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Maybe this could work :stuck_out_tongue: the first seconds

EDIT: or this one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l62BmctEdI


@Sillyworld @Mr.Computah Well, this is what I’d put with it, especially the bit that comes after 1:00:

Though Silly, Depeche Mode would be an excellent choice (since when did Linkin Park ever decide to cover them? Mind blown)


Press Release

14th September 2018

X Department announces partnership with Maula for the 2019 European Hillclimb Championship season

Tuning company and motorsport team Maula announced the car they would be competing with in the 2019 European Hillclimb Championship a joint press release with Erin today. The company, based in Exhall, Coventry, will be running in the Category I class with a heavily modified version of the current gen Merna compact, developed in partnership with Erin’s in-house tuning company/R&D organisation, the X Department.

The Maula Merna HC19 (pictured) is based on the 200X-AllDrive model, the top of the line hot hatch variant of the car. It uses the same Pureon Large i4 block as the road-going model, enlarged to 2.22l in a perfectly square design, with an NHI Turbocharging kit and custom straight pipe exhaust. Currently, the engine pushes 700 hp, though it’s believed there is further room for improvement. A complete overhaul of the cars aero and a lot of bodywork has also been done, as well as considerable weight loss too.

As of present, only preliminary testing and tuning has begun, with “more work to be done” over the coming autumn and winter in preparation for the start of the season. ErinSport have also noted that they are keen to see the car compete in the 2019 Pikes Peak Hill Climb as well.

Maula have a considerable history of working with Erin cars. Whilst more famous for their open wheel racers and motorsport supplies, the team came to fame in the mid 1990s with the special edition Maula Merna and more recently a Touge-prepped Mk 1 Berlose affectionatley known as ‘Big Mumma’.

More on the partnership is expected later this year when drivers are announced, though a date has yet to be confirmed.


Great… Now I cannot wait to finish the 1952 Corso di Fruinia and start my 2019 Gasmean Hillclimb competition.


Armada Motors will definitely be seeing you at the Hillclimb :wink:


So, do you want to compete with the HCS-01… :smirk:


2019 Erin Berlose Coupe

Trim Specs

2018 Erin Berlose 400-X Turbo

Both models are availible to pre-order and will begin delivery from January 2019 onwards.

Mondial Paris Motor Show 2018 (Mondial de l'Automobile Paris)