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Erin Motor Company - First Hypercar Renderings Revealed


2016 Erin Tauga 370X & 2017 Erin Tauga SB

Finally UE4-ified!

The sporty, hardcore version of Erin’s mid-size executive sedan. The Tauga 370X is a 183 mph four door rocket, the aims to offer something a little more down to Earth than rival performance sedans. It’s not the most powerful - just 418 hp from its 3.7l N/A V6; it’s not the fastest, with a 0-60 time of 4.6 seconds; it’s certainly not the most well equipped, steering clear of tons of electric performance features. And by god, do not buy this car if you want something comfortable. It is positively opposed to that.

Instead, it offers a thoroughly voracious driving experience. This lightweight, nimble sedan is less about the numbers and more about satisfaction; it dances through corners, soars with its V6 war cry and loves being pushed to the edge.

Better still, its 6 speed manual gearbox means you’ll get to shout down all of your car friends by saying your ride is ‘more engaging’ to drive.


It’s worth making a note about that V6; previously a 3.3l V6, cost restrictions and the rebalancing in UE4 means we’ve had to up it to a 3.7l V6. It still has its classic super oversquared layout, and still packs VVTL and high performance components.
Count this as a lore change!

The special, unique 2 door Shooting Brake version of the Tauga X (just pretend that those rear doors aren’t there), and with the extra addition of all wheel drive. It’s a different experience; the power is weightier, the acceleration is harder and the drive is more sonorous.

And with that sleek, sexy wagon body style, you get to have all the fun of the sedan variant in a proper estate. Don’t ask us to explain why it’s better, we all know wagons just are.

This is the one for the real enthusiast. The one who happily chooses style over substance, who knows that sometimes, a car has to go as well as it looks for it to be worth owning.



You have done a great job in reimagining the Tauga for UE4. The whole lineup for that model is, quite frankly, stunning!


2015 Erin Nardella/2018 Erin Nardella (face lift)

The 2018 Facelifted model in Classic Sky Blue

The Nardella is Erin’s entry-level sports car; a lightweight, nimble and stylish two door coupe that offers tons of on-road fun in an affordable and economical package.

The Nardella’s styling is based off of a mix of the Project 71 concept and of more typical features from the Aeonara design language, while the 2018 facelift introduced more unique features to separate the car from the rest of the range. It’s silhouette echoes classic small 2 door sportscars of the 60s and 70s, themes which it echoes elsewhere too.

Made entirely from aluminium, the Nardella is built on the Erin’s Speciliast Low-Volume Assembly Line at the companies main factory in Nottingham UK. The car is noticeably lighter than rivals, and has been noted for its handling feel at lower speeds. It’s by no means a speed machine, but that’s not the really the point.

Key features

  • All-analogue experience: a proper down-to-Earth driving feel thanks to an absence of electric and adaptive components in the transmission and suspension.
  • Low budget performance: a competitive little car that still offers great fuel economy and low maintainence costs
  • Two engines to suit you: turbocharged or naturally aspirated options to meet everyone’s sports car desires.

The Nardella has an FR setup, with a 6 speed manual gearbox connected to a geared limited slip differential delivery the power to the rear wheels.

The suspension is double-wishbones all round to provide the most planted and balanced road feel possible, and to make the most of the lightness of the chassis.

The all-aluminium construction was a major pioneering step in Erin’s efforts to expand the use of aluminium on its cars. The Nardella represents a serious achievement in allowing for such construction to be used on a low-cost car, as opposed to more expensive sports cars where this construction is traditionally found.

2015 Model
The 2015 model featured distinctive, blocky front headlights and a taller nose, with a more typically Erin blobby-looking tail light setup at the rear.

One of the publicity photos released for the original 2015 model.

2018 Face Lifted Model
The FL model introduces a near heaflight design and tidies up the front grille. The taillights are also simplified, while the rest of the body remains unchanged. Minor updates to the engines and suspension have also been made.

The rear of the 2018 Facelifted model in Classic Sky Blue

Two engine options are available for the Nardella:

  • Pureon 1.4l i4 T-DJet Eco: 131hp @ 7300rpm / 173 Nm @ 4400rpm
  • Pureon 2.0l i4 XTune DJet: 197hp @ 2000rpm / 190 Nm @ 6600rpm

Price and Specs

Extra Photos

Click for larger.



What’s the weight and the F:R weight balance? The numbers wonks want to know!


Are we talking ~150hp territory here? Because this might be good competition for the Victoria :wink:




@strop Basically the same as the one you tested for the FIGHT ME test, can’t remember the exact number but it’s about 52/53 on the front and 48/47 on the rear.

@Mr.Computah See @Vri404’s post :wink: It is definitely a competitor for the Victoria, albeit a more expensive one.


Erin announces plan to stop being a car company and instead to become a supermarket

CEO Paul Erin says “we’ve been thinking of doing this for quite some time”.

Erin have announced plans to become a supermarket chain by the end of the year, ending 60 years of car making. The company assured its ~40,000 employees that their jobs would be maintained, though considerable retraining might be required for some.

“It’s right for the times” said CEO Paul Erin in a press conference this morning. “With Brexit on the horizon, it’s fairly clear that no one in Britain is going to be able to afford our cars soon enough and no one else in the world is going to want to buy British cars either.”

“That’s why it makes sense to enter the food retail industry. We’ll be able to truly reinvent the brand” he continued.

Although they will no longer be making cars, the model names currently used will live on; ‘Berlose’ will be used for their range of luxury red wines, ‘Merna’ will be used for their cheap everyday food and ‘Tauga’ will be used on an extensive choice of baking products.




You had me there… What an insane April Fool’s Day joke you gave us!!!:grinning:



April food industry.


Press Release

5th April 2018

Tense opening race for ErinSport as the Automation-WEC SuperSeason gets under way at Spa.

G. Stevens blasts up Eau Rouge in the 4th hour

It was a tense first season opener at Spa-Francorchamps for ErinSport where the Superseason got under way. High temperatures meant the track was scorching at some point, causing a lot of issues for tire wear during the 6 hour event. The hard fought and action packed race resulted in a podium position for the team in LMP1, whilst the #55 Scarlet narrowly missed 3rd place.

Worries about the power delivery system of the GT18’s hybrid powertrain were rectified over night after some worrying moments in practice and qualifying, with both chassis’ running a smooth race. They couldn’t match the immense pace of the two KHT cars, though were able to hold off attacks from Maine Motors, with former Maine race driver Danny Garland-Monsort fighting the team he used to drive for during his stint. He drove his #14 GT18 to a 3rd place finish, while the #15 chassis finished 18 seconds behind in 5th.

The two Scarlet’s struggled to match the straight line speed of the Bonham Flemings and Merciel Corsaires on this one of the fastest race tracks in the world, forcing the team to rely heavily on strategy to remain competitive. WEC rookie Georgina Stevens had a few near misses in the in a battle with Sachiuri, but managed to put enough space between her adversary to secure 4th place. The #56 chassis came into contact with one of the Cavalleras during Josef Isaksson’s stint, leading to penalty stop that the car wasn’t able to recover from, finishing 8th in class.

Head of ErinSport Sam Wentfort was “pleased with the first race”, saying that “the team have learned a lot over this first race weekend, putting us in good stead for Le Mans next month”. Asked how he was feeling about the famously difficult 24 hour race, he said “its where Erin made its name, and we aren’t planning on changing that any time soon”.

Full team details can be found here.


2015 Erin Berlose (Mk 5)

260Lex model in Royal Maroon

The 5th generation of Erin’s full-sized/E segment saloon offer excellent characteristics of smooth ride, great performance and elegant looks.

Taking a more angular approach to Erin’s Aeonara design language, the car blends into the modern, urban environment it was designed for with ease, whilst offering owners an excellent driving experience thanks to its great engines and advanced suspension.

Above-average efficiency for this segment and a unique 8 speed advances automatic transmission make the Mk 5 Berlose an excellent long-distance cruiser, a USP that finds its way back to the very first generation of the car.

2015 launch advert for the Berlose showing a 300Vox trim with optional extras in Imperial Blue

Key features

  • Lightweight construction: Erin’s advances in using aluminium on production cars now allows us to keep costs in check whilst still giving the Berlose a fully aluminium body, aiding performance and efficiency.
  • Pureon engines: excellent performance, good running costs and class leading efficiency, including a bi-turbo V8 option.
  • TapTouch™ interface: custom designed, Android powered infotainment system that works alongside your smartphone, all controlled via a gorgeous 11" touchscreen display, including Gecko™ voice control.

The Range

Saloon: the classic 4 door variant of the Berlose.

300Lex V8 model in Soho Red

Tourer: the estate variant of the Berlose, with AllDrive AWD as standard.

230S Tourer model in Iced Steel

The Berlose’s engine choices focus primarily on inline 6s, with a V8 option for customers wanting more performance.

  • Pureon 2.3l i6 T-DJet: 235hp @ 6900rpm / 297 Nm @ 4800rpm (29.7% efficiency)
  • Pureon 2.6l i6 T-DJet: 252hp @ 6800rpm / 330 Nm @ 3800rpm (31.7% efficiency)
  • Pureon 3.0l i6 T-DJet: 288hp @ 6500rpm / 387 Nm @ 4300rpm (31.1% efficiency)
  • PureonPOWER 3.0l V8 BiT-DJet: 310hp @ 7300rpm / 397 Nm @ 3400rpm (28.0% effieiciency)

Price and specs

Extra photos

300Vox V8 model in Imperial Blue

300Lex V8 model in Soho Red


Press Release

17th June 2018

First victory for Erin at Le Mans in 21 years

J. Jacobsen in the #14 GT18 racing in the small hours of Sunday morning

ErinSport’s #14 GT18 chassis claimed the first overall victory at Le Mans for the team since 1997 today. Completing 388 laps overall, they were able to beat rivals KHT, Maine and GBSC, with its sister #15 chassis finishing 5th. It had been holding 2nd place for much of the race, but a collision with one of the Scagliati GTE cars at just after 5:20 am forced it back into the pits for major repairs. The team were able to rebuild the front half of the drivetrain and get the car across the line.

Retired former CEO Marco Erin was at the race too, having recently celebrated his 76th birthday. While in charge of Erin, he saw the company to success at Le Mans in the 70s and late 80s, as well as their victories in 1995 and 1997. But, he struggled to replicate such success with the GT01 and GT09 LMP racers, making this a particularly special day. He said he was “immensely proud to see us win here once more”.

The two Scarlet GTE’s had a tougher race against the Merciel Corsaire’s and Bonham Fleming’s who raced very strongly, forcing Erin out of a podium finish in the class. Rising star Georgina Stevens suffered a tire blowout on her #55 car which knocked down its placing considerably, allowing the #56 car to finish ahead 5th in class after a tense final-few-laps battle with the #48 Sachiuri Sagitta.

This marks Erin’s 14th overall victory at Le Mans, having first raced here in 1951.

Full team details can be found here.

Disclaimer: all events depicted in this post are specifically for the Erin canon only and do not affect/are not related to any other similar posts from other companies.


Kht eau rouge was plagued by gearbox troubles, and both cars spent over 2 extra hours in the pits, ruining their chances. KHT Ceo has congratulated Erin racing division on a job well done.


A recent short advert for our halo car, the Scarlet.


What music goes with it in the background?


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