imaginations :cry:


God dammit. I already got my hopes up that I missed something


me too dude, me too.

But truth be told probably the GG-Znopresk team is still running their Zeus in the GTE class. I’m not entirely sure for how much longer our driver will (want to) be in that seat though.


Have you not cleaned the seats since the 2015 season??


That car was the most drivable on the grid. I guarantee there were no skidmarks.


I’m not sure I wanted to know this, or rather, not know this.


I do have all the calculations written down, I just need a better pc that can cope with automation in the U4 form (currently don’t only looks worse than the kee engine, it also overheats like crazy and every track test takes like 10 or more secs to be calculated) so sometime next year will be possible. I’ve been learning to program so I’ll use a custom app instead of spreadsheets too :slight_smile:


Holy shit dude! This is great news. I look forward to this! :smiley:


uuuh kinda looks like wii sports


uuuh no it actually kinda looks like the Volkswagen Racing logo

Explore Marcel Noe

no no wait actually it kinda looks like the Virgin Trains logo (you’ll have to pretend that the red is turquoise though or it doesn’t really work :confused: )

You know, the bog standard “Regular Italic” logo design.


I maintain that it looks like the wii sports logo ^^


I think the point was, we get that the colours and the italics are very similar, but, did you have to raise the thread from the dead just to point it out? Some things are probably better left unsaid if they’re not all that relevant :joy:


yes I did.


@EmpireAutomotive It was really that important, was it?


yes it was.


2017 LA Auto Show

Mmm, I expect something… amazing :grin: And I hope my excpectation will be exceeded in certain aspect - then it would be even more incredible. I should prepare.


It’s a Le Mans car.


It may as well be a Le Womans car, you sexist!!! :smiley:


Did you just assume my cars gender?