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Evgenis Automobiles


I really like the rear fascia on this one. This time, though, I don’t think the front has the same tuned aggression as the rear. Pretty good looking all around, though.


Hello fellow forum users

The history of Evgenis begins tomorrow! I will be posting cars from the beginning of Evgenis’ 50-year history as often as I can (as I also have other things to do). Many of the cars have already been prepared.

Stay tuned to see the Mk.I 1964 Evgenis Nero!


Those headlights look great! And I also love the names of your cars :stuck_out_tongue:

Any update on the Evgenis history?


Great car, but the title has a tiny formatting error.


[quote=“Pleb”]Those headlights look great! And I also love the names of your cars :stuck_out_tongue:

Any update on the Evgenis history?[/quote]

Thanks! Greek just sounds nice no matter what the word, so I just settled for all of them having Greek names.

As for Evgenis’ history, I have countless cars prepared, and I ought to post some more about it. Hopefully I will post some more of it over time, with the first gen Evgenis Chioni coming up next.

Oops. Fixed it! And thanks :slight_smile:


Nice presentation and the car is certainly well designed too.


Welcome back! :smiley:


Awesome , another realistic company .


Cheeseman, I so regret that I didn’t spot your hatchback reveal from last year. The Tomtae was an April Fools Joke :laughing:

For something more recent, damn, that’s a nice shot of your latest car.


Rennen Angeles VS Evenis Typhon? :slight_smile:


if the 375 GT offer manual , then please … just take my money :unamused:


Oh yeah Cheeseman! I was missing you!


Why does this remind me of the immortal first line GLaDoS says in Portal 2…

“It’s been a long time. How have you been?”


Welcome back. This latest crossover sounds like excellent value by the look of things! Is the optional six-cylinder engine a straight-six or a V6?


I think you’ve managed to pull off a miracle: make an SUV look understated.


It is a V6. An inline 6 would be smoother, but I decided to go for a V6 so I can cram it into smaller bodies for potential future vehicles, plus the words “twin-turbo” and the sound, at least for me, is nicer :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you. If you going to sell a premium product, you’ve literally got to “sell” it :wink:


@Cheeseman Mos def! Your photoshops are excellent btw, really got the lighting and perspective spot on





@Speedemon Ah…ugh…um…scratch that

Really love your photoshops @titleguy1, they are excellent, really got the lighting and perspective spot on


What will your next car design be? I expect it to be another premium product. And indeed it will - but will it be another SUV or crossover?