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ESC85 - Executive Sports Car 1985 - Build a BMW 535 Beater - Closes 22nd March


OK I messed up I didn’t include all the entries on that list - here’s the complete list! please check to see yours is there.


Any news on this challenge? I understand that the public release LCV 4.0 update, which introduces the UE4.24 engine, is imminent, which means that any existing mods must be updated accordingly - so is the challenge really on hold until LCV 4.0 goes public?


Challenge is on - I have the cars exported to beam already and am running on stable

I’ve almost finished checking them against the rules then I’ll do the automation video.


Update on this competition - my graphics card died in the Summer and I have been unable to record properly.

I have a 1080Ti on its way from Ebay now - and when that goes into my computer - I’ll be starting to drive and film the entered cars!