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Exodus (formerly Contendiente) - The future is today


That’s one neat looking ride you got there.


If it looks right, it is right - that’s definitely true here. I am expecting the second-gen Enemigo to build on its legacy with ease on first impressions alone.


Ayy! The Enemigo joins the Semi Trailing Arm club like the Merna* . Really liking the door handles and the rear of that Estate model, it looks splendid.

*shameless self promotion i apologise profusely


Semi trailing arm high five! :grin:


The second-gen Enemigo may use the same body as the original, but I’m sure that its independent rear end will provide a welcome improvement in terms of ride and handling. And it looks better to boot, even after the facelift.


Review: 2019 Conte Enemigo S Tourer

“It’s the motoring version of your friend who always finishes 4th in Mario Kart”

Splendid Auto Monthly - A Motoring Man's Meanderings (Gavin Anderson's Blog)
Splendid Auto Monthly - A Motoring Man's Meanderings (Gavin Anderson's Blog)

Oh I dig that lore.

And the cars are gorgeous too. How do you do them headlights?


Thank you! Whenever I want to make a headlight I just lay down a basic shape with these taillight strips, then fill them out with strips with the clear glass material and finally add the interior strips :smile:


Headlights are good, but that rear light array on the Estrato along with the rear bumper detail is just pure awesomeness. Were you looking at a lot of BMW’s lately?


Yes, you have managed to give the brand very much of a south european image all around here… I see some hints of Alfa and some Lancia, maybe even some Renault…well done.


Thank you! I tried to go for some sort of spiced up Seat, in the process giving it some Lancia and Renault. I will say I’m surprised by the Alfa hint you mention though :thinking:

Anyways, glad you like my designs!


Mediterranean + sporty = Alfa :stuck_out_tongue:




I think that the tail looks Alfa inspired on many of the models, but I guess we all see things differently :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooh hell yeah, those exhausts rear vents look hot as hell


Nice car!


That thing reminds me of a Quattro Sport meshed with a Delta S4 or Integrale… in a good way. But what really seals the deal for me is the fact that I’m absolutely sure that the Group B Conquista could be adapted for use in the Dakar Rally or the Pikes Peak hillclimb soon after its namesake category is axed. It wouldn’t look out of place on either event with its crazy aero kit and immense power!


Official statement from the new CEO of Contendiente.

Contendiente has revealed today their plans to crossoverize their whole lineup and axe the Enemigo and Victoria sports models.

“People want practical and fuel saving cars, and there’s nothing better than FWD crossovers for that. We’re also developing our very own CVT that will replace the manual and dual clutch options we’re offering as of 2018; we believe human intervention should be removed from the drivetrain as it may negatively affect fuel economy and allow for reckless driving wrongly known as ‘spirited driving’.”

The Enemigo and Victoria are expected to be axed from production next week, and their names will be reused for their upcoming vehicles, the Enemigo XSport and the Victoria CrossCoupe.

TreadKillers Tuning House

Even though this April Fool’s Day joke is more believable than most, it’s still bizarre and nonsensical - which is the point of such a statement!


Uhh getting the Mitsubishi europe vibes here :joy:
Isn’t even to unrealistic if you look at the brand I called out … kind of sad :zipper_mouth_face: