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You got there in the end :stuck_out_tongue:

Premium brand means premium products, not going to say what’s next though :wink:


A supermini? From Evgenis? :smiley:


Welcome back. It’s been a while.


Heck it’s been a while. Still the same British company we once knew?


Size does NOT matter!


That’s what my wife told me :thinking:


2018 Evgenis Nemean (+ S & ES variants)

The complete reveal of all variants of the brand new generation of the Evgenis Valkyrie has now ocurred at the Mondial de l’Automobile Paris. Please find the relevant links to see the full details of the reveal and find out more about our smallest and latest offering!

On another note, the entire thread will be getting a full revamp some time in the future, I can’t say when yet. I felt it was time to remove all the old models that are not even slightly relevant to the company and finally introduce us all to the history of the company. This is still very much a heavy WIP but should be sorted bit by bit.


A blinding, venemous attack has occurred. This Halloween, the culprit will be revealed.


The thread may look like a bit of a mess at the moment. The clean-up has started, new models and lore to follow suit when I find the time.


2018 Evgenis Basilisk

Trick or treat? Why not both? This Halloween the serpent has attacked and today we are proud to be unveiling the newest generation model of their highly-regarded E-segment executive car, the Basilisk. Yes, the serpent has been identified, a basilisk is here and the attack culprit has been found, but don’t stare as a simple glance from the beast will be lethal.

This latest generation of the Basilisk is here to once again revolutionise the segment with our latest offerings in technology, design and luxury to ensure that we always stay true to what we are and what we do. “Premium, standard.”

Today’s reveal not only shows us the new Basilisk, but we will also be showing you the brand new S model, a true beast that is difficult to tame, and the ES, a supposedly untameable beast that only a handful could extract the huge potential from.

Much like the Nemean that was unveiled in Paris, here before us we can appreciate the same styling language has made a further appearance on the new Basilisk, altering numerous elements to give this model a uniqueness and special identity while retaining our core values. Furthermore, we wanted the vehicle to feel and look like the luxury vehicle it is, meaning even the finest of details have been taken into account, and all technological advances have been designed to enhance and compliment the lines throughout.

Towards the front of the vehicle, a continuation of the integration theme apparent on the Nemean resurfaces on the Basilisk, meaning a sleek headlight design runs seamlessly into a bold and imposing grille that embraces the lower section of the headlight cluster. Naturally, the company logo takes centre stage within this grille, highlighted by the internal radar that it is situated within. A large chrome strip runs from one side to the other above the grille and finishing at the headlight clusters, adding a further element of classiness.

The lower section of the front of the vehicle is designed differently depending on the variant of the Basilisk you choose. These design vary quite significantly to depict the character of each variant. The normal Basilisks have a very sleek design that is classy and luxurious looking, while retaining and element of sportiness. S models incorporate a far more aggressive stance, whereas ES models take this to an even higher level along with the lower lip.

Heading around to the rear section of the Basilisk, a new design feature is apparent, adding a new upper section design to mimic that of the front, meaning a lighting cluster that is integrated into another element, in this case being a design element of gloss black running from one side to the other, that is topped off by a chrome strip for added classiness. This design element, just like the grille up front, houses our Evgenis badge. Much like the Nemean, the Basilisk continues our new tradition of locating larger centralised model name badging, located towards the lower section of the bootlid.

Continuing with the same theme, the lower section is very dependent on the variant of the Basilisk that is chosen, ranging from a sophisticated yet sporty design for our normal choices, to the more aggressive design for the S and topped off by the truly monstrous approach taken by the ES.

The Basilisk is the first model in our range that displays our brand new matrix LED headlights, a marvel in technology that we go further into detail later on, continuing our importance of offering the most advanced lighting possible. All Basilisks will come with full-LED lighting with sweeping indicators and impressive startup and shutdown lighting sequences.

Like we always offer on all models, the Basilisk will come with a wide array of design options that will allow you to make this car a personal statement and truly yours. The Basilisk will be available with a wide range of metallic, gloss and matte paint finishes as well as being available on our Evgenis Custom Collection scheme, allowing you to allocated any colour you desire to this vehicle. Wheel choices range from 18 inches up to 21 inches (model dependent) and in a variety of designs.

Upon launch, the Basilisk will be available with only petrol and diesel engines (market dependent). All models with 6 cylinders or more are equipped to a mild hybrid system that will cut down fuel consumption figures.

Petrol engines include the 2.0-litre turbocharged inline 4 with 200 bhp, a great option for those who do not cover much mileage and take priority on efficiency thanks to its impressive fuel consumption figures, the smooth 3.0-litre turbocharged inline 6 with 300 bhp or, in the case of the S model, 400 bhp as well as the raging monster that is the ES model, using a rocketship of a 4.0-litre turbocharged V8 engine producing a massively impressive 590 bhp, capable of accelerating the AWD variant from 0 to 100 kph in 3.5 seconds. American markets will not be available with the 2.0-litre inline 4.

Diesel engines will be covered by our award-winning 2.0-litre turbocharged inline 4 producing 190 bhp and the equally smooth 3.0-litre turbocharged inline 6 with either 240 bhp or 300 bhp. American markets will only have the 240 bhp diesel available.

For 2019, a true hybrid will become available equipping the 2.0-litre inline 4, a plug-in hybrid will become available for extended electric only range and greater power output, again mated to the 2.0-litre inline 4, as well as an electric-only version which we can confirm will equip a 95 kWh battery allowing for exceptional range capabilities and sensational performance. All these alternative fuel options will arrive to all markets.

All Basilisks will be equipped with automatic gearboxes as standard, with all bar the ES equipping the popular eight-speed ZF that has been fine tuned by our engineers to offer effortless gear shifts and rapid response times, whereas the ES will be equipped with the lightning fast seven-speed dual-clutch semi-automatic for a more aggressive and sporty gearshift. These gearboxes do come with manual modes and paddle shifters located on the steering wheel.

Also, all Basilisks will come as standard with a RWD setup, although the option to upgrade to AWD will be available on all variants, this does also include the ES model that is standard with RWD and upgradable to AWD.

We continue our voyage in become the best in offering the latest ultimate advanced technology on our products and the Basilisk certainly has not shied away from this. We also continue to offer the Basilisk with just a base trim level including a wide range of standard technology that can be upgraded with some simple packs to offer the greatest experience possible.

As standard, the Basilisk will has numerous autonomous features including automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, rear cross traffic assist, speed sign recognition and more. Parking technology as standard is extensive, including all-round parking sensors and a rear-view backup camera.

To upgrade these features further, the “Advanced Autonomy Pack” will add adaptive cruise control with stop&go and traffic assist, allowing the car to safely maintain distance from the car in front at all times and even restart the journey should the traffic come to a rather unwanted stop. This will also add lane centering assist, blind spot monitoring and so much more, giving the car complete level 2 autonomy with hardware in place to allow the car to be upgraded to level 3 autonomy once the software has been sufficiently tested and released to the public. All purchasers of the “Advanced Autonomy Pack” will get this over-the-air, software update included for free.

The “Advanced Parking Pack” adds complete park assist, allowing the car to complete the full parking procedure in parallel and perpendicular cases without any input from the driver, as well as adding surround cameras that offer the highest resolution image of any car made on our new internal displays.

The technological feats do not end with the car as even once you are outside of the vehicle, thanks to the new Evgenis Connect App for your mobile, you will have further options. With the Basilisk you will find additional features, including the ability to park the car from outside of the vehicle, preempt the climate control system so the car is warm/cool upon entering and so much more, as well as allowing you to see key information relevant to the car.

Internally, the Basilisk boasts two exceptionally large displays, including the 12.3” CDC (customisable driver cockpit) that is fitted to all models as standard and hugely customisable, as well as our brand new main infotainment display, currently only available to the Basilisk, measuring up at an impressive 14” and covering most of the functions of the car while being crystal clear thanks to the unbeatable 4K resolution and unbeatable on performance thanks to powerful processing. This infotainment system incorporates Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard.

At the end of the day, the Basilisk is a smaller luxury car and we have made sure that this is exactly what the Basilisk achieves. This means that no matter where you find yourself in the interior, the materials, finish and design all clearly leave a clear statement of classiness and luxuriousness.

Seating is provided in the form of electrically adjustable seats up the front that have been testing extensively to maximise comfort, while offering upgrades that allow them to be a true pleasure to sit in, including heating and cooling, further adjustments up to 18 ways, massaging and even nappa leather. As standard, the Basilisk includes cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, man-made leather to open up the doors to a more inclusive vision that we have taken the challenge to embrace and see with greater importance. Rear seating can be equally as impressive and luxurious, offering ample passenger space in the form of both legroom and headroom.

Interior materials are of an extremely high quality, a great importance of more premium and nicer interior elements is significant in this car and it really does show. Of course, depending on your choice of seating and other design elements your cabin will appear one way or the other but always true to you, but this could include a mix of fine leather, woods, metals, glasses and so much more on offer. As with external design, the interior is also made further customisable under the Evgenis Custom Collection scheme that will allow any purchaser to make a completely unique design.

The Basilisk will come standard with 4G connectivity plus emergency callout, with the first being completely free for the first 3 years of ownership, although extensions packages can be purchased, and emergency callout being free for life.

We have always put great emphasis on making sure our vehicles offering a compelling driving experience and the Basilisk is sure to make no exception to this. As to be expected with cars of this category and given the design language indications from before, the Basilisk is set up to be a wonderfully comfortable car while retaining a level of sportiness for driving pleasure.

The technology of this vehicle extends to the driving dynamics as well, the key element being the standard adaptive suspension for all models. Additionally, we will offer our laser-controlled, suspension system that reads the road continuously up to 300 metres ahead, and preempts the suspension in order to deal with the bump as best as possible without disturbing the handling dynamics of the car and keeping the vehicle almost completely level at all times.

S models and ES models considerably amp up the sportiness, with these both of these models also add wider and sportier compound tyres, allowing for some unexpectedly wild cornering capabilities.

Available in all markets to order in December 2018, deliveries in March 2019.
UK pricing starting from £38,995 (standard) / £51,995 (S) / £80,995 (ES)
EU pricing starting from €46,495 (standard) / €61,495 (S) / €95,995 (ES)
US pricing starting from $51,995 (standard) / $60,995 (S) / $94,995 (ES)


Evgenis Automobiles would like to wish everybody very Happy Holidays!

We look forward to everything we plan to show in 2019!


2019 Evgenis Sphinx

The full unveiling of the brand-new generation of the Evgenis Sphinx crossover has occurred at the North American International Motor Show (NAIAS). Please find the relevant links to the see the full details on this new reveal and see what our latest vehicle has to offer!



The press event and reveal of all variants of the brand-new generation of the Evgenis Typhon has now ocurred at the New York International Motor Show. Please find the relevant links to see the full details of the reveal and find out more about our latest offering.


2018 Evgenis Nemean * Remake *

With time comes improvements to everybody’s design capabilities and ideas. As much as I don’t like changing a car I have already released, I decided the rather “basic” looking design of the Nemean needed and update. Therefore, I present to you the remake of the 2018 Evgenis Nemean released last year which now looks a true small, modern and premium B-segment hatchback.


2019 Evgenis Nemean ES Goodwood Edition

It just keeps getting better. Take a look at the link below to see the unexpected reveal of the Nemean ES Goodwood Edition, for the pure and authentic hot hatchback experience. You know you want it!


2020 Evgenis Valkyrie & Valkyrie EV

Coming soon…