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Espíritu de Montjuich. Classic cars revival


So, during the 6th, 7th and 8th of this month, in the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalunya, classic cars will run (I think there is no definite time), such as a Ferrari 250GT, even a modern classic, like a Peugeot 905.

I went to the circuit today, to see these beasts, and the truth is that I have seen many cars, up close, that I had wanted to know for many years.

The cars that abound more, in the touring, were the Porsche 930 and 935, in prototypes of the 70s, the Lola, and in prototypes of the Group C era, the Porsche 962C, and the Spice.

Before entering to the circuit, I can hear loud lovely sounds, and when I arrived at the paddock, I no longer only noticed the sound, but also the vibration in my stomach.

and when I arrived at the tent zone with the cars, and immediately after seeing the first one, I began to drool. And not only to see it, but to listen to it, while they warmed it up. It was a Lola with a 5L V8 engine. It had a silencer, but still, the sound was hellishly delicious.

I went into ecstasy. Surrounded by Porsche 935 Kremer, Lola, A DeTomaso Pantera, a Ford GT40, several Chevrons …


But the most interesting thing was to come.

After several laps, I hear a roar behind me, I turn, and it turns out that it was a Ferrari 250 GT.

But not any one, if not, the “Breadvan”. My jaw dropped out of amazement, since I did not expect to see such a unique car.

Later, I entered the pits, and I could see the most modern classics: several Spice and Porsche 962C, two Jaguar Silk-Cut XJR-12, a Roundeau M382, a Nissan NPT-90 … It was amazing.

Apart from exhibitions of classics, and merchandising sales, there was also a Tesla stand (which, in fact, I booked a test drive of a Model S P100D :wink: :), as well as Renault masterclass (of which there were modalities Sport, EV, and road), since this weekend, in addition to classics, there was also the Clio Cup, and Renault organized this event.

And I also chose a masterclass. Of the Sport modality. We started with a briefing, in which they taught us the technical characteristics of the Clio RS, and the New Mégane RS, so that afterwards, we could carry out a driving test of both models. But unfortunately, due to lack of time, I could not attend the test.

And, here, photos about the most interesting models for me (I cannot do photos to all cars):



Core blimey there is some hot material in this.


Too hot!

Today it was the hottest day of my life :joy:


These are some incredible cars! I went to a classic race day at COTA but it was nowhere near this level of cars.