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[quote=“strop”]Cheeseman, I so regret that I didn’t spot your hatchback reveal from last year. The Tomtae was an April Fools Joke :laughing:

For something more recent, damn, that’s a nice shot of your latest car.[/quote]

I could tell. That’s why I decided to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’m glad you like the new Typhon. Plenty more models lined up!

Who knows… if someone wants to do a big comparison of the two I’d be more than happy to see it happen :slight_smile:

In other words, there’s more to come from the Typhon yet :wink:

PLUS: Here is the more basic version of the Evgenis Typhon without all the GT bits thrown on:

I’ll be updating the Typhon’s post soon to include the standard equipment list of the Standard and Executive trim levels as well as some info of what comes with the GT-Sport pack.



2017 is going to be way better…


Oh yeah Cheeseman! I was missing you!


Why does this remind me of the immortal first line GLaDoS says in Portal 2…

“It’s been a long time. How have you been?”


2017 Evgenis Orthros

At Evgenis, we like to take premium vehicles to the next level. We aren’t here to give you a premium offering, showcase all the wonderful things it can do, and then charge you thousands in extras in order to give you the full experience a car of this category should offer you. This follows the new ethos of the brand: “Premium. Standard.”, meaning that we aren’t here to offer you premium things for more, but as standard.

The all-new Evgenis Orthros is a premium SUV that slots itself between typical premium offerings in this class, such as the X3 and X5, Q5 and Q7 and GLC and GLE. This is down to the fact that although this car is priced like their smaller offerings, the car itself is a similar size to the larger offerings.

Evgenis is set to announce a number of SUVs over the coming years to compete with the ever-growing market, with the Orthros showcasing the design language for all the upcoming models. The continuation of the “lightning” LED strip which has become a well-known element to our design language remains, albeit now defining the bottom of the headlight. The prominent grille with chrome highlights remains, along with the large Evgenis badge placed in the centre, to give a sure reminder to all that this is one of our wonderful products. The GTS model, which shall be released alongside the standard variants of this car, adds a few sporty touches to the exterior and interior design, and these elements can be fitted to the standard variants thanks to the new “GTS-Line” pack.

Upon launch, initally in the Northern American market and within a couple of months in all other markets, this car will be available with a choice of one 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with 220 bhp and two 3.0-litre, 6-cylinder turbocharged engines, one with 300 bhp and the GTS with 400 bhp, the latter being capable of hauling this vehicle from 0-100 kph (0-62 mph) in 5.1 seconds, and is now being equipped to the Evgenis Typhon GTS (GT discontinued). Other markets will receive these engines along with our award-winning diesel powerplants, ranging from 190 bhp to 300 bhp, again being 2.0-litre and 3.0-litre powerplants. All variants come equipped as standard with a fine-tuned version of ZF’s marvellous 8-speed automatic transmission. Efficiency is important to Evgenis, and although a 2 tonne SUV is never going to perform brilliantly with high-power petrol powerplants, the 2.0-litre is capable of 9.7l/100km in real world driving, with 7.8l/100 km being claimed on the European cycle. Our best performing diesel is capable of 5.4l/100 km on the European cycle, which is class leading for an SUV with 4WD and an automatic gearbox.

This is an area that we believe is becoming almost a key factor when a buyer is looking into a premium vehicle in this segment, and as we will always be true to our values, all models will come standard with some of the most important techonology to appear within the last few years. The interior boasts two very large screens, one being 13" for the the CDC (configurable digital cockpit), showcased in the Typhon last year, allowing drivers to choose through the endless customisation as to what information they would like to see as well as how they would like to see it, and the second screen being the main touch-screen (as well as manually controllable) infotainment display, with this being a 10" unit, using the latest software from Evgenis: TouchPoint Pro 2.0, which includes Apple Car Play and Android Auto as standard. Safety technology is always something we feel should never be optional, and we have continued to improve our systems meaning that the Orthros now boasts one of the highest safety ratings ever achieved, thanks to the large number of airbags and driver assists that prevent and accident from occurring in the first place, such as automatic emergency braking and pre-collision detection that prepares the cars systems when an accident is inevitable.

Evgenis is proud of the latest interior we have developed for the Orthros. On top of the high-quality digital displays, this interior boasts some of the nicest materials to ever be fitted into a premium SUV in this category. There is not one panel on this vehicle that has been fitted with what can be deemed as a hard, cheap, scratchy or flimsy piece of plastic. Where there isn’t leather, there’s either high quality wood, metal or soft-touch plastic. The interior has also been designed with simplicity in mind, something that is very hard to perfect. We wanted to remove as many buttons as we could to clear up the interior without overcomplicating everything but having it all within the displays, so most audio and climate controls are accessible on the centre console, as well as from the infotainment system. Our new multi-function steering wheel can control cruise, audio and phone controls easily and efficiently. All models come equipped with leather upholstery as standard, a key element in premium vehicles that most brands overlook, or deliberately charge extra for.

The driving experience of a vehicle like this should always be calm and comfortable, as this is what most buyers look for in this segment, yet we also believe that a car that can handle nicely as well as safely is just as important. In order to give the driver this choice, adaptive suspension is available as standard across the range, meaning that at simple push of a button the whole driving characteristics of the vehicle can be altered. We have also fitted this car with the most advanced suspension available giving it the edge of rivals. The GTS model has further handling improvements to make the drive more engaging, thanks to some special aerodynamical trickery.

Available in April 2017 in the USA and June 2017 elsewhere, with prices starting from $38,995

More information available soon…

Credit to @titleguy1 for the pics


Welcome back. This latest crossover sounds like excellent value by the look of things! Is the optional six-cylinder engine a straight-six or a V6?


I think you’ve managed to pull off a miracle: make an SUV look understated.


It is a V6. An inline 6 would be smoother, but I decided to go for a V6 so I can cram it into smaller bodies for potential future vehicles, plus the words “twin-turbo” and the sound, at least for me, is nicer :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you. If you going to sell a premium product, you’ve literally got to “sell” it :wink:


@Cheeseman Mos def! Your photoshops are excellent btw, really got the lighting and perspective spot on





@Speedemon Ah…ugh…um…scratch that

Really love your photoshops @titleguy1, they are excellent, really got the lighting and perspective spot on


What will your next car design be? I expect it to be another premium product. And indeed it will - but will it be another SUV or crossover?


You got there in the end :stuck_out_tongue:

Premium brand means premium products, not going to say what’s next though :wink:



A supermini? From Evgenis? :smiley:



Welcome back. It’s been a while.


Heck it’s been a while. Still the same British company we once knew?


Of course, and it gets better…