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ESC85 - Executive Sports Car 1985 - Build a BMW 535 Beater - Closes 22nd March


Hmm nice challenge…

Hold my brännvin (Swedish Liquor), I’m gonna do this…
Opens Swedish Mayonnaise for eating (ROSMT reference)



There’s no mention of a set of attributes for an Australian sports sedan of this era (the only example of which would have been the HDT VK Commodore); however, the closest equivalent would be an American “muscle sedan”:

At any rate, I am definitely considering such an approach if I choose to enter this challenge.


you’re welcome to set your own philosophy… if there’s more than one entry from your region I’ll award a prize to the best one.


Taking some Mayonnaise before posting

1985 Mostima - 8500 T5


A Sensible car for sensible people.
Powered by Turbocharged 5 cylinders engine, producing 210 horsepowers for effortless acceleration within 6.66 seconds. Even Lucifer will have to fight Loki for this Swedish turbo brick.

An astonishing power comes with astonishing safety.
Mostima 8500 T5 comes with a highly advance reinforced safety cage, comprised of strategically placed high tensile steel for maximum protection, not just frontal and rear impact, but also side impact.
Passive safety does not end only the structural, Mostima 8500 T5 comes with Disc brakes all round with great stopping power for emergency situation.

More of Mostima 8500 T5

Would you like to know Mostima 8500 T5's safety rating?


looks great ! LOVE volvos and the 5 cylinder engines


I’m not able to import the base car, so if I submit something it may not be a 1/1 replica, sadly. I don’t know if that’s acceptable?


You are meant to rival it, not replicate it, so…


Hi Fido,

I made it with a mod body so it wouldn’t be acceptable (no mod bodies in the rules)

You are welcome to look at the car - you need the mod body - so you can measure and assess its capabilities - but the idea is that this is research to help you build an even better car from scratch yourself.

That said - no copying is allowed - many thanks


Oh, I meant a 1/1 replica (or approximating rather) in equipment it has, etc.

I’m not planning on building the exact same car.


Hi Fido,

Doesn’t have to be a replica - If it was a replica of another type of car that would be cool but since the 535 was considered to be the best of its class - it’s hard to see how another real world car would win the competition.

What would be cool is if you took an existing model or make and then made a special improved version, and put what you did in the text file - that would be great and I think I’d like that when I was scoring stuff.


Bardot Brigadier 23T

Now featuring our all new engine, featuring alluminum construction, injection and a turbo.
To tame all this power, the Brigadier features advanced safety, all around disc brakes and excellent driving dynamics.

Speeding has never been so easy. (Bardot does not encourage overspeeding)

Rear view


I should’ve used a different word than replica, but couldn’t think of another one at the time.


nice looks good man! looking forward to driving it


I have only only one word to answer to you: FWD


I’ve driven some great FWD before… at this power level the lightness of FWD and cost saving could be an advantage… I tried to make the competition choices as balanced as possible.


Since one of the performance tests is top gear acceleration, are automatic transmissions off the table?


Hey that’s a good point I didn’t think of that with the Auto transmission.

I’ll mull it over while the competition runs and think of a wokr-around.


Durendal Gladius (upscale version of an Armor Briar). Durendal is a mainly American company that originated in Australia (they still produce their 2-seat sports car in Melbourne).


Freccia ClasseC 10.40

Absolutely not insipered by Lancia Thema 8.32

I’m still having some issues in BeamNG, more info later



Love the thema 8.32 by the way!